What Should I Do If The School Bully Is Interested In Me


Chapter 9 - How the Fuck Was He Supposed to Answer

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Chapter 9 - How the f.u.c.k Was He Supposed to Answer

After a day and night of fermenting, the whole school knew that He Cheng Ming was dating.

In the corridors, cla.s.srooms, cafeteria, and everywhere else, people were discussing the ident.i.ty of the G.o.ddess who had pulled the irritable big Buddha off the altar, causing him to withdraw from his antisocial behaviour, and changing him into a gentle, coquettish, loyal dog.

Aside from the two people involved, no one else knew.

When Lin Jiang heard about this, he was also shocked! He had always regarded He Cheng Ming as a big brother. And yet he didn’t even know who his sister-in-law was now that his big brother was dating. Thinking about it was a bit of a pain in the b.a.l.l.s.

But He Cheng Ming didn’t tell him and he was embarra.s.sed to ask. Instead, he turned to the school’s web forum to search for the answer, reading through several popular articles about the school bully and pure school beauty queen, and the big-breasted beauty conquering the irritable big-shot, written as if that was really how it was.

Lin Jiang sent the two articles to He Cheng Ming, wanting to sound him out.

He Cheng Ming bent his head for a look, then blacklisted Lin Jiang.

Lin Jiang: “…”

He threw an I-was-wrong expression towards He Cheng Ming, but only saw the profile of his face looking gloomily out of the window at the basketball court.

Lin Jiang was puzzled. What was there to look at in the basketball court?!

He raised his head to look and saw that there was a cla.s.s having their P.E. lesson.

Lin Jiang couldn’t see clearly though. Turning back, he realised that the teacher was staring at him and he scolded himself for his bad luck.

Meanwhile, He Cheng Ming observed Ji Liao playing basketball. Ji Liao wore a white sweater that just about covered the waistband of his pants. But when he raised his arms high with every shot, his clothes would lift, revealing his flat lower abdomen. He Cheng Ming was so dazzled by that white expanse that his eyes became red from not blinking.

He watched for Ji Liao’s entire lesson and until his figure disappeared from the basketball court. He then fished out his phone and sent a message: Baby, your shirt is too short. Your slim waist nearly made me hard.

After that, he silently got up and went to the toilet.

Because he really was hard…

By the time it was night, Ji Liao had not replied to his message. He Cheng Ming was a little upset. He lay on his bed, unable to fall asleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, images of Ji Liao, from when he was 14 to 17, appeared and filled his mind.

For three years, he had noticed him, but Ji Liao had never discovered his gaze.

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Maybe he was too worn out, but at that moment, he suddenly didn’t want to endure any longer. He wanted to get close to him, to tell him, hug him, and kiss him. He wanted to give everything he had to Ji Liao, as long as he wanted it — as long as he was willing.

“You can send me a message if there’s anything. I’m hanging up.”

“You don’t reply to my messages.” He Cheng Ming complained immediately.

Ji Liao really wanted to cry. How should he reply to those types of messages?

—— Baby, wash up and wait for me.


——Baby, your shirt is too short. Your slim waist nearly made me hard.

How hard?

How the f.u.c.k was he supposed to answer?! Ji Liao almost wanted to flip his table over.

Of course, he didn’t dare to reply that way to He Cheng Ming — he was a coward.

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