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Chapter 77 - I Thought You Don't Know How to Cook?

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Chapter 77 - I Thought You Don’t Know How to Cook?

Gao Sheng fled, running after the youths.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman appeared in front of him and Gao Sheng stopped immediately. He saw the woman’s lips curve into a cold smile, and she lifted a long leg, kicking him hard in the chest.

There was no time to dodge. Gao Sheng was kicked to the ground and the cash in his pocket spilt out.

Jiang Qi withdrew her leg coolly and applauded herself internally. Hey, not bad. This side kick was perfect. She had lived up to her Taekwondo red belt.

She had been buying a drink on the street when she had been b.u.mped into by Gao Sheng, who had been walking by with his head down. He didn’t apologise and her anger flared up instantly. She was about to teach him a lesson when she recognised him as the criminal who had molested the girl the other day!

So she secretly followed him and witnessed a one-sided beating.

Gao Sheng let out a shout and raised a hand to rub at his injured chest. Seeing the bills scattered around him, he anxiously picked up the money and shoved them into his pocket. Then he recognised Jiang Qi. “It’s you again! f.u.c.k, you’re a meddlesome woman.”

He spat and tried to get up quickly but he saw a long stick flash past, followed closely by a pain in his lower leg. Gao Sheng’s eyes widened and he raised his head, crying out in pain. “Ah—”

He seemed to hear the sound of breaking bones and his forehead was covered in sweat, his eyes nearly bulging out of its sockets.

He Cheng Ming had walked over and he used the base of the stick to tap it on his other leg. He was about to raise it for a swing when he was stopped by Jiang Qi who frowned and said, “Kid, if you continue, it wouldn’t be easy to report to the police.”

Jiang Qi felt that the youth in front of her was a little familiar but couldn’t remember where she had seen him from until he called out to her, “Sister-in-law.” Jiang Qi was stunned and she lost control of her expression. Sis..sister-in-law?

This youth was He Mu Sheng’s younger brother?

What was his younger brother’s name?

Jiang Qi immediately tried to recall but her memory was average. She only remembered going to the He house a few times and being hosted by Mrs. He who had mentioned that she had a son named Xiao Ming!

Right, Xiao Ming!

Jiang Qi gave He Cheng Ming a fitting smile and said, “h.e.l.lo Xiao Ming.” After all, she had signed the contract and had to be in the spirit of it, so she greeted him like a sister-in-law.

He Cheng Ming: “…”

His nickname was only used by He Yue Jin and Zhao Mei Lan. Even He Mu Sheng seldom used it. Now, it had strangely come out from the mouth of a fourth person. Moreover, it was his sister-in-law, so he was suddenly a little deflated.

“Well, let me called the police first.”

The scene was a little embarra.s.sing. Jiang Qi touched her nose, walking aside to call the police station and tell them about the general situation.

She finished reporting to the police and came back. As his sister-in-law, she should show him some concern.

So she coughed and said, “Xiao Ming, are you hurt? By the way, why are you fighting here? Don’t you have cla.s.s today?” He Cheng Ming lifted a hand to touch the wound on his face and looked at her askance, saying, “It was a sudden situation.” Jiang Qi gave an indifferent “oh.” Anyway, she was just completing her task of being a sister-in-law. The two of them waited until the police came.

Next to him, Gao Sheng gritted his teeth and tried to move his leg. He found that even moving it a little caused his calf to spasm with pain. At the same time, he heard Jiang Qi mention the police and his heart turned as cold as a glacier.

He was finished.

The cash in his pocket was stolen. He was dead merely based on this fact.

Gao Sheng glared at Jiang Qi with hatred. It was all because of this woman. If not for her meddling, he would have gotten Meng Yao Yao long ago! Plus, what happened just now…

Gao Sheng’s eyes were red and his right hand quietly touched the steel rod, picking it up. With all his strength, he swung it ruthlessly toward Jiang Qi. “b.i.t.c.h, it’s all because of you!”

Accompanying the roar of the male voice, He Cheng Ming saw the long shadow from the corner of his eye and reacting quickly, he lifted an arm to block the rod.

To the naked eye, the rod bent. After Jiang Qi’s shock, she angrily kicked away the stick in Gao Sheng’s hand. Slightly annoyed that she had let her guard down, she asked He Cheng Ming, “How is it? Are you okay?”

