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Chapter 87 - Shared a Sweet with Him [End of Main Story]

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Chapter 87 - Shared a Sweet with Him [End of Main Story]

“My mom didn’t call me last night.”

His expression was a little confused and amazement showed in his eyes. There was a slight swelling around his eyes making him look pitiful and adorable.

He Cheng Ming’s face darkened slightly and he walked over to place a soft pillow behind his waist, then said, “I’ll go back with you later.”

He didn’t know Xu Ai Wen’s temperament but now, what was done was done. Regardless of whether Xu Ai Wen wanted to hit or scold him, he would admit it.

“I’m going out for a while. Breakfast will be delivered soon. You can have some first or wait for me to come back and feed you, okay?” He Cheng Ming said, then kissed Ji Liao’s forehead.

Ji Liao didn’t ask where he was going before nodding obediently, then indicating for him to pour a gla.s.s of water before he left as he was very thirsty.

He Cheng Ming poured him some water, then left quickly.

Ji Liao waited for him to leave before wrinkling his face and ma.s.saging his sore waist.

It was the first time he had done something like this and he was a little ashamed but was mostly reminiscing. Previously, when he read the book Day and Night with the Bullying President that Xu Xiao Jing had given him, the bed scenes in it were intense resulting in near tearing and even bleeding, which scared him to death. In the end, when he was doing it with He Cheng Ming last night, the other boy kept asking him repeatedly if he felt good, whether he was comfortable, and his tone was so gentle that his body relaxed.

From outside came the sound of knocking and Ji Liao was suddenly fully awake. He shook his head — what was he thinking?!

Right then, the hotel staff pushed the door in and took the porridge from the dining cart, placing it near the head of the bed, then walked out without so much as a sideways glance.

Ji Liao scooped and ate two mouthfuls. Just as he saw the bottom of the porcelain bowl, He Cheng Ming came back with a small bag from the pharmacy in his hand.

“What did you buy?” He asked curiously.

“Anti-inflammatory ointment. I’ll help you apply it later. Does it still hurt?”

Ji Liao’s face reddened and he answered softly, “It’s alright.”

Actually, there was a burning pain but he didn’t want the other boy to worry.

He Cheng Ming’s lips pursed and he was unable to spot any discomfort. The more Ji Liao endured, the more heartache he would feel. How did he manage to get such a good baby? He couldn’t understand it, but since he had managed to encounter him, he had to treasure him!

He had actually always restrained himself. Only when the other boy took the initiative did all his senses fail and only a word remained in his mind: do.

Ji Liao’s clothes from last night were soiled and sent for washing this morning. He Cheng Ming looked at the time and felt that the clothes should already be dry and ready for collection. He called the internal line and asked the hotel staff to deliver the clothes and a hot towel at the same time.

Ji Liao slumped facedown on the bed, holding the hot towel to his swollen eyes with both hands while He Cheng Ming helped him with the medicine behind him. After applying, he felt cool and much more comfortable. The hot eye compress was switched to a cold compress and the result was evident. If he didn’t look closely, the swelling wasn’t obvious.

They packed up and left the room. While He Cheng Ming was checking out, Ji Liao suddenly remembered and reached towards him with both hands. “Where’s my present?!”

He Cheng Ming turned and framed his chin with his palms. “I’ll give myself to you.”

This move was so sweet that the young lady at the front desk laughed. Then she realised that she was at work and shut her mouth immediately.

Ji Liao withdrew his hands. When they walked out of the hotel, he said resentfully, “Did you forget to buy it for me?”

What a bad guy! Swindling him into bed on his birthday and not buying him a present!

He Cheng Ming laughed and took out a key from his pocket, putting it in his hand. “This is the key to my apartment. You’re welcome to come over any time.”

Then, he handed him a bank card. “The pa.s.scode is your birthdate. There’s fifty million inside. You can give it to your mother, or keep it for yourself.”

After that, he hugged Ji Liao. In the street with people coming and going, it was very noisy but Ji Liao could hear clearly. He Cheng Ming said, “I’ve already affixed my stamp on you. You can’t run in the future, okay? I don’t have anything, just money and an apartment, both of which I’ve given to you. I’ve also given myself to you, so don’t turn your back on me. There’re still many days ahead. If I do something wrong, you can hit me and scold me, but you can’t break up with me. These two words should never be mentioned or I’ll go crazy. If I go crazy, I’ll f.u.c.k you to death in bed. Understand, little emperor?!”

