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Chapter 88 - Extra 1 - Indulging in Pleasure Without a Thought for Anything Else

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Chapter 88 - Extra 1 – Indulging in Pleasure Without a Thought for Anything Else

After Jiang Qi became pregnant, she was very down.

The He family watched her closely, not letting her touch anything. If she walked too much, she would have to rest. Every day besides eating, she could only sleep. Jiang Qi felt that each day was dull and she was very unhappy.

When He Mu Sheng came back from work, he saw his wife’s mood and decided to bring her out for dinner to relax.

They had just entered the restaurant when they saw He Cheng Ming and Ji Liao having a candlelight dinner.

Ji Liao sipped the champagne and asked the person opposite him, “Is this alcohol considered strong?”

He Cheng Ming was leaning back in his chair with a slight smile on his face and said, “It’s alright. The alcohol content is about 12%.”

After entering their senior year, with the approval of Xu Ai Wen, he helped Ji Liao with his homework revision on weekends. Occasionally, when he studied until it was late, Ji Liao would sleep in his house. Xu Ai Wen turned a blind eye to this. As long as their behaviour didn’t go overboard, she would let the two kids do what they wanted.

So today, after a full day of studying, He Cheng Ming brought Ji Liao out on a date. Since he wanted to improves his grades, his love life had to progress accordingly.

Ji Liao had no concept of alcohol content and felt that as long as the other boy said it was alright, he could drink it at ease so he took another mouthful.

He had just put the gla.s.s down when he heard a woman’s voice behind him. “Ji Liao!”

Jiang Qi was pleasantly surprised. Ever since she became pregnant, she had been kept at home by He Mu Sheng, unable to ask the other boy to meet her. Unexpectedly, she happened to b.u.mp into him today! Her mood suddenly brightened.

Sure enough, it was still the little milk dog that could make her happy!

Jiang Qi bluntly pulled out a chair and sat beside Ji Liao.

The ignored He Cheng Ming met the eyes of He Mu Sheng, both of them with dark expressions on their faces.

“Jiang Qi Jie.” Ji Liao was a little surprised, his gaze falling on her belly. Was she pregnant?!

He Cheng Ming gave him a friendly reminder. “Baby, you should call Sao Zi.” Ji Liao glared at him, unhappy that he was being called baby in front of others. It was too shameful.

Right then, the server presented the menus, indicating a silent agreement that they were sharing the same table.

Jiang Qi casually ordered some items and quickly said to Ji Liao. “It doesn’t matter. Just call me Jiejie.”

She smiled happily and her tone was very indulgent. Frustrated, He Mu Sheng said abruptly, “Call her Sao Zi!”

At such a sudden order, Ji Liao swallowed unconsciously. He Cheng Ming exploded immediately and said to his brother, “Who are you shouting at?!”

Jiang Qi was also unhappy and shot him a look. “You keep quiet!”

He Mu Sheng: “…”

His brother and wife were both crazy!

“Ignore him, Ji Liao. Jiejie hasn’t seen you for a long time and I miss you very much.”

When a woman was pregnant, she became emotional easily. In addition, Jiang Qi had been so bored in the He family home and somehow, she started to complain to Ji Liao, “Ever since I got pregnant, your brother, oh no, Xiao Ming’s brother, he wouldn’t let me go out. So please let Jiejie look at you and see if you’ve become milkier.”

Ji Liao’s face showed confusion and he couldn’t understand what her not going out had to do with him becoming milkier.

Also, what was that about milk? He was a boy!

Without a care in the world, Jiang Qi pulled Ji Liao to the left and right to look at him, then finally concluded, “Are you fatter?!” Ji Liao couldn’t refute this stab of the knife.

Jiang Qi was extremely happy. “Now that you’re fatter, you’re even cuter!”

Previously, his face was thin. Now it had become round and his skin was even better, making her want to pinch it.

Jiang Qi was about to do it but He Cheng Ming’s discerning eyes saw through her and he threatened immediately, “Don’t you dare try it!”

He was the only one who could pinch his little emperor’s face!

Jiang Qi was guilty and aggrieved, and she cast a look at her husband for help. He Mu Sheng snorted coldly, indicating that she had better not act rashly or he would go crazy!