He Cheng Ming cradled his trembling arm and bit his lip. Seeking revenge, he raised his right leg and his shoe landed on Gao Sheng’s broken leg. He stepped on it hard and twisted his foot. Gao Sheng was in such pain that he screamed out involuntarily, “Ahh…Ming Ge…Dad…”

The police soon arrived and seeing the scene in a terrible mess with wounded people, they called 120.

Before they arrived, He Cheng Ming had withdrawn his leg. Seeing his forearm quickly swelling, the area around it turning red and black, he clenched his fist enduring it silently.

“What happened? Who called the police?” The police came over to question.

“Me.” Jiang Qi followed him to make the report and on the way there, she called He Mu Sheng. The remaining people were taken to the hospital to treat their injuries.

One hour later.

He Cheng Ming’s left hand was diagnosed to have a mild fracture.

When he heard the news, He Mu Sheng rushed over with a suit jacket in his hand. He hurriedly stepped into the hospital room and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the nurse bandaging He Cheng Ming.

He flung the jacket onto a chair and pulled off his tie, asking impatiently, “Why were you with Jiang Qi?”

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He Mu Sheng had never imagined that one day, he would hear from Jiang Qi’s mouth that his younger brother was injured.

He Mu Sheng nodded and didn’t continue the conversation.

Just as He Cheng Ming reached his community, Ji Liao saw the message and immediately called him. He smiled and picked up, saying lightly, “Baby, you’ve finished cla.s.ses?” Ji Liao’s voice was worried and he asked urgently, “How did you suddenly b.u.mp into Gao Sheng? Is your arm injury serious? Can you move it?” He Cheng Ming went upstairs and opened the door, going inside. He changed his footwear and lay down on the sofa, deliberately saying, “It’s quite serious. I can’t move it.” Ji Liao was even more worried when he heard and hurried out of the cla.s.sroom to a quiet place. “Then what are you going to do? Isn’t your mom coming over to take care of you?”

“I didn’t tell her.” He Cheng Ming’s tone was lazy, then with a snort, he added, “Just scaring you. Actually, it’s not that serious.” He could never stop himself from teasing the other boy.

Ji Liao didn’t believe him. “Then take a photo and let me see it.” He Cheng Ming took a photo of his well-bandaged arm and sent it over.

“Isn’t this serious?!!!” Ji Liao was angry and distressed, raising his voice to say, “Are you trying to deceive me?!”

He Cheng Ming sat up unconsciously. He had been really scared by the last “deceiving” incident and said immediately, “How could I deceive you? It’s really okay. If you don’t believe me, then come over after school to check?”

Ji Liao had originally wanted to do so and agreed immediately. After exchanging some words, they hung up.

He was distracted during his afternoon lessons and was just waiting for the bell to go off before he grabbed his schoolbag and left.

After he explained the situation to Xu Ai Wen at the school gate, he took a taxi to He Cheng Ming’s community.

Nearby, there was a supermarket where Ji Liao bought some ingredients. He knew that the other boy surely had not eaten and he couldn’t cook with only one arm, so he decided that he would cook something.

He had secretly learned some cooking from Xu Ai Wen. Although it wasn’t very good, it was still okay and edible.

Ji Liao carried the ingredients to the door. He Cheng Ming softened as soon as he saw him. His appearance was completely different from that of the fiercely fighting one from this morning and even his voice became gentler. “Baby, hug.”

He reached out with one arm while the other hung snugly at his chest and he looked to be doing okay.

“Careful, your arm.”

Ji Liao felt that the other boy’s condition was not suitable for hugging at the moment, so he firmly rejected it and brought the ingredients to the kitchen.

He Cheng Ming followed behind like his little tail and asked with a smile, “Baby, I thought you don’t know how to cook?” He remembered Ji Liao previously mentioning that he had never cooked.

“I learned.”

As Ji Liao spoke, he took everything out of the bag, putting some of them into the refrigerator and leaving some of them to be washed later. “Where’s the rice?” He turned to ask.

He Cheng Ming walked over to open the rice cabinet, then looked at him with the hint of a smile. “Learned for me?”

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