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Chapter 91 - Side Story 1 - Fine, I'll Sell it to You (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 91 - Side Story 1 – Fine, I’ll Sell it to You (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

It was a hot night and two inseparably close bodies went from the sofa to the bed, from the toilet to the kitchen.

Lin Jiang clenched his teeth firmly, enduring the desperate and repeated crushing of the other person.

He woke up on his bed startled and sat up suddenly, causing the bunk bed to rock violently.

From below came the voice of a rugged man, “What are you doing, bro? I’m drinking soy milk and it spilt all over me!”

It was his roommate, Hao Meng.

Lin Jiang’s head drooped and he said in a dry voice, “I’m sorry.”

Sweat slid down his forehead. A transparent plastic bag of bread was thrown onto the table with a thud, the sound especially loud in the quiet morning. “It can’t be. You’re having nightmares again?”

Hao Meng took two pieces of tissue paper and wiped at his soiled shirt vigorously, then sighed. He’ll have to wash another shirt.

Not that he wanted to say it, but he had never seen a man at this age who had nightmares so often! He didn’t know what kind of evil the boy had encountered to have this happen so frequently. Moreover, every time it happened, he was drenched in sweat from head to toe as if he had just been fished out of the water. If not for the pale face, he would have thought it was an erotic dream!

After removing his shirt to wash it, Hao Meng advised him before going out, “I really think it’s quite creepy. You had better go and seek advice from someone who knows the ropes. Especially for us with a major in the excavation of tombstones, it’s normal for us to experience retaliation from vengeful or malicious spirits. Who asked us to meddle in other people’s things, right?”

Lin Jiang didn’t pay any attention to him, feeling that his roommate’s brain had short-circuited. Not to mention they were only freshmen who hadn’t even attended any of their specialized courses and already he was talking about evil spirits. Terrific.

Climbing down from the bed, Lin Jiang shivered as he felt a cold wind against his drenched back.

He walked into the bathroom for a shower and looked at his body. The marks left by that person had vanished long ago but the madness of that night still remained in his mind and he had even dreamed of it from time to time.

At first, the pain was very clear, as if it would tear him apart. Later, when a certain point was jabbed, the feel of his climax was more profound. He couldn’t help crying out, but his mouth was covered and he wasn’t allowed to.

Every time, he had been entered from behind, so he couldn’t see the face of the other person. He didn’t know what kind of expression was present when he was being smashed to pieces. Was it ridicule? Or a sneer? After all, he had previously declared shamelessly to him, “I’m straighter than a steel bar. It’s impossible!”

Lin Jiang turned on the tap and washed his face. The once-proud rich second generation was now a dest.i.tute b.u.m who sold his body. The amount of time that had pa.s.sed was only three months.

Three months ago, the second week after the college entrance exams, the police came to their door saying that his father was suspected of illegal money laundering and had to go to the police station for investigation.

At that time, Lin Jiang had just come back from his graduation trip with He Cheng Ming and Ji Liao. He didn’t know anything and didn’t even see his father. When he tried to call, the phone was turned off. Later, he learned from the news that his parents had run away with the money and left the country. Their specific location was unknown.

The Lin family had been barred. Overnight, he was alone and impoverished.

His phone blew up with calls so he simply threw it away and staggered out of the house. After a few days pa.s.sed in a blur, he met Gu Ming Ren.

Since the last time the boy was rejected by him, he had never bothered him again. This was the first time he stood in front of him again, still wearing his pair of gold-rimmed gla.s.ses with a cold, n.o.ble appearance towering above him and looking at his incomparably sorry figure.

Lin Jiang used to be able to see a little love or affection from the boy’s eyes. But now, there was nothing there and the depth was scary.

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He threw aside the empty beer bottle in his hand and shouted dejectedly like a drunk for him to get lost!

This kind of life made Lin Jiang fl.u.s.tered. Finally, a week before the semester at University A started, he took the initiative to seduce Gu Ming Ren. Although he was really done in, he felt relieved. He couldn’t accept the other boy’s generosity without good cause so they could only trade with each other.

He didn’t want to owe Gu Ming Ren, not at all.

When Lin Jiang came out from his shower, he got dressed, picked up his books and prepared to go to cla.s.s.

This time, he had restrained himself somewhat and tried to pay attention in cla.s.s. But as soon as he started listening, he would feel sleepy and realised that he wasn’t studying material, so he just did as he pleased. In any case, he would be studying blindly.

Hao Meng came back after washing his clothes and seeing that he was about to leave, called out hastily, “Wait for me. Let’s go together!”

University A had very few students majoring in archaeology, with only about ten to twenty students in the whole department. There were four boys, two of whom rented their own place outside, so only he and Hao Meng lived in the dormitory.

Lin Jiang waited for him, then they went to attend their common cla.s.ses, cultivation of morals and ethics, and legal foundation.

It was held in a large cla.s.sroom. They went in and found that it was full of people. At a glance, they were all girls.

Hao Meng was very excited. “This is the first time I’m having a cla.s.s with so many girls! University is great!”

With that, he found a seat and sat there by himself. Lin Jiang thought to himself, he didn’t want to sit with him and yet still made him wait?

His gaze swept around the room and he was about to cross it when the girls suddenly got excited. They suppressed their voices and blinked, looking towards the door. Lin Jiang turned his head, saw Gu Ming Ren and unconsciously clenched his bottom.

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