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Chapter 66 - Seemed Like School Bully He Was Being Disciplined?

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Chapter 66 - Seemed Like School Bully He Was Being Disciplined?

He Cheng Ming touched the tip of his nose and regretted it instantly. So it wasn’t that.

Looking at Ji Liao, he didn’t really know how to explain his leaving home.

Because the He family looked bright and neat but was actually rotten inside? He had already survived through the past suffering and pain and didn’t want to bring it up again. It was meaningless to talk about and it would only add to the other boy’s heartache.

He Cheng Ming pulled away from Ji Liao slightly and attempted to stealthily change the concept, “Yes, I moved out long ago. Haven’t you been there?”

Hearing this, Ji Liao frowned and pushed him away. “Is that the same thing?”

Trying to fool him again! Was he really that stupid?!

Ji Liao’s voice had risen unconsciously due to anger.

The students of cla.s.s twelve were very gossipy and they rushed to the windows straining to hear even a faint sound.

Seemed like school bully He was being disciplined?!

f.u.c.k, this news was shocking. It spread from one person to the next and quickly became common knowledge to the entire level.

The number of onlookers in the corridor grew. He Cheng Ming was irritated by being stared at and turned to deliver a sweeping glance. Everyone immediately scattered in all directions and returned to their cla.s.srooms.

Ji Liao was a little unhappy when he saw this. It was obviously a private matter between the two of them. Just because the other boy’s fame was like that of a celebrity, a small issue would get everyone abuzz.

Knowing that the other boy needed to maintain his dignity, he didn’t rush to pursue the matter, only saying softly, “You always hide everything from me so I feel like I don’t know you at all.”

He didn’t know anything about the things he had mentioned earlier, like leaving home and stock speculation.

As if he was being isolated from his world.

It hadn’t occurred to He Cheng Ming that his protection was actually a barrier in Ji Liao’s eyes. He thought it was for Ji Liao’s benefit so he had hidden it from him.

“I’m sorry, baby. I was wrong. Forgive me this once, okay?”

No matter how many pairs of eyes were watching, he was willing to a.s.sume the lowest position in front of Ji Liao. He wanted everyone to know that Ji Liao was the person in his heart.

“Forget it. You can talk to me again tonight.”

In this situation, they couldn’t discuss it further.

“Then you can’t ignore my messages.”

He Cheng Ming held his hand and after waiting for Ji Liao to nod, he quickly kissed him to show his happiness.

This move successfully made cla.s.s twelve boil over with excitement! There were undisguised screams and cheers, which brought the director out of the office shouting at them, “What’s happening in cla.s.s twelve?! Screaming for no reason! A bunch of brats!”

Ji Liao’s face was red with shame. Before the director came over, he dodged into the cla.s.sroom.

After entering the cla.s.sroom, all his cla.s.smates eyed him as if they were looking at test answers, their eyes shining.

Since Chen Li Wen had a better relationship with him, he joked, “Well done, Ji Liao. He Cheng Ming has been disciplined!”

In his eyes, Ji Liao had a dull personality and was a good person. Being with He Cheng Ming surely meant that he would be bullied. Unexpectedly, he had been enlightened today. It was the first time he had seen school bully He with such a humble att.i.tude.

“What’s so impressive? Cuddling in public, something to be proud of?”

A disdainful female voice was suddenly heard. Chen Li Wen turned and seeing Lin Jia Sui with a scornful look on her pretty face, wanted to roll up his sleeves to hit her. d.a.m.n, was this girl sick? Couldn’t bear to see people happy?

Ji Liao looked up and retorted, “Weren’t you also peeping enthusiastically?”

If he remembered correctly, Lin Jia Sui was among the group of people earlier at the window.

Lin Jia Sui bit her lip, unwilling to submit. “Who was peeping?! I, I was looking openly!”

Ji Liao laughed. “Looking opening at me cuddling? Then you must have been quite envious, right?”

The anger in his heart had not dissipated and this person had to clash with him.

“You!” Being painfully jabbed at, Lin Jia Sui was so embarra.s.sed that her face turned red.

