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Chapter 68 - He Really was the Best Damn Brother in China!

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Chapter 68 - He Really was the Best d.a.m.n Brother in China!

The next day, he left with Meng Yao Yao.

Ever since he moved in with the Meng family, he stopped letting He Cheng Ming pick him up as it was very pretentious.

Last night, it had rained heavily and the sky was blue and clear; even the air was fresh.

Meng Yao Yao walked with a small skip. She looked at Ji Liao who had his head down, seeming to be deep in thought, and she couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong? You seem to be in a bad mood.”

Ji Liao reluctantly tried to lift his spirits and took two deep breaths. “Nothing much.”

Meng Yao Yao shrugged and seeing the bus approaching slowly, she pulled Ji Liao along to board the bus together.

The two of them sat in a double seat.

Meng Yao Yao turned her head to look at the person beside her, feeling that there really was a problem today! Normally, he didn’t want to sit with her saying that he was afraid of being misunderstood.

Come on, he was gay. What was there to misunderstand?!

But watching his thoughts drifting, Meng Yao Yao had to wonder if maybe he hadn’t noticed that he was sitting beside her.

She stretched out her five fingers and waved them in front of Ji Liao.

Ji Liao recovered and looked at her stupidly. “What?”

Meng Yao Yao touched her chin and speculated, “You don’t seem quite right today. Did you quarrel with He Cheng Ming?” Ji Liao froze and thought, was it so obvious?

“We didn’t quarrel.”

It was just a fit of one-sided anger.

“That means you’re in a bad mood. Want to listen to some music?”

With that, Meng Yao Yao took out her earphones and handed one to Ji Liao. Ji Liao waved and refused.

It was too questionable for the two of them to share a pair of earphones.

Meng Yao Yao immediately looked at him with an expression of “what kind of unique, conservative little uke was this”. Then took out an earphone double connector and handed him a pair of new earphones, saying, “Is this okay?!”

It was really difficult being a big sister.

Ji Liao was silent and reached out to take it. If he refused again, it wouldn’t be nice.

He lifted his hands to put it into his ears and soon, the deafening percussion slammed into his eardrums, jolting him until he was wide awake!

Ji Liao looked stunned and turned his head to glance at the girl beside him. Seeing her bobbing her head excitedly, he felt like his view of the world had been refreshed. The gentle and cute school flower unexpectedly liked rock and roll. What kind of mysterious matchup was this?!

Ji Liao seldom listened to songs with such a strong rhythm and felt like this song was making him distraught with anxiety. But this was a rare moment during which his thoughts couldn’t run wild because he was unable to focus under this type of situation!

After listening to the booming music for a while, Ji Liao gradually got used to it and even felt that it was quite hot.

As soon as he got off the bus, he saw He Cheng Ming leaning against the bus stop sign. He seemed to have already waited for some time.

He Cheng Ming’s eyes were fixed on Ji Liao’s earphones, then following the white cable to Meng Yao Yao’s phone, his face suddenly changed.

He hadn’t forgotten that Ji Liao used to be straight.

Calmly, he walked over and pulled off the thing that did not belong to Ji Liao, then threw it to Meng Yao Yao.

Meng Yao Yao saw that the situation didn’t seem quite right and wrapped up the earphones in fear, then slipped away.

“What are you doing?” Ji Liao turned to face He Cheng Ming and asked seriously.

“What do you think? You already have a boyfriend!” He Cheng Ming displayed his jealousy and grabbed his hand in a dissatisfied manner.

Ji Liao wanted to fling his hand away but was held onto even tighter and he frowned deeply. “Let go.”

“I don’t want to.” He then switched to a hold that interlaced their fingers, refusing to release Ji Liao’s fingers. “Why did you ignore me again last night?”

His tone sounded very aggrieved.

Ji Liao exerted all his strength to struggle free of him regardless of the pain. His fingers were all red and He Cheng Ming was so distressed by this that he let go for the moment.

“Baby.” He could sense that the other boy was really angry.

“Return me my money.” Ji Liao stretched out his hand and did not look like he was in a mood to joke.

He had worked hard to save it and didn’t want to give it someone who had swindled him!


