What Should I Do If The School Bully Is Interested In Me


Chapter 7 - 3-Second Voice Message — I Beg You

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He Cheng Ming slept thoroughly until noon. When he woke, his body felt relaxed and his exhaustion vanished.

He lifted his head and checked the time: 12:27 pm. While preparing to leave, he discovered a bottle of iodine and bandages on his table.

No one in Cla.s.s Two dared to leave anything on his table, unless…

He Cheng Ming looked at his scratched fingers and a smile emerged on his lips. He fished out his phone and sent Ji Liao a WeChat message: Did you send something over earlier?

On the other end, Ji Liao quickly replied: Yes.

Although it was only one word, He Cheng Ming was elated. He couldn't help but give his fingers a kiss, feeling that this little injury was really worthwhile.

When his mood improved, he couldn't control his mouth. Walking out of the cla.s.sroom, he asked Ji Liao, “Baby, where are you? Miss you already.”

He said it directly through a voice message. A girl pa.s.sing by him heard this and looked at He Cheng Ming in shock, then fled quickly.

At that moment, Ji Liao, who was eating in the cafeteria, saw the other party had sent a 3-second voice message. He adjusted down the volume of his phone and hit play, putting it near his ear.

The low and husky voice of the youth rushed towards his eardrum. After the message ended, Ji Liao's entire body was heated. His mind kept playing “baby” and “miss you already” on a loop, and his heart was beating so quickly, it felt as if it was about to burst out of his chest.

He quickly put down the phone and touched his face which was too hot. It took a long time for him to recover.

The screen of his phone lit up again. Ji Liao lowered his head and saw another 3-second voice message.

He swallowed with difficulty and hesitated, deciding whether or not to listen to it. He Cheng Ming's voice was so provocative, he felt that if he listened to it again, he might become bent…

But in the next second, his hand obediently hit play: “Baby, I beg you. Tell me where you are, okay?”

This time, his voice was even more tender than the last, even carrying with it a hint of seduction.

Ji Liao was stunned and he froze.

He couldn't imagine what kind of expression the other party had while saying something like this. He was even begging him?

Ji Liao broke down. How could He Cheng Ming do this?! Did he still remember that he was a school bully?!

Where was the arrogance and dominance? What about being hot-tempered and unruly?

Even if there was none of that, why was he being so tender?!

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Ji Liao's little heart could no longer take it and he quickly escaped from the cafeteria, covering his chest.

Ji Liao was fl.u.s.tered. After he said that, he realised unexpectedly that what he minded the most was not having been kissed but having been seen.

He Cheng Ming was also panicking slightly — not that he was afraid of witnesses — but rather he was afraid that his actions had angered Ji Liao and would result in avoidance after this. Like a child who had done something wrong, he looked regretful. Lowering his head, he confessed, “Sorry, you were so cute. I couldn't help it.”

Ji Liao: “…” So, it was his fault?

“Don't be angry. I beg…” Before He Cheng Ming could finish his pleading, he was interrupted by Ji Liao.

“Don't say it.”

He didn't want to hear the words, such as, “I beg you”…

It was way too provocative…


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