Fortunately, the server brought the food right then. Jiang Qi didn’t have a good appet.i.te, so she only ate a bit. He Mu Sheng wanted to coax her into eating more, but he didn’t know how, as she really couldn’t swallow anymore.

Ji Liao, on the other hand, ate with relish. He used a silver fork to twirl some pasta onto it, then put it into his mouth. Before he could finish chewing, he took a piece of steak and continued alternating between the two, occasionally taking a mouthful of champagne. It made Jiang Qi feel that the food was delicious and she managed to eat a little more.

At the end of the meal, the portion was actually quite large and it was the most she had eaten during this period.

Jealousy was jealousy, but for the sake of his wife and child, he was happy to pay the bill.

The four of them walked out of the restaurant.

Ji Liao felt a little dizzy and gave a silly wave to send them off. “Goodbye, Da Ge, Da Sao.” Looking at his appearance, Jiang Qi felt uneasy and kept turning to look back. She even held onto He Mu Sheng and asked, “Do you think Ji Liao is drunk?!” He Mu Sheng herded her into the car. “You’re worrying for no reason.”

When the car disappeared, Ji Liao staggered into He Cheng Ming’s arms, his face flushed and feeling a little hot.

Although the champagne wasn’t very strong, the bubbles in it accelerated the rate of alcohol absorption, making it easy to get drunk.

“Hubby.” Ji Liao called out vaguely, with blurry eyes and both hands grasping the arm of the person in front of him tightly.

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He Cheng Ming’s throat tightened. After ensuring that he was supporting Ji Liao, he held a hand out to flag down a taxi.

He Yue Jin stood on the second floor with his phone in hand. Zhao Mei Lan was in the kitchen learning from Auntie He on how to make soup, planning on not only pleasing Jiang Qi but also making it for He Cheng Ming to drink, thus killing two birds with one stone.

She had thought it through. Although there was no hope for a biological grandson, she could still hold He Mu Sheng’s son.

Zhao Mei Lan carried the soup out. Seeing that He Yue Jin was around, she called him over to taste it.

He Yue Jin went downstairs, sat at the table and drank two mouthfuls. Then he said to her, “Go and persuade Xiao Ming to come home, at least for Chinese New Year! Which family’s son made him like this?! Wanting me to bow down and admit to a mistake won’t do!”

Once he mentioned He Cheng Ming, he got angry. He was an unfilial son, specially reincarnated to anger him!

“If he insists on bringing him over, then let him!” He Yue Jin made the biggest concession and angrily threw the porcelain spoon onto the table.

Zhao Mei Lan looked shocked and reminded him, “During Chinese New Year, your good friends will always come over to visit. If they see…”

He Yue Jin smacked the table loudly. “What happens if they see?! Isn’t that what your good son has chosen?!” He left with his hands clasped behind his back, his departing figure looking miserable like a defeated rooster.

Zhao Mei Lan was a little slow to recover. Did this mean that he accepted Ji Liao’s status?! It was absurd. How was it possible for that stick-in-the-mud?!

She quickly went over to He Cheng Ming’s community, happily wanting to tell him the good news.

In the end, the door wasn’t closed properly and it opened with a push. She saw her son making out intensely with his little boyfriend and couldn’t bear to look directly at the scene.

Zhao Mei Lan coughed. Hearing the sound, Ji Liao got up from He Cheng Ming’s body immediately.

“How did you come in?” He Cheng Ming frowned at the interruption.

The keys to this apartment had been changed long ago. Currently, only he and Ji Liao had them.

“Your door wasn’t closed. What if the neighbours saw…” Zhao Mei Lan was ashamed to finish her sentence.

“What happens if they see?” He Cheng Ming didn’t care and wiped Ji Liao’s mouth with his thumb. The earlier kiss had been so sweet.

Zhao Mei Lan couldn’t look and explained the reason. “Your dad has given in and asked me to call you back. He already said that if you want to bring Ji Liao, you can.”

“I can?” He Cheng Ming sneered. “Do I have to go back just because he wants me back?”

His life was good now. He had warm fragrance in his arms every day while doing homework and flirting, and was enraptured all day long.

He Yue Jin was right about one thing. He was indulging in pleasure without a thought for anything else.

Zhao Mei Lan was anxious. “What’s the matter with you? Your dad has given in to you. What else do you want?!”

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