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Chapter 90 - Extra 3 - The Sweetest Graduation Photo

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Chapter 90 - Extra 3 – The Sweetest Graduation Photo

Before the college entrance exams, the school arranged to take the graduation photos.

The entire level went out in order, one cla.s.s at a time. Reasonably speaking, He Cheng Ming and Ji Liao wouldn’t be able to meet each other this way. However, some rich person donated a batch of sports equipment to the school in his own name and forced the princ.i.p.al to say that cla.s.s two and cla.s.s twelve were to take photos together.

Cla.s.s twelve was having lessons and cheered when they heard the news. Even by using one’s toes to think, everyone knew what was going on and winked at Ji Liao. Chen Li Wen whistled in an unruly manner and almost stood up to shout “He Cheng Ming is awesome.”

Back then when the two of them were together, most people in the cla.s.s were not optimistic, feeling that Ji Liao was too dull. Even if He Cheng Ming was bent, he would only be fresh for a while and thrown away after being played with. But no one expected that after a year, the two of them were as close as ever.

Ji Liao was teased until his face flushed and his heart was pounding. He secretly sent a message to He Cheng Ming: What are you doingduck?!

He had recently taken on a cute style when chatting and the “duck” word at the tail end of his message made He Cheng Ming’s mood lift. Leaning against the wall, he replied: Later, we’ll take photos together.

The formation of cla.s.s two had already been arranged and only He Cheng Ming had not arrived. The cla.s.s monitor inspected the area, saw him hiding and playing with his phone and knew that his soul had again been hooked away by the one from cla.s.s twelve. He urged, “Ming Ge, time to take photos!”

At this, He Cheng Ming walked over.

As the outstanding graduate of the year, he should have sat beside the princ.i.p.al. But he silently stood right at the back and n.o.body dared to persuade him to move, because he would be unmovable.

He Cheng Ming thought that by hiding in the corner, n.o.body would pay any attention to him. Unexpectedly, just as the photo was about to be taken, the photographer suddenly raised his head and called out, “Hey, the handsome guy in the last row, since you’re so handsome, put on a smile.”

The whole cla.s.s was so happy and only he had a straight face. Moreover, this face was too eye-catching. It would be too dramatic!

Lin Jiang was standing beside He Cheng Ming and thinking that the photographer was referring to him, he immediately rushed to answer, “Eh, my mouth is already grinning so widely, how should I be smiling?!” The photographer replied to him, “I’m not talking about you! I’m talking about the handsome guy next to you!” Cla.s.s two roared with laughter.

It was probably due to being so near graduation that the teachers who normally felt that Lin Jiang was mischievous found him very cute today, and they didn’t even warn him for being rude. Instead, they laughed with everyone.

He Cheng Ming tugged at the corners of his mouth and it unnaturally hooked in a curve.

The photographer was still not satisfied. “Handsome guy, don’t give a fake smile! Please be a little more sincere!” He Cheng Ming wanted to kick over his camera. Such a chatterbox when he’s just supposed to take a photo.

Right then, the boys and girls of cla.s.s twelve strolled over. Seeing this, someone took the lead in shouting out, “Ming Ge give a smile, Ji Liao can't run off.”

People behind started making a fuss, pushing and shoving to find Ji Liao.

The entire school knew that after He Cheng Ming got into a relationship, the tyrant became a loyal dog. As long as it was regarding Ji Liao, he wouldn’t get angry.

Ji Liao had originally been walking along just fine when he was suddenly carried away by several boys. Then, these people called out in front of him, “Ming Ge give a smile, Ji Liao can’t run off.”

When Ji Liao saw He Cheng Ming, his face flushed and he wanted to run but was surrounded by boys.

“Ji Liao say something.” “Ji Liao, give us a wink!”

“Ji Liao, don’t be shy. If you’re a man, then shout it out!”

He Cheng Ming had long since been grinning from ear to ear. The photographer quickly pressed the shutter b.u.t.ton and concluded the task of cla.s.s two’s graduation photo.

After He Cheng Ming was done, he strode over to the group of cla.s.s twelve boys and rescued Ji Liao. “Be more polite to my little emperor.” His tone was indulgent, making the cla.s.s twelve boys slap their thighs and wishing they could also get involved with a guy.

“Oh, little emperor. That’s a wonderful nickname.” “Can’t provoke you. Little old me will withdraw.” “Ah ah ah ah, my CP is being sweet again!”

The last sentence was obviously from Xu Xiao Jing, who was so happy she was running around like a screaming chicken.

