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Chapter 61 - Please Shut Up! Stop Flirting!

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Chapter 61 - Please Shut Up! Stop Flirting!

I’ll like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Peachieevee for her fantastic help in editing chapters 1 to 60. Unfortunately, she’s unable to continue due to real-life issues and I have made the choice to continue translating without an editor from chapter 61 onward. Appreciate if everyone can bear with my unedited translations and continue to support this story. Thank you!


With a sullen expression, he came in again and seeing Ji Liao’s worried expression, he felt a little uneasy. Walking over, he pinched the palm of the other boy and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry. Just leave it to me.”

He had never been a man of verbal bravado, neither was he afraid to come out in front of He Yue Jin.

After leading a three-year life of a puppet, if he still couldn’t protect the other boy today, it would be better to break up early than continue dating.

“Okay.” When Ji Liao responded, his heart was uncertain.

He Yue Jin’s reputation was very well-known and he frequently appeared on the financial channel. It was only today that he knew that man was He Cheng Ming’s father.

Looking at it this way, there was a great difference in social standing between the two of them. He started to feel troubled but was reluctant to part with the relationship.

He Cheng Ming saw the struggle in his eyes and held the back of Ji Liao’s head with his big hands. He pushed the head full of wild thoughts toward himself and kissed his forehead.

“It’s okay. Trust me.” He said firmly.

Beside him, Gu Ming Ren ate his pasta expressionlessly. He saw the entire interaction between the two of them and couldn’t help tapping his fork to remind them that there was still a living thing there. Could they f.u.c.king display less public show of affection?

Did single dogs have no human rights?

He Cheng Ming glanced at him then retracted his gaze, asking Ji Liao to sit down and continue eating.

Before long, a tinkling sound of laughter came from behind. Then a girl said coquettishly, “Ah Jiang, feed me quickly!”

The voice was saccharine and all three of them had gooseb.u.mps after hearing it.

However, Lin Jiang felt comfortable with it. He liked cute girls who knew how to be coquettish, letting him be filled with macho self-confidence.

“Little foodie.”

Lin Jiang fed the small crystal dumpling to Li Si Ran, who was sitting opposite him. Seeing Li Si Ran’s sweet smile, he was extremely satisfied, his male chauvinism expanding in an unprecedented manner, making him feel very c.o.c.ky.

However, this self-satisfied and indulgent voice made Gu Ming Ren’s back p.r.i.c.kle with cold.

Suddenly, he lost his appet.i.te and put his fork down.

He Cheng Ming glanced over and saw Lin Jiang and his girlfriend behaving intimately, feeding each other sweetly. Thinking of how Gu Ming Ren had come to the rescue earlier even though he didn’t need it, he decided to help him out because of the other boy’s good intentions.

Turning around, he said, “Lin Jiang, why don’t you bring your girlfriend over here to get acquainted with us?”

Lin Jiang heard the voice and raised his head, then realised that He Cheng Ming was there with Ji Liao beside him, and Gu Ming Ren.

When his gaze fell on Gu Ming Ren, his eyes flashed and he was slightly uncomfortable, feeling a natural resistance to that person.

But he did not want to brush off He Cheng Ming’s words and brought Li Si Ran over.

“Didn’t I introduce you yesterday?” Laughing as he said this, Lin Jiang avoided Gu Ming Ren and sat beside He Cheng Ming.

“Ji Liao doesn’t know her.” He Cheng Ming replied like a big-shot.

“Okay okay.” Lin Jiang was in a good mood. With his arm around Li Si Ran’s shoulder, he re-introduced her, “This is my Ming Ge. You met him yesterday. This is my sister-in-law, Ming Ge’s boyfriend, Ji Liao.”

After a pause, he continued, “This is Gu Shao.” There was no expression on his face.

Li Si Ran was a little surprised. She didn’t expect He Cheng Ming to be gay and felt that it was a pity. But she behaved appropriately and said softly, “Ah Jiang often mentions you, Ming Ge. Yesterday when I saw you, I felt that you were very handsome. I didn’t expect your boyfriend to be so cute as well!”

After praising He Cheng Ming and Ji Liao, Li Si Ran looked at Gu Ming Ren, then smiled sweetly and continued, “Gu Shao looks very cool. But I realised, as expected, all of you good-looking people only hang out with other good-looking people.”

This sentence had praised everyone present and Lin Jiang suddenly felt a great sense of pride. His girlfriend was not only pretty but also had a sweet mouth. He really hit the jackpot.

He Cheng Ming smiled, leaning back in his chair casually and helped Gu Ming Ren ask, “So how did you and Lin Jiang meet?”

