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Chapter 53 - All of You Better Be More Polite to My Wife

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Chapter 53 - All of You Better Be More Polite to My Wife

The news of He Cheng Ming and Ji Liao’s relationship was shocking for a while, but with time, the news gradually dissipated.

After all, campus dating wasn’t celebrity news and their relationship wasn’t known to everyone. In addition to Zhao Mei Lan’s suppression, He Yue Jin hadn’t gotten any news.

Therefore, He Cheng Ming was quite complacent. He flirted with Ji Liao and indulged in his affections without thinking about his home and duties.

Most of the students came to understand after the initial surprise. Wasn’t it just h.o.m.os.e.xuality? What era was it already to still have discrimination? It might have even been He Cheng Ming’s improved temper since he started dating that also made it acceptable as everyone could now openly joke with him.

Just like that day, when Ji Liao had pa.s.sed by cla.s.s two, he heard a boy inside shouting loudly, “Ming Ge! Your wife is here!”

Then the students of cla.s.s two gathered around the window, each one of them like ancient brothel women, winking and waving at him. “Ji Liao, come in!”

Ji Liao: “…” He left quickly.

He Cheng Ming had been having a good nap until these sons of b.i.t.c.hes woke him up. In his narrowed eyes, he saw Ji Liao escape with a pale face. At once, he was anxious — he raised his eyebrows and warned, “All of you better be more polite to my wife!”

A group of boys laughed wildly and replied, “Very polite!”

He Cheng Ming’s lips crooked and he raised his hands to stretch, getting up to go to the corridor for fresh air.

Slightly leaning on the railing, he saw cla.s.s twelve sanitising public areas downstairs. The girls were sweeping and the boys were pouring water.

Ji Liao was not conspicuous in a group of people but He Cheng Ming saw him in a glance. The boy wore the white sweater that he had given him. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing pale arms as he carried a bucket half-filled with water while walking towards Xu Xiao Jing.

He was in the same group with Xu Xiao Jing, and as arranged, he used the water to rinse, then refilled it again.

Because he was working quietly, he didn’t realise his cla.s.smates’ murmurs until Xu Xiao Jing excitedly brought his attention to it. “He Cheng Ming is upstairs looking at you!”

He looked up and met the other boy’s smiling eyes that were like a brilliant starry river.

He Cheng Ming straightened and blew him a dashing kiss. Ji Liao’s pupils widened and swiftly turned his face away; his actions made the girls nearby shy, and each one of them screamed.

Lin Jiang came out of the toilet and saw He Cheng Ming’s steady gaze. He thought there were beautiful girls at the opposite end of He Cheng Ming’s sight, so he rushed over only to see that it was Ji Liao and his face fell.

He Cheng Ming didn’t allow anyone to dislike his little cutie — he slapped the back of Lin Jiang’s head, telling him to get lost and stop being an eyesore.

Lin Jiang cried and shouted out, “Hoes before bros,” then quickly escaped.

When cla.s.s twelve finished the sanitation, Ji Liao went back to cla.s.s with the group. At the cla.s.sroom door, he saw Meng Yao Yao. It turned out that her birthday was coming soon, and she invited him and Xu Ai Wen to her family’s home for a meal on Sat.u.r.day.

Ji Liao agreed but became worried about what to give as a present, so he pulled He Cheng Ming along to shop that evening.

He Cheng Ming stretched his long legs and stood in front of him. “You’re celebrating someone else’s birthday, and you want me to help you choose a gift?” He looked at him incredulously.

Ji Liao put both of his hands in his pockets and looked up slightly. “What’s the matter? Can’t I?”

Ha, that tone.

He Cheng Ming smiled sweetly, recalling the times when the boy was still a little coward and didn’t dare to speak to him like this. Now that he had been spoiled, he became a little wild cat with a temper.

“Okay. Whatever you say goes.” He put his arms around Ji Liao’s waist and gave him a gentle squeeze.

Ji Liao ignored him and returned to the main topic. “What do you think girls like?”

He Cheng Ming frowned and thought for a long time. Around them, the type of women that appeared the most was Zhao Mei Lan’s type. What did Zhao Mei Lan like? Money, shopping and, oh yes, perfume.

“Perfume?” Ji Liao thought it was feasible. Girls smelled quite nice so they probably used this often.

They went to the nearby shopping mall.

