What Should I Do If The School Bully Is Interested In Me


Chapter 8 - He Cheng Ming Is Dating

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Ji Liao sprinted all the way to cla.s.s.

It was too frightening. He had nearly been bent by He Cheng Ming!

Just as his bottom reached his seat and before he could catch his breath, the girl sitting at the desk behind him tapped him on the shoulder. Ji Liao turned his head around and the girl pa.s.sed him a bottle of water.

Ji Liao stared blankly for a moment and without rejecting it, said, “Thank you.”

He wasn't outgoing, so he had only decent relationships with his cla.s.smates and it was even worse with his female cla.s.smates. Suddenly experiencing the good intentions of a girl, he felt a little shy.

The girl was called Xu Xiao Jing. From his impression, she was lively, cheerful and talkative.

“You're welcome.” Xu Xiao Jing looked at him and blinked. She waited until Ji Liao drank some water and seemed more relaxed before leaning in closer to ask, “Ji Liao, are you very close to He Cheng Ming from Cla.s.s Two?”

Ji Liao's heart thudded as his first reaction was to think, Did someone see He Cheng Ming kiss me?!! He suddenly felt fl.u.s.tered. But how could it be? He had clearly looked around earlier and there was n.o.body else in the area…

“Why do you ask?” He looked carefully at Xu Xiao Jing.

Xu Xiao Jing replied bluntly, “Because I saw!”

Ji Liao was so shocked that he stood up, “You saw?”

Xu Xiao Jing was slightly confused, unsure of the reason for his nervousness. Was it something that must not be seen?

“I saw it twice,” she replied. “Once at the school gate and once in the cafeteria. He Cheng Ming had his arm around your shoulder like he was on very good terms with you. He's rarely close to anybody, so the two of you must have a deep friendship, right?!” When Xu Xiao Jing spoke, her eyes were shining!

Upon hearing this, Ji Liao heaved a sigh of relief and took another drink of water to get over his shock.

That was such a scare.

“There really isn't any good relationship between us. Just that recently, there's been…a bit of contact.” He avoided her fervent eyes and replied with a guilty conscience.

When Xu Xiao Jing managed to get relevant information at once, she questioned further, “Contact? You have his WeChat contact?!”

Ji Liao nodded.

Xu Xiao Jing's eyes widened, as if she had just found out some big secret. She was very surprised but tried to control it. “And you said you didn't have a good relationship with him! Do you know how many people in our school have He Cheng Ming's WeChat contact?! Definitely not more than ten!” She vowed solemnly.

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Ji Liao said, “Oh,” then thought to himself, there aren't more than ten people in this school who have my WeChat contact either.

There was no such thing!

Or did He Cheng Ming send that part to someone else instead?

With that thought in mind, Ji Liao pouted, slightly unhappy.

His phone sounded.

He fished it out to take a look. It was a message from He Cheng Ming: Baby, wash up and wait for me.

Ji Liao: “…”

Following that, there was another message: Making the rumour true.

The corner of Ji Liao's lips pursed, revealing a hint of a smile.

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