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Chapter 79 - But I Want to Fall in Love!

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Chapter 79 - But I Want to Fall in Love!

“Let me handle it, okay?” She said attentively.

Unconsciously, she had taken on the role of elder sister-in-law. How could she let a guest do a household ch.o.r.e?

Ji Liao turned to look at her in surprise feeling that she was the guest instead, and said hurriedly, “No need. I can do it.” With that, he blushed slightly and turned to carry the dishes into the kitchen.

Jiang Qi looked at the tall and lean figure, and her heart went wild. A little milk dog who could cook and was even responsible for washing the dishes. He was completely her ideal type! When Ji Liao’s figure disappeared, she withdrew her gaze. Sitting down with He Cheng Ming, they looked at each other in consternation.

Jiang Qi flipped her hair in a sort of “fearless sister” manner.

He Cheng Ming looked at her and sneered. “Isn’t it inappropriate for Da Sao to be doing this?”

If she wanted to cheat, then cheat, but to have eyes on her Di Xi? He was extremely jealous and didn’t want anyone else to be checking Ji Liao out!

His phone rang with a call from He Mu Sheng who had just arrived downstairs. He looked at the caller ID and picked up. Before he could speak, Jiang Qi’s voice rang out. “What’s wrong? Anyway, I’m going to divorce your brother soon. When that happens, I have the right to pursue anyone.”

He Mu Sheng stepped into the elevator with his phone clutched tightly. His face turned pale and he hung up the phone.

The doorbell rang. He Cheng Ming sent Jiang Qi a look that said “good luck” and went to open the door.

After He Mu Sheng had been forced to break up with someone who was in his heart, he had been very restrained in his feelings, regardless of happiness or anger. Now, because of his contract wife’s words, he was seething with anger and felt extremely vexed by this woman!

“Not leaving?” His voice was a little loud and laced with thinly veiled anger.

Jiang Qi was afraid of him and stood up immediately. While changing her footwear, she called out toward the kitchen, “Ji Liao, Jiejie is going off first.” The tail-end of the statement seemed to carry a tantalising hint and made He Mu Sheng even angrier. He urged, “Hurry up.”

Ji Liao heard and stuck his head out with his hands still wet. He saw He Mu Sheng and greeted him, then saw He Mu Sheng pull Jiang Qi away firmly.

“Your brother seems a little angry.” He said, puzzled.

He Cheng Ming slammed the door shut then turned to walk toward him. “Do you think I’m angry?”

Ji Liao looked at him carefully and finally concluded, “A little it seems.” As he said that, he even held up his fingers in an action to indicate a tiny bit and flashed a brilliant smile.

“Still laughing?” He Cheng Ming was annoyed and angry with an appearance of wanting to eat someone up. It scared Ji Liao into the kitchen and he said evasively, “I’m not done with washing the dishes.”

He Cheng Ming caught him from behind, wanting to pull him into his embrace. But Ji Liao was worried about the injured arm hanging in front of his chest. He avoided it carefully, the two of them darting here and there like a cat and mouse.

After a while, Ji Liao begged for mercy and grabbed the other boy’s arm, saying, “I’ll wash the dishes first, then pacify you later, okay?” He Cheng Ming snorted haughtily and bent to bring his face closer. He said solemnly, “Then let me have some dessert first.” Ji Liao kissed him and pushed him out.

Jiang Qi shivered. She didn’t know what was wrong with the man beside her today — the aura around his body was ten thousand times colder than usual!

The enclosed elevator gave her an inexplicable sense of pressure. She was irritated and felt like she should say something.

“Well, have you thought about it? About the divorce.”

The last time they ate together, He Mu Sheng said that if she really had someone she liked, he would seriously consider the divorce.

“You’ve taken a fancy to Ji Liao?” The man asked her.

Jiang Qi nodded shyly. “Yes, as I’ve told you, I like little milk dogs.”

Actually, she had just mentioned it casually the last time. She hadn’t expected to really encounter someone like that!

He Mu Sheng turned his head to look at her and his tone suddenly became cold. “Ji Liao already has a boyfriend. Do you want to be the third party?!”

He really couldn’t understand what Jiang Qi was thinking. What was wrong with being his wife? He was successful in his career, rich and good-looking and she had to go and like a high school student?!