Li Si Ran seemed reluctant to answer this question. She blinked and avoided a detailed reply. “We met at a friend’s party. Actually, I was the one who pursued Ah Jiang. Later, I found out that Ah Jiang also liked me.”

Lin Jiang was also unwilling to stay on this topic and asked, “Ming Ge, what are you doing later? Want to play something?”

He was referring to the pool table on the third floor.

He Cheng Ming considered it quickly. Being alone with Ji Liao would likely cause Zhao Mei Lan to monitor him closely. It was better to play with Lin Jiang, allowing Ji Liao to relax at the same time and avoid thinking too much.

“Okay.” He answered.

Then he asked the person near him. “Do you know how to play pool?”

Ji Liao felt awkward. “Just a little.”

He Cheng Ming thought, it was enough that he knew a little. If he knew everything, there would be no room for him to play.

“Then hubby will teach you later.” He whispered in Ji Liao’s ear.

Ji Liao’s ears turned red, making He Cheng Ming laugh and reach out to touch it with the pads of his fingers.

Lin Jiang couldn’t stand to look and stood up immediately, saying, “Then let’s go now?” He didn’t have any intention to invite Gu Ming Ren.

On the contrary, Li Si Ran asked, “Aren’t you going, Gu Shao?”

Lin Jiang stopped and turned to look at Gu Ming Ren, who had a dark expression on his face. He thought to himself, who cares if you go or not.

But Li Si Ran said enthusiastically, “Gu Shao, go with us? I don’t know how to play pool. The four of you can make two pairs.”

The phrase two pairs made Lin Jiang especially uncomfortable and he pulled his girlfriend away. Who f.u.c.king wanted to be a pair with Gu Ming Ren?!

Seeing the situation, He Cheng Ming kicked the unmoving youth.

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The youth’s sneering eyes were hidden under gold-framed gla.s.ses. When he raised his eyes again, he had resumed his indifference and stood up.

Li Si Ran didn’t praise him, only shouted, “Go Ah Jiang!”

Lin Jiang was a little discouraged. Why did she only praise Gu Ming Ren and not him?! He was so annoyed that his hand trembled and he missed his shot.

He Cheng Ming was given the opportunity to pursue the enemy and follow up with a victory.

Both sides were closely matched. In the end, Ji Liao sank the last single-numbered ball, ending the game.

With a lowered voice, He Cheng Ming praised flirtatiously, “Worthy to be my wife, so amazing.”

Ji Liao felt so ashamed that he glared angrily and warned, “If you say it again, I’m going to be angry.”

He Cheng Ming was aggrieved. “I was speaking sincerely.”

Ji Liao just covered his mouth to stop his flirting!

At the end of the first round, Gu Ming Ren felt listless and wasn’t sure what he was staying there for.

He went out to smoke a cigarette and leaned his back beside the door blowing out smoke, obscuring his face.

He had quit smoking for Lin Jiang. Now, he picked it up again feeling that it was still a good thing and could at least help him to relax.

After a while, Li Si Ran came out and her eyes lit up when she saw Gu Ming Ren. She walked over immediately and asked sweetly, “Gu Shao, you smoke?”

Gu Ming Ran looked askance at her and thought, was she blind? Wasn’t he smoking right then?

As expected, she was the same as Lin Jiang, an idiot.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Li Si Ran was a little confused. In a glance, she could see that Gu Ming Ren was richer than Lin Jiang and wanted to take a chance to see if she could hook up with him. Unexpectedly, he totally ignored her.

But she was confident in her beauty and flipped her hair. Then she bit her lip gently and said, “Gu Shao, could I have your WeChat contact?”

It was said with a slightly provocative voice and an underlying hint of seduction.

Gu Ming Ren lifted his eyes to look at her and said coldly, “Aren’t you Lin Jiang’s girlfriend?”

Li Si Ran tilted her head and gave him a charming smile. She pushed at his chest and feeling some substance in that touch, she was even more satisfied and said with a playful pout, “Today I’m Lin Jiang’s girlfriend. Tomorrow, I could be your girlfriend.”

Gu Ming Ren sneered to himself and lifted his hand for a smoke, not speaking for a long time.

Li Si Ran waited for a long time and began to lose her cool slightly. But she felt like that wasn’t right. If he had no interest, he would have ignored her earlier. Since he had asked, it meant that she still had a chance. So she waited for a while.

Sure enough, Gu Ming Ren finished smoking and handed his phone to her.

Li Si Ran happily added his WeChat contact and at the same time, saved his phone number. She wanted to show some sweetness to him and was about to move closer when he pushed her away mercilessly.

With long strides, Gu Ming Ren walked away.

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