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Chapter 94 - Side Story 4 – Paid with His Body and Lost Money (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 94 - Side Story 4 – Paid with His Body and Lost Money (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

Lin Jiang felt like he had prost.i.tuted himself for nothing and his mood wasn’t pretty.

But what made him even angrier was that, after the cleaning auntie entered their room, she discovered the phone beside the bed was broken. Gu Ming Ren had only paid for the room when he left so Lin Jiang had to pay for the phone, which was a total of a hundred and fifty yuan.

Lin Jiang was detained at the hotel, not allowed to leave until he had paid. He gritted his teeth and took out the remaining two hundred yuan from his pocket to pay.

He had f.u.c.king paid with his body and lost money!

Lin Jiang cried.

When he came out of the hotel, he touched his stomach. After more than an hour of exercise, his lunch had long since been digested. So he turned the corner into the student street to buy a packet of fried noodles. On the way back to his dormitory, he checked his bank account on his phone. There was no transfer information.

“I’m not even as worthy as a duck.” He walked with his head down, muttering to himself.

Although he had said that he sold himself to Gu Ming Ren, in reality, Lin Jiang was unable to ask Gu Ming Ren for money. It felt too shameless and he wanted to leave some dignity for himself.

But he only had thirty-two yuan on himself.

Lin Jiang sighed, then caught sight of a job advertis.e.m.e.nt in the milk tea shop. In the blink of an eye, he quickly jogged over.

He rapped his knuckles against the counter. “Are you hiring here?”

The owner of the milk tea shop was a young woman and she said lightly, “We’re only hiring freshmen.” Freshman courses were relatively light and they would have more free time.

“I’m a freshman.” Lin Jiang happily took out his meal card and showed it to her. “Will I do?”

The young woman saw that he was quite handsome and had an especially youthful feel about him. Based on his overall image, she immediately offered a rate, “On an hourly basis, fifteen yuan per hour. Do you want to do it?”

Lin Jiang frowned. Only fifteen yuan per hour?!

So low.

Only then did he realise how extravagant and wasteful he used to be, not even bothering to pick up ten yuan if he had dropped it.

But he couldn’t keep selling his bottom. Who knew when Gu Ming Ren would get tired of him?

Lin Jiang thought for a moment, then agreed. “Okay. When can I start?” He was lacking money and it was best if he could start immediately.

The young