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Chapter 51 - I Don't Believe He Will Beat Up Girls

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Chapter 51 - I Don’t Believe He Will Beat Up Girls

The next day, after leaving his community, he saw the tall and slender youth leaning against the bus stop sign.

The boy’s long legs were straight; he wore a pair of black jeans with a rusty red velveteen coat; both of his hands were stuffed in his pockets, and with indifference on his handsome face, he displayed a cold demeanour.

Ji Liao’s eyes brightened and he trotted over, feeling that today, the other boy was tall, handsome and stylish.

When He Cheng Ming saw him approaching, his expressionless face suddenly revealed a smile and he automatically stretched out a hand to hold his.

Seeing that the one beside him kept stealing glances at him, he lowered his eyes and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Ji Liao said honestly, “Looking at your handsomeness.”

He Cheng Ming raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect him to be a little Yan Gou, but he openly accepted his appreciative gaze.

They got on the bus together. Ji Liao didn’t obtain sufficient sleep last night, so he leaned against the window to make up for it and asked He Cheng Ming to call him once they arrived.

After a while, two girls came over. They were shy but excited as they pushed and shoved each other, until finally one of them asked softly, “h.e.l.lo handsome, can I add your WeChat contact?”

Even on a bus, there were people hitting on him.

He Cheng Ming glanced at them and said coldly, “You can’t.”

The rejected girl was a little awkward, but she didn’t give up and continued to ask, “Do you already have a girlfriend?”

He Cheng Ming looked at the person beside him and noticed that Ji Liao’s eyelashes were quivering slightly. He frowned and said, “Yes, he’s sleeping. Don’t make any noise.”

The two girls were shocked and deflated, then they left, disappointed.

From the beginning of the conversation, Ji Liao had been awake and was feeling a little jealous. He thought that He Cheng Ming was too good at attracting the opposite s.e.x. More than that, it included both boys and girls. There was really no sense of security at all.

He opened his eyes hazily and adjusted his sitting posture, but his head was gently pressed onto a shoulder. “Sleep a little longer,” He Cheng Ming whispered.

Ji Liao’s heart warmed and he napped again.

In school, it wasn’t unexpected that he attracted all sorts of judgemental looks, accompanied by pointing and whispering. Ji Liao lowered his head and walked towards his cla.s.sroom.

However, it was the same with his cla.s.smates. To his face, they greeted him cheerfully, but behind his back, they started muttering; they looked at him with a mixture of ridicule and scorn. In short, they were not actually friendly.

Although Ji Liao had been mentally prepared, it was still difficult to avoid feeling embarra.s.sed and helpless, as if he had done something shameful and had to endure everyone treating him as a joke.

He sat in his seat and Xu Xiao Jing rushed up to comfort him. “It’s okay, Ji Liao. I support you!”

He forced a smile for her, but Ji Liao didn’t say much.

The atmosphere in cla.s.s remained strange until the bell rang, indicating the start of cla.s.ses.

Since it was a new semester, the cla.s.s committee would be re-elected. The form teacher asked everyone to actively nominate. In the compet.i.tion for appointing cla.s.s monitor, someone shouted out Ji Liao’s name and many people seconded it. Comments, such as there would be a mountain to lean on, mixed with several words of righteous recommendations led him to be confused as to whether they were sincere or joking.

Ji Liao lowered his head and pursed his lips. Hearing the form teacher read the list of shortlisted members, his heart was beating like a drum. When it was read until the monitor, he stood up and said lightly, “I won’t partic.i.p.ate.”

The form teacher was stunned — Ji Liao had always given him the impression that he was obedient and shy, and would hardly refuse others. He didn’t expect him to express his opinion so directly this time. But he didn’t urge him to stay in the election, and just said, “Since Ji Liao quit, the monitor this year will remain as Jia Sui.”

At the end of the cla.s.s committee campaign, some meddlesome students went to check out the votes. When they found that many people voted for Ji Liao, they made a commotion.

Hearing this, Lin Jia Sui felt ashamed. She rushed forwards and tore the voting tickets up, then berated in a strict tone, “Who allowed you to touch the things on the teacher’s desk!?” She displayed the imposing manner of a cla.s.s monitor.

The two boys who checked the tickets went away resentfully. They couldn’t provoke the great monitor.

Lin Jia Sui had been angry from the start. She thought that her becoming the monitor went without saying. Ji Liao was just a clown who had jumped over a beam, but now he could be considered in the same wavelength to compete with her! While thinking about it, she met him face to face at the door of the cla.s.sroom.

“Get out of the way! Disgusting person.” She made no secret of her hate and disgust.

Chen Li Wen, who came back from the toilet with Ji Liao, couldn’t stand this. He stepped up and said, “Who are you calling disgusting? Who do you think you are just because you’re the monitor?”

Lin Jia Sui normally didn’t mind her own business, so she was disliked by the boys in the cla.s.s, especially Chen Li Wen who was mischievous and often had his name recorded by her. So this time, he was not only defending Ji Liao but also taking revenge for himself.

“I wasn’t talking about you! Why are you a.s.suming that I am!?” After all, she was a girl. Being shown direct hatred was difficult to swallow. Her face was red but she didn’t want to be outdone as she glared at Chen Li Wen in a degrading manner. “Or were you trying to get on He Cheng Ming’s good side by speaking up for Ji Liao? Good-for-nothing.”

Chen Li Wen had a bad temper, as he gave her an angry push. If not for Ji Liao reaching out to support her, Lin Jia Sui would have probably fallen down.

“Don’t touch me!” She shook off Ji Liao’s hand.

Ji Liao’s good intentions were mistaken for ill intent and he no longer paid her any heed. He pulled Chen Li Wen away while Chen Li Wen’s face held resentment. “You’re just too nice!”

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Ji Liao shrugged but just felt that it wasn’t necessary to argue with the person who always looked at you with coloured eyes. Because she had prejudice in her heart, any explanation was futile.

Ji Liao’s tense expression wore off in an instant and became shy. He glared at him and demanded softly, “Why are you here?!”

He Cheng Ming didn’t recognise the girl in front of him, but looking at the postures of the two and seeing that something had provoked Ji Liao to the point of action, the situation wasn’t good. Full of hostility, he looked ruthlessly at the person and ordered, “What did you say?!”

The climax came so suddenly that the people of cla.s.s twelve boiled with excitement as they watched this scene of quarreling immortals with wide eyes.

Lin Jia Sui was a little scared. She felt wronged and her tears fell, causing the girls nearby to come over and speak for her. “You two boys bullying Jia Sui, a girl, is too much!”

He Cheng Ming sneered. He held her wrist, pulled her up and forced her to look into his eyes. “If you p.i.s.s me off, girls will also be beaten up in the same manner!” With that, he released her and she fell into her seat.

Lin Jia Sui was shocked and became afraid. After being threatened by the school bully, she slumped on her table and cried.

He Cheng Ming frowned and looked like he was becoming angry, but Ji Liao quickly persuaded him to leave. Although it was a self-study cla.s.s, he was being too unrestrained!

Right then, the school bully turned into an ordinary teenager as he smiled at Ji Liao in a docile manner.

The students’ eyes almost fell out. The world was too fantastic and He Cheng Ming was so awesome!

“Quickly leave.” Ji Liao pushed him out but unexpectedly met the returning math teacher at the door.

The math teacher had lived for so long but it was the first time he had been called to a meeting in concern of a student’s young romantic affair. Once he heard that it was Ji Liao, and also that he was gay, his head started pounding.

The instructions from above were to not discuss this matter and that he should be lenient or even shut an eye if required. In other words, he shouldn’t be hard on them, especially towards He Cheng Ming.

But this kid was really arrogant, bringing his relationship matters into the cla.s.sroom.

The math teacher was a little unhappy; he had been a.s.signed to teach the liberal arts students but didn’t think it was very interesting. On top of that, the students’ grades were average. Today, he finally ran into the number one among the science students, and upon seeing him, he wanted to give him a hard time.

“He Cheng Ming, right? Why aren’t you in cla.s.s?” He spoke as he walked into the cla.s.sroom, then turned and changed a few words of the two problems he had left on the board earlier.

“We’re having a PE lesson,” he answered.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. You can solve this problem for me.” The math teacher put the chalk in his hand.

He Cheng Ming accepted it silently. Looking at the problem on the blackboard, he wrote without hesitation until he filled up half of the blackboard.

The math teacher nodded as he looked at it. He felt the solution was very satisfactory. At last, he patted the boy on the shoulder, indicating that he could go and come again when he was free.

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