Ji Liao was initially quite moved, but when he heard that sentence “I’ll f.u.c.k you to death in bed,” he couldn’t help the softening of his legs and clenched his bottom. With the sudden clench and because his behind was still a little painful, he hissed in a breath.

He quickly returned the bank card to him. Fifty million! He didn’t dare to take it. “Just leave me the key.”

He was still thinking about what the other boy meant with his long speech. Why did it sound like a proposal? But if it was a proposal, why didn’t he request for his opinion? Ji Liao frowned in annoyance, feeling that this reading comprehension was really difficult and that he couldn’t do it.

He Cheng Ming looked at his confused expression and sighed. “Let’s go, little fool. I’ll buy you a present.”

Ji Liao instantly puffed out his cheeks and bristled, then told him off, “You called me little emperor earlier!” In the blink of an eye, he had become a little fool!

He had never seen a man who changed so quickly.

He Cheng Ming laughed loudly and put his arm around Ji Liao’s waist. “Okay, little emperor, let’s go. Hubby will buy you a present. You can choose whatever you want.”

Ji Liao snorted. “Like as if you’re the only one with money!”

He thought of the hundred million yuan the boy had mentioned previously and asked, “Do you really have a hundred million yuan?!”

He Cheng Ming glanced at him and thinking that Ji Liao was trying to imply something, explained, “Yes, another fifty million is in the stock market.”

Ji Liao had a shocked expression on his face. “So will you be doing this in the future?”

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“I say again. Don’t worry, hubby has a sense of propriety and will not be unable to support you.”

Ji Liao put his arms around his neck and thought of the time when He Cheng Ming had added him as a WeChat contact, scaring him to death. He had thought he offended him and was afraid and fl.u.s.tered. Now, he couldn’t help finding it funny.

“By the way, how did you get my WeChat contact?” They didn’t have any common friends between them.

He Cheng Ming said in a relaxed tone, “That was easy. All I needed to do was to enquire for your personal data and I could see all your information.” Ji Liao had never seen someone so openly abusing his power for personal gain and shrunk his head back. This was someone who couldn’t be provoked.

“Previously, did you use this method often to pursue someone?” He said deliberately.

He Cheng Ming clicked his tongue and wanted to smack his little bottom. Then he remembered that the boy was still sore and withdrew his hand. “Nonsense. I only pursued you.”

Ji Liao was happy to hear that and couldn’t help shaking his legs.

He Cheng Ming’s face darkened and with a controlled voice, said, “Don’t twist around like that. I’ll catch fire.”

Seeing that the boy didn’t seem to be joking, Ji Liao got up quickly. His expression was incredulous. This person was too energetic. Being able to get hard after doing it for an entire night, was that thing made of iron?

Before long, Meng Yuan came back. Seeing the table full of light dishes, he complained in a straight-guy fashion, “Why is the food so plain today?! Will it be filling enough?!”

Meng Yao Yao was very bright. She realised that Ji Liao didn’t come back last night and it was the night of his birthday. It was written in all novels what had to happen on this day!

Now seeing that Xu Ai Wen had prepared such light dishes, she immediately got the point and helped the situation by saying excitedly, “It’s because recently, we all need to lose some weight! Clear the intestines and stomach.”

After that, she looked sneakily at He Cheng Ming and Ji Liao, then immediately shared the amazing news with her best friend, Xu Xiao Jing.

Xu Xiao Jing screamed twice, then lay on her bed consumed with the sweetness of it.

Xu Ai Wen prepared longevity noodles for Ji Liao, which was a Ji family tradition. Ji Qing Wen said that longevity noodles must be eaten on birthdays. So every year, Xu Ai Wen would cook it for Ji Liao and add two eggs to keep him safe.

Ji Liao enjoyed his food amidst the harmonious interactions.

That night, there happened to be a fireworks display. Ji Liao was surprised to find that the angle of his balcony was just right for viewing, and it was at the best angle!

He Cheng Ming hugged him from behind and their eyes reflected the sparkling flow of colours.

“Happy birthday, little emperor.” The boy kissed the face of the person in his arms.

The person in his arms turned his head and shared a sweet with him.

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