In this school, was there a girl who didn’t like He Cheng Ming? Besides being handsome and rich, his results were also good. Whoever saw him wanted to call him Ming Ge. Being able to date such a person was every girl’s dream!

It was a pity that he was gay.

“You just rely on He Cheng Ming. What do you call yourself?!”

Lin Jia Sui couldn’t bear the sight of Ji Liao and felt that he didn’t have any abilities. The improvement in his studies was due to He Cheng Ming teaching him. People like Xu Xiao Jing and Cheng Li Wen who were willing to stand up for him, weren’t they just doing it to get on He Cheng Ming’s good side?

If that wasn’t the case, why weren’t they close to Ji Liao during the first year and only quickly form a group with him in the second year?!

“So what if I rely on him? Even if you want to, can you?!” Ji Liao threw his book onto the table and became really angry.

His jaw tight, he looked coldly at the girl in front of him. Just because he hadn’t gotten angry once or twice, everyone thought he was easily bullied.

Lin Jia Sui was so angry that she trembled and pointed a finger at him. She was about to say something when Xu Xiao Jing interrupted loudly.

“That’s right! Even if you want to, can you?! He Cheng Ming isn’t willing to even look at you. If you have this kind of time to envy others, how about you work on more problems, oh great monitor.”

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Xu Xiao Jing felt that Ji Liao’s dislike was really invigorating and immediately chimed in, not giving the other girl a chance to explain.

Nevertheless, the news spread quickly.

There were only two male G.o.ds in their level. One of them, He Cheng Ming, had already openly come out with a partner. The other, Gu Ming Ren, had naturally become the target of girls yearning for love.

Although he had denied a relationship, there was a reason a rumour was called a rumour — it wasn’t based on any facts. By word of mouth, details were added and a new story was created out of thin air.

This new story reached Lin Jiang’s ears.

At this point, Lin Jiang and Li Si Ran were back in touch. She said that something had happened at home and her grandpa was ill. She had been on the phone with her mother.

Lin Jiang knew her family environment wasn’t good, if not she wouldn’t be working at that kind of place.

The first time he met Li Si Ran was in a bar. It was a friend’s birthday and the party was held at that bar.

Li Si Ran was a new hostess so during her first time at work, many businesses weren’t familiar with her. She kept making mistakes, even spilling wine onto Lin Jiang.

At that time, she was wearing a very low-cut outfit. Her chest was white and round, making Lin Jiang’s nose almost bleed.

But she had self-respect and kept covering herself with a hand, her behaviour not as frivolous as the other girls. Later, after asking the owner of the bar, Lin Jiang found out that Li Si Ran was from the county. She had come to the city to study and was short of money.

Lin Jiang wasn’t lacking in money but he was a big spender and didn’t have much savings. So he had to transfer the ten thousand yuan of pocket money, which his mother had just given to him, to Li Si Ran’s WeChat.

Li Si Ran was lying on her bed and when she saw this transfer, was immediately awake and let out an exclamation, quickly accepting the money.

As expected, he was a rich second generation, a foolish guy with a lot of money.

She sent Lin Jiang a voice message and choking with emotion, she said, “Thank you, Ah Jiang. Don’t worry, I’ll return it to you in the future.”

With his straight guy mentality, Lin Jiang showed off with his reply: No need. It’s just a little money. It’s what I should do.

Then followed up with more comforting words. That money could be considered to be gone.

From the next table, the boy was still gossiping with him. “Gu Ming Ren’s girlfriend should be very beautiful, right? Big-breasted and long legs? From which school? Lin Jiang, give me a break!”

Lin Jiang immediately shouted at him, “Why are you so gossipy?! Why should you care whether they are beautiful or not, or if they are male?! And you have to come and ask me. I can’t even f.u.c.king hide from him in time every day. Who knows who his girlfriend is?!”

He didn’t know why he became especially angry the moment he heard Gu Ming Ren’s name.

The boy was puzzled. “What do you mean if they are male? Don’t tell me he’s also gay? That isn’t right. The one on the phone was obviously a girl.”

Then he changed the subject. “Hey, why are you hiding from Gu Ming Ren?!”

Lin Jiang gritted his teeth. “None of your business!”

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