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Chapter 74 - Bending His Head to Kiss the Back of His Waist

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Chapter 74 - Bending His Head to Kiss the Back of His Waist

Xu Ai Wen had already prepared their meal when they entered.

There was a rich array of dishes on the table with perfect colour, flavour and smell. Ji Liao ran over for a look and suddenly felt that his mom was quite biased. She said she didn’t like He Cheng Ming but every time he came over, she always prepared a lot of good dishes.

Ji Liao was hungry and he picked up a pair of chopsticks for a taste but was stopped by Xu Ai Wen who was carrying some hot soup out. “Tang Tang, go and wash your hands.” Ji Liao pursed his lips, put his chopsticks down and reluctantly went to wash his hands.

He Cheng Ming called out politely, “Auntie.”

Xu Ai Wen’s att.i.tude towards him had eased quite a lot and she didn’t ostracize him like before. She said lightly, “Xiao He, go with him.” He Cheng Ming was overwhelmed and hurried up to take the hot soup from her. “Let me.” He put the soup bowl in the centre of the table, then turned and said, “Auntie, thanks for the hard work.” Xu Ai Wen ate the sweet talk up and coughed lightly, then asked him to quickly wash his hands.

The family sat down to eat.

Ji Liao consciously took up the role of the host. He was very enthusiastic towards He Cheng Ming, the guest and boyfriend, giving him a piece of fried pumpkin and saying in pa.s.sing, “This is delicious.”

Then seeing the sweet and sour fish that was further from him, He Cheng Ming picked up a piece for him with his long arm and put it in Ji Liao’s bowl.

The two children publicly displayed affection without qualms and Xu Ai Wen couldn’t look on. As a man, Meng Yuan felt that he shouldn’t lose! He helped Xu Ai Wen to take a Cola chicken wing. Of course, he couldn’t forget his little lover from his past life and also helped to take one for Meng Yao Yao.

It was a dinner full of dog food.

After the meal, Meng Yuan pulled He Cheng Ming away to discuss the stock market. He had wanted to discuss it in depth with him for a long and finally had a chance today.

At first, He Cheng Ming was still serious about the a.n.a.lysis but very quickly realised that the conversation was going on endlessly. So he gradually became distracted and gave perfunctory replies.

Ji Liao felt that the two of them were going to talk for a long time so he went to his room to take a bath.

Meng Yuan was on a roll and didn’t want to let He Cheng Ming go. But seeing his eyes almost stuck onto Ji Liao’s room door, he waved a large hand helplessly. “Okay, go.”

Kids these days bore so easily.

He Cheng Ming stood immediately and walked toward Ji Liao’s room. Ji Liao had just come out after finishing his bath and the other boy was already sitting on his bed.

“Finished chatting?” He picked up a dry towel and wiped his wet hair.


He Cheng Ming gestured to him and waited for Ji Liao to walk over. He pulled him onto his lap then s.n.a.t.c.h the towel from his hand and helped him to rub it through his hair.

Ji Liao sat obediently and waited for him to finish.

The boy’s hair was short and before long, it was mostly dry. He Cheng Ming had his fingers in the other boy’s black hair. It was fine and soft and felt very good.

He was sniffing at the faint fragrance from Ji Liao’s body and couldn’t help but give him a full hug, taking a deep breath then asking, “What kind of bath oil do you use? It smells so nice.”

“It’s just a normal shower gel.” Ji Liao named a common brand.

He Cheng Ming seemed unable to get enough of the smell, the tip of his nose pressed against the other boy’s neck. He wanted to rub the boy into his body, saying in a m.u.f.fled voice, “I’ll buy one when I get back.”

Ji Liao laughed and tried to get off his lap. He Cheng Ming didn’t let go and clung on, causing him to explain helplessly, “The door isn’t locked. It wouldn’t be good if my mom comes in and sees us.”

He Cheng Ming immediately stood while carrying him and walked over to lock the door, then turned and pressed him down onto the bed. “I miss you so much, baby.”

Like a large dog, he arched against his body and Ji Liao’s heart sweetened so much that he decided to give him a gift. “There’s some ointment on my desk. Help me to apply it on my back.”

“Where’s the ointment?”

He Cheng Ming suddenly sat up, his eyes searching the desk for the ointment. He saw the red tube and walked over to pick it up.