Jiang Qi objected, “I can wait for them to break up. As the saying goes, there is no corner that can’t be excavated, only a lazy…”

“Shut up!”

When the elevator arrived on the first floor, He Mu Sheng strode out. Jiang Qi was stunned by his fierce outburst and she followed him out only after a few seconds.

“I’m serious. Ji Liao meets all my requirements for a dating partner. I must successfully pursue him.” She added.

He Mu Sheng suddenly turned and warned, “You’re married.”

“But I want to fall in love!” Jiang Qi shrieked loudly, ignoring her lady-like upbringing. Taking advantage of He Mu Sheng’s dumbfoundedness, she ran in front of him and blocked his path. “We have a fake marriage, not a real one! I’m twenty-four years old and haven’t been in love once! So I have to get divorced this year. I want to date!”

He Mu Sheng didn’t speak for a long time. The water at the base of his eyes quivered, his gaze locked tightly on the small woman in front of him.

Actually, she wasn’t considered small. At 172cm tall, she would already be considered eye-catching among women, but because she had a babyface, she looked particularly cute.

The height of a strong, powerful woman and the face of a cute girl — this was the type that many men reportedly liked, jus that He Mu Sheng didn’t know if he was among them.

“h.e.l.lo, you can’t be interested in me, can you?” Jiang Qi’s hair was standing on end from being glared at, and the thought suddenly popped into her head.

But in the next second, she was relieved. “Sorry, I forgot. You have someone in your heart.”

He Mu Sheng had someone in his heart that he couldn’t have. She knew about this — the two of them had met when they were in university and they were together for three to four years. They were very loving but had been broken up by He Yue Jin. It was said that the girl had accepted He Yue Jin’s money and went abroad to study, leading to their breakup.

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The change in the expression on his face was obvious and Jiang Qi quickly shut her mouth.

He Mu Sheng seemed annoyed and his eyes turned red. He angrily closed in on the woman who couldn’t differentiate one thing from another and said coldly, “You’re seven years older than Ji Liao, so what are you? Old gra.s.s seducing a young bull?”

Jiang Qi was amused by his metaphor and her clever eyes curved into crescents. The sound of a girl’s laughter rang out from her mouth. The dual stimulation of sight and sound bewitched He Mu Sheng’s eyes and ears, controlling his hand to grip Jiang Qi’s chin. Then he leaned over to kiss her.

Jiang Qi’s head hummed and she quickly closed her eyes.

The man’s body had the frosty scent of cologne. It was very mild and neutral but smelled surprisingly nice, causing her to be confused and disoriented. She opened her mouth and allowed him the chance to explore.

He Mu Sheng was a businessman and his best ability was to seize the opportunity.

He hadn’t had such an intense desire for a woman in a long time. Right then, he had an impulse toward Jiang Qi, not only to kiss but more.

Click. He unbuckled his seatbelt.

The subtle sound roused Jiang Qi. She came to her senses and pushed the person in front of her away, then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. In her heart, she cried, My first kiss! It’s gone just like that!

He Mu Sheng wasn’t satisfied. His expression wasn’t good but it was no longer cold.

Jiang Qi had lipstick on. The two of them had just been especially intense, so there were lipstick stains at the side of his mouth. She looked at the colour on He Mu Sheng’s mouth and immediately took out a small mirror to check herself. Sure enough, she wasn’t much better.

She wiped it with a piece of tissue paper, then grumpily tossed two pieces to him.

He Mu Sheng picked it up and casually fiddled with it.

“What are you looking at? Drive!” Jiang Qi was a little depressed. She had been french-kissed and actually didn’t push him away immediately?!

It must have been because he was too sophisticated and she was too hungry, too curious.

Yes, it must be!

Jiang Qi consoled herself. A first kiss was nothing. She had to be steady and not let him make a fool out of her!

“I’ll greet your father. You can’t keep living in the Jiang house. We have a new house and you’ll move in tomorrow.” He Mu Sheng did things swiftly and decisively. Once he was determined, he had to make progress in every step.

Jiang Qi could no longer hold it in. She raised her voice and said, “I don’t agree!”

When they had gotten married, they didn’t even have a honeymoon. After the wedding, she flew abroad to study. Now, they were getting divorced. Why should they live together?!

“This is not up to you.” He Mu Sheng’s voice carried a hint of charming amus.e.m.e.nt and he drove back onto the road.

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