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Chapter 63 - Go Break Up with Your Little Lover

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Chapter 63 - Go Break Up with Your Little Lover

He followed He Yue Jin to the newly-opened business room.

The man maintained his intensity, sitting his imposing figure behind the desk with the latest information about him and Ji Liao on it.

He Cheng Ming glanced at it without much surprise showing on his face, then leaned casually against the sofa and asked, “What is it?”

He Yue Jin sized him up with astute eyes only to realise that his son had already become so tall. Straight to the point, he said, “When did it start? With that kid.”

The kid referred to Ji Liao.

He Cheng Ming felt there was nothing to hide and said directly, “Last October, it’s been half a year.”

He Yue Jin looked through the information on the table and found that last October was exactly the time when the boy had started dabbling in the stock markets. It was obvious that he had planned everything from the start, strictly implemented it till the current day and also ensured that there wasn’t a single mistake in the process.

He was only seventeen and with such amazing strength to control and execute, it undoubtedly showed that he had an unquestionable ability, as well as being gifted in the stock markets.

“How do you plan to take care of this matter?”

He Yue Jin had always taken responsibility, even if it was He Mu Sheng standing in front of him.

Previously, it was very difficult for him to ask anyone how they planned to deal with a matter. He was used to giving orders and felt that opinions and ideas from others were just a waste of time for him.

“Why, didn’t Ms. Zhao tell you? I’ve already moved out from the family house. If you still want to remove my name, I don’t care. But if you want to touch Ji Liao, you had better reconsider.”

He Cheng Ming didn’t know his father very well. They weren’t close and it was Zhao Mei Lan who had brought him up from young. Most of the time, he didn’t see He Yue Jin. Maybe, it was due to him being too busy with the business or maybe, he wasn’t important to him.

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So he didn’t know what means He Yue Jin would use to deal with him. If he only dealt with him, then it didn’t matter. He was most afraid that he would do something to Ji Liao.

He Yue Jin’s face was pasty. In front of him, he called Meng Yuan and Xu Ai Wen’s company and requested for the other party to look for a reason to terminate their employment.

It was just an SME that had wanted to work with the He name repeatedly but couldn’t match up. Now, it was like as if a pie had fallen out of the sky and they had quickly agreed.

Although they had to suffer the painful loss of a trusted lieutenant, the boss of the company believed that as long as they could hug the golden thigh of the He name, they would be able to add new management talents in the future.

He Yue Jin had the appearance of a victor, as if to say, see, this was the consequence of provoking him!

Did he really think that he would be afraid of an immature and inexperienced boy?!

Just by moving his fingers, he could make an innocent man and woman lose their jobs as easily as killing an ant.

“Now, go break up with your little lover,” he ordered ruthlessly.

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