Ji Liao lay facedown on the bed with his T-shirt lifted, revealing his naked back with a long red mark, which was a shocking sight.

He Cheng Ming squeezed a bit of ointment on his fingertips, blowing and applying it at the same time with tender movements.

The cool feeling made Ji Liao pull away his abdomen and his waist collapsed. The groove in the middle of his body was obvious and He Cheng Ming’s throat tightened, bending his head to kiss the back of his waist.

Ji Liao let out an “oh” then quickly covered his mouth!

With that kiss from the other boy, his entire body slackened and he lay paralyzed and boneless on the bed.

“So sensitive?” He Cheng Ming smirked, pulling his T-shirt down then dragged Ji Liao toward himself. Ji Liao had gained some weight recently and there was a little more meat on his body. He felt very good, soft and smooth to the touch.

“Your birthday is soon, right?” He asked as he helped Ji Liao to rub the ointment onto his arm.

Ji Liao nodded, then shook his head. “August. Another two months.”

“Okay.” When He Cheng Ming finished with his arm, he straightened the other boy’s face, then gently applied the ointment to the wound on it.

Capping the ointment, he kissed Ji Liao’s mouth and said, “Not urgent.”

Ji Liao glanced at his crotch and felt that he was quite urgent. But he didn’t say anything and got up to do his homework.

High school life was difficult and the homework was endless.

He Cheng Ming was beside him guiding him through some problems and before they knew it, it was almost ten.

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Xu Ai Wen was in the living room worrying helplessly and wondering why the other boy had not gone back yet. After some thought, she decided to remind him. She knocked three times on Ji Liao’s room door then gripped the doork.n.o.b and realised that the door was locked.

He thought about it — or he could just take Ji Liao’s surname.

“You dare!” He Yue Jin stood up and pointed at him, his whole body trembling. “How disgraceful, you unfilial son!”

After he finished, he picked up the teacup from the table and shakily sipped from it to suppress his anger.

He Cheng Ming felt bored. Seeing that He Yue Jin was getting on in years, he sighed and advised earnestly, “Dad, why is this necessary? My brother’s surname is also He. Anyway, you’ll be pa.s.sing the position on to him sooner or later. What does it matter if it’s a few years early? Isn’t it good to retire with honour and enjoy old age?”

If you don’t get involved in the affairs of young people, wouldn’t you have no problems?!

He Yue Jin stared at him with snake-like eyes. “Don’t you have the slightest interest in the company?!”

He Cheng Ming stood up. “I really don’t.”

He felt, for the most part, that the reason Zhao Mei Lan had asked him to come today was because of this. It was a really annoying situation.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving.”

Watching his younger son leave, He Yue Jin sagged back onto the sofa. He had been conceited his whole life. In the end, he had stuck himself in the hands of his two sons. He didn’t know if he should be happy or sad.

After a long silence, probably lacking the strength to reverse the desperate situation, or maybe after coming round, he called the legal department of the company. From then on, he withdrew completely from the board of directors and was no longer allowed to interfere in the affairs of the company.

The legal department reported the news to He Mu Sheng, who immediately signed his name with a wave of his hand.

Jiang Qi heard the news from her father and immediately drove to the He group, leaving the car key with the parking valet. With energetic strides, she took the president’s dedicated elevator to the eighty-eighth floor and pushed open He Mu Sheng’s office door.

“I want a divorce.”

He Mu Sheng’s pen shook and he raised his head coldly. He saw his wife, whom he had been married to for over a year but wasn’t very familiar with.

It was considered to be a business marriage. After the marriage, Jiang Qi continued with her studies abroad. Was she back after graduating now?

“Why?” He Mu Sheng put down his fountain pen and leaned back against the cushioned chair, sizing up the woman in front of him silently.

Oval face, big eyes, red lips and white teeth. Even jeans and a white T could look like branded goods on her, a trait worthy of a professional model.

He remembered that what she studied should have been related to this.

Jiang Qi approached him, both arms folded across her chest with the imposing manner of a strong woman. “We’ve agreed on this previously — to divorce once you successfully occupy the top position.”

Actually, she was a little afraid of He Mu Sheng. This was the most serious man she had ever met, cold and expressionless. His face was very handsome but she couldn’t stand his facial paralysis. The look in his eyes was very deep and severe, which made him frightening.

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