He Cheng Ming didn’t react for a while. When he figured it out, he instantly lost his confidence. “Baby.”

He wanted to explain but found himself unable to. He had coveted Ji Liao’s care, so had lied to him.

Seeing that he didn’t have any intention of returning the money to him, Ji Liao turned coldly and left.

He Cheng Ming followed for a distance while begging but Ji Liao’s heart seemed to be hardened this time and he refused to forgive him.

“Baby, give me another chance.”

Ji Liao stopped and turned to look at him. “You said that the last time. In the end, you still lied to me.”

He had a hurt expression on his face and He Cheng Ming’s heart broke. He wanted to kiss and hug him and exhaust all the nice words to coax him. But as soon as he got close to him, Ji Liao was repelled and avoided him. He Cheng Ming started to panic and was at a loss on what to do.

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Right then, the phone in his pocket started to ring.

He Mu Sheng’s legs were crossed and he meant what he said. He Cheng Ming understood but Zhao Mei Lan couldn’t.

She had actually woken up a long time ago. When she heard He Mu Sheng’s voice, she wanted to see what the two brothers would talk about. She hadn’t expected them to be so audacious and call He Yue Jin old man instead of Dad!

She pretended to wake up just then and called out in a daze, “Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming.”

He Cheng Ming ignored her. Not getting a response, Zhao Mei Lan sat up and coughed. “I just heard you say that it wasn’t because of infidelity that he didn’t return home. What’s going on?”

At that moment, He Mu Sheng felt a certain pleasure in revenge and smiled. “Seems like Auntie Zhao doesn’t know yet. The He group is switching owners. The old man is rushing all over to beg for friendship.”

He had a handsome face with even more p.r.o.nounced facial features than He Cheng Ming. Being in the business for several years, he had an extraordinary presence and even his eyes carried the disdainful look of a naturally-born king.

When this news came out, Zhao Mei Lan almost fainted again. Her eyes rolled and she leaned against the head of the bed, regulating her breathing.

“How could that be?! How could you beat your father?!” Zhao Mei Lan couldn’t believe it and pulled out the needle from her arm, screaming aggressively!

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask Xiao Ming.” He Mu Sheng said jokingly. It was his first time using He Cheng Ming’s nickname.

He Mu Sheng hated Zhao Mei Lan. Although his mother was in a business marriage with He Yue Jin, she had been dutiful and treated He Yue Jin sincerely after marrying into the He family. But Zhao Mei Lan still chose to be with He Yue Jin knowing that he was already married. Furthermore, she had provoked his mother more than once, even forcing He Yue Jin to get divorced. As a result, He Mu Sheng had to witness the separation of his parents at a young age. In resentment, his mother went abroad and never came back.

“Xiao Ming, is he speaking the truth?” Zhao Mei Lan was unwilling to give up and looked at her son hopefully.

He Cheng Ming frowned and hummed, crushing Zhao Mei Lan’s last hope.

“It’s finished. It’s completely finished.”

Zhao Mei Lan mumbled repeatedly to herself, feeling like she had nowhere to turn. So many years of painstaking management and not only had her efforts been futile in the end, but she had also failed to hang on to He Yue Jin.

She lay on the bed with her hands drooping and her eyes glazed. For a moment, she seemed to have lost her awareness of life.

Although He Mu Sheng hated Zhao Mei Lan, he was fond of He Cheng Ming. So before he left, he mercifully told her a piece of good news, “The old man can’t be relied on but your son is very rich now. Relax.”

Sure enough, the moment Zhao Mei Lan heard the word rich, she suddenly had a strong sense of survival and suddenly turned to him. “What do you mean?!”

He Mu Sheng threw the bank book to her. Zhao Mei Lan picked it up and in a glance, saw several zeros, making her eyes blurry.

“Is this your account?” She asked hurriedly.

He Mu Sheng stopped at the door. “Don’t worry. The money inside is your son’s.”

Beside them, He Cheng Ming watched the show: “…”

First, beating his mother down with a stick, then giving her hope while dragging him down at the same time.

He really was the best d.a.m.n brother in China!

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