At a glance, the salesperson could tell that He Cheng Ming was rich as he was clad in low-key branded goods from head-to-toe. Looking again, she saw his arm around the waist of another youth and immediately understood. She came forward and said with a smile, “What can I do for the two of you?”

Ji Liao said, “I want to look at perfumes.” He turned his gaze to He Cheng Ming for help as he wasn’t very sure.

The suggestiveness of his look made the salesperson believe that it was a hint. Maybe he wanted a perfume to use with the person next to him but was too shy to say it. So she clarified with enthusiasm, “Aphrodisiac, right? We have that. Please wait for a moment.”


Ji Liao froze and his face reddened in an instant.

The salesperson soon brought back two types and introduced, “This charming scent is very moderate and the base note contains musk. It’s advertised as alluring and very suitable for couples to use!”

“Wait, wait a minute.” Ji Liao tried to interrupt her.

“The other one is a renowned brand, a typical oriental fragrance.”

Ji Liao could no longer listen and immediately chimed in. “Actually, it’s not for us! The perfume is a gift, for a seventeen-year-old girl.”

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The salesperson stopped at once and apologised. She chose some fragrances suitable for girls and sprayed it on her wrist twice while praising it so extravagantly that Ji Liao was swayed into buying it.

“I wanted to surprise you.” Although he said this, in actuality, he only received the invitation last night.

Lin Jiang exposed him. “Ming Ge is here to see his mother-in-law!” Then he was kicked.

Ji Liao was a little worried. Tensions between him and Xu Ai Wen had only recently eased a little, but she still hadn’t accepted him dating yet — but she wasn’t as attached and conflicted with him like before.

The meal was quickly served. Meng Yuan called out to them to come over for dinner.

It was Meng Yao Yao’s birthday so she sat in the main seat with Meng Yuan and Xu Ai Wen on her left, while Xu Xiao Jing and the other girls sat on her right. Ji Liao sat between his mother and his boyfriend, and the atmosphere was awkward.

During dinner, Meng Yuan talked to Lin Jiang. He had seen the girls before but it was the first time he saw the two boys. So naturally, he had to inquire.

Lin Jiang’s personality was cheerful and carefree, immediately introducing himself in an outspoken and candid manner. At a glance, it could be seen that he had no social grace.

Meng Yuan smiled and nodded, then his eyes skipped over him and landed on He Cheng Ming. Compared to Lin Jiang, he thought that this one was worth looking into. He was probably the type that his daughter would like.

“Hi, Uncle Meng, I’m Meng Yao Yao’s cla.s.smate. My name is He Cheng Ming.” He raised his gla.s.s and clinked it against Meng Yuan’s in an experienced manner. Then he turned to Xu Ai Wen and called out, “Auntie.”

Even though he was polite and considerate, Xu Ai Wen didn’t approve. But knowing what came first, she didn’t brush him off and clinked her gla.s.s with his.

“Dad, He Cheng Ming is a top student. He’s first in Science from our level!” Meng Yao Yao immediately praised him.

“Really? Then you need to learn from him.” Meng Yuan accepted his daughter’s words, a.n.a.lysing them in his head until he guessed about seventy or eighty percent of it.

From the moment the boy, with the last name He, took the initiative to clink his gla.s.s with Xu Ai Wen’s, he started to suspect it. Hearing Meng Yao Yao’s praise and watching him speak with his eyes on Xu Ai Wen, with the additional recollection of Ji Liao coming out and running away from home, it was no doubt that his partner was this boy.

Meng Yuan gave an amiable laugh. Based on his insight, He Cheng Ming was pleasing to the eye and didn’t evade the situation. He was also courageous, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come here today or taken the initiative to please Xu Ai Wen.

“Ji Liao, I heard from your mother that you made great progress in the last final exam. Is that correct?” He asked.

Ji Liao, who was biting on spareribs, didn’t expect himself to be questioned. He choked and coughed. He Cheng Ming automatically soothed his back and poured a gla.s.s of water for him. His eyes met Xu Ai Wen’s, who had also poured for her son some water, and silently, he withdrew his hand.

Xu Xiao Jing and Meng Yao Yao’s voices banded together — so sweet!

Ji Liao drank the water and cleared his throat. “Well, there was some progress.”

Meng Yao Yao said with a smile, “I heard that He Cheng Ming tutored you, right?!”

Ji Liao opened his mouth, glanced beside him to examine Xu Ai Wen’s expression, then said, “Mmm.” Seeing that she didn’t have much of a reaction, he felt relieved.

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