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Chapter 92 - Side Story 2 - Completely Aloof Today (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 92 - Side Story 2 – Completely Aloof Today (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

Gu Ming Ren was dressed in a white shirt and casual pants, walking coldly towards him with a book in his right hand.

Lin Jiang stared at the expression of self-restraint on that face and his mind filled with images of him pounding into his body. A word appeared in his limited vocabulary: brute.

After that time, Gu Ming Ren left and hadn’t shown up until today, so he hadn’t had the chance to ask him how to define their relationship in school.

When they met face-to-face like this, should they greet each other? Or pretend not to know each other? After all, he was only someone who was selling his body, not someone worth having a name in front of Gu Ming Ren, an A-lister male G.o.d.

However, without waiting for him to ask, Gu Ming Ren had already answered with his actions. Expressionless, he brushed past Lin Jiang’s shoulder without even giving him a look.

Lin Jiang’s body stiffened for a moment, then a smile tugged at his mouth revealing two sharp little canine teeth.

Fine, he got it.

Lin Jiang found an empty seat and sat down.

The cla.s.s and attendance-taking started. The old professor was charming and had a sense of humour. He flipped through the list and said, “Today’s cla.s.sroom is full of spring. I see that it’s that beautiful flower that has attracted the bees and b.u.t.terflies.”

The girls burst out laughing without reservations and they continuously cast admiring glances towards Gu Ming Ren.

He was the science top scorer of the entire province and the only son of a wealthy family. His attractiveness and intelligence quotient were both high. How could such a male lead with a background seemingly brought to life from a novel not move any girl? They were unafraid to express fancy flattery.

Names like high-born n.o.bility, reserved school gra.s.s and A-lister male G.o.d were all applied to Gu Ming Ren.

Lin Jiang heard and couldn’t help but sneer and ridicule him secretly. If not for his Ming Ge being recommended for direct admission and not needing to take the college entrance exams, would the t.i.tle of science top scorer have gone to Gu Ming Ren?

Thinking of He Cheng Ming, Lin Jiang’s eyes darkened and he felt that he couldn’t face him. Regardless of him having nothing, now he had even become the prisoner of his good friend’s crotch. This layer of relationship made him unable to lift his head.

Therefore, he hadn’t contacted him. Only Gu Ming Ren’s number was saved in his new mobile sim card.

In a flash, the cla.s.s was over.

Hao Meng came over and nudged him. “Let’s go and eat.” Lin Jiang picked up his book and followed Hao Meng out of the cla.s.sroom.

Just after cla.s.s, the canteen was full of people.

Lin Jiang’s young master att.i.tude reared its head and he didn’t want to wait in line. He wanted to go out to eat but Hao Meng was a down-to-earth person and advised him, “It’s expensive to eat outside. The canteen has cheap and delicious food.”

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Impatient, Lin Jiang blurted out, “I’ll treat you!”

“Where are you?” The voice at the other end was very cold.

Lin Jiang walked towards the school. “Eating outside. I’m going back now.”

He didn’t know other boy’s intentions. Earlier, he had pretended not to know him. Now, he was calling to ask where he was. Were they going to have a covert meeting?

“Turn around.”

Gu Ming Ren was standing behind him with his phone in hand, the gla.s.ses perched on the bridge of his nose glinting under the hot sun.

He had given Lin Jiang the cold shoulder for two weeks, thinking that the other boy would look for him and demand that he take responsibility. Who knew that this son of a b.i.t.c.h would not only not contact him, but also be completely aloof today, despite Gu Ming Ren turning a blind eye to him.

No matter what Gu Ming Ren did, Lin Jiang didn’t like it.

So why did Lin Jiang sleep with him?

Lin Jiang exchanged a word with Hao Meng, then turned and walked towards Gu Ming Ren.

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