With the cla.s.s twelve photo-taking following immediately after, the photographer understood the situation very well. Before he took the photo, he asked them, “Ming Ge give a smile.” Cla.s.s twelve answered together, “Ji Liao can’t run off!”

The overall atmosphere was so good that it almost felt like a party. Even the teachers were blushing and had to admit that it was good to be young — they could love as they wanted and display it openly.

Once it was over, the rest of the time was free for group photos.

He Cheng Ming saw Lin Jiang doing nothing and lifted him up. “Use your phone to take some photos for me and Ji Liao.” They got together here and wanted to corroborate it with some photos.

Lin Jiang felt that it was just a matter of taking some posed photos and was completely okay with it. In the end, He Cheng Ming told him, “You judge for yourself when to capture a snapshot. Make sure it’s good.” Firstly, it took skill to capture a snapshot and he didn’t know how. Secondly, it took skill to make it good and he also didn’t know how.

“Do you have a problem?” He Cheng Ming seemed to sense Lin Jiang’s rebellion and asked dangerously.

Lin Jiang shook his head immediately. “No problem. Xiao K died.” He Cheng Ming reminded him with a straight face, “Speak less English in future.” To avoid being beaten up.

Lin Jiang thought that his p.r.o.nunciation was up to standard and repeated “Xiao K died” three or four times. When Ji Liao walked over and heard, he asked, “Who is Xiao K? Why is he dead?”

Lin Jiang felt like a cold knife had just been inserted into his abdomen.

“Because Xiao K’s English isn’t good.” He Cheng Ming added another knife.

Lin Jiang, being stabbed by two knives in a row, was very angry. “If the two of you continue like this, I won’t do it!”

Ji Liao laughed. He Cheng Ming turned to give him a kiss, then asked Lin Jiang, “Did you capture it?!” Lin Jiang: “???”

Capture what.

That dog food that was just given without any warning?

He Cheng Ming looked at him meaningfully. “Take a good photo. If it’s good, there’ll be a reward.”

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Lin Jiang’s fervour appeared instantly and he asked stealthily, “Ming Ge, tell me the truth. What reward?”

Earlier, the other boy had asked him for help to trick Lin Jiang into coming out to play. So he made up a prize for the photo-taking and even planned to sacrifice his and Ji Liao’s couple tour to bring the two of them. In the end, Gu Ming Ren said he wasn’t going?!

“If you don’t go, Ji Liao and I have to bring Lin Jiang and we’ll have a family of three on this trip?”

He Cheng Ming was furious. If they brought two people, they could still have fun separately, but bringing one was just like having a third wheel!

At the other end of the line, there was silence. Then a deep voice said, “Something might be happening to the Lin family soon.” He Cheng Ming was immediately serious. “How do you know?”

Gu Ming Ren rubbed the bridge of his nose where his gla.s.ses were pressing painfully against. His voice was tired when he said, “I heard.”

That day when he pa.s.sed his father’s study room, he heard someone inside saying that a sum of dirty money from abroad had flowed into city A, then disappeared without a trace. The Munic.i.p.al Bureau had already set up an investigative team and would trace it to the Lin family in the next two days.

“You bring him along.”

Gu Ming Ren had thought about it for a long time and decided to get Lin Jiang away first. As for what to do about his parents, he would think of something.

He Cheng Ming was silent, then after a long time, answered with a word, “Okay.”

He had a hunch about what the other boy would do but he didn’t ask and just reminded him, “You do what you can.” Lin Jiang was ecstatic when he received the news about the seven-day tour in Europe.

“d.a.m.n, am I really going?” He thought that the other boy was only joking!

He Cheng Ming’s tone was indifferent. “Yes, we’ll leave tomorrow. You can start preparing.” Lin Jiang was still having fun outside and upon hearing that it was tomorrow, he said, “So urgent?!” It sounded like an impromptu decision.

He Cheng Ming put his irritable character into play. “If you want to go, then go. If you don’t, then get lost.”

Lin Jiang gave in immediately. “I’ll go, I’ll go. I’m a b.a.s.t.a.r.d if I don’t take advantage of this! It’s fine even if we leave immediately!”

With that, he immediately went home to pack.

Only the housekeeper was at home. Lin Jiang asked casually, “My parents seem to be quite busy recently?” Every day, they went out early and returned late. He didn’t know what they were doing.

The housekeeper replied, “It seems like there’s a serious problem at the company.”

Lin Jiang acknowledged with an “oh” and feeling that he couldn’t help with company matters anyway, maybe his parents would be more comfortable if he went away.

Besides, what could happen to the company? Could it go bankrupt overnight?

He went to pack his clothes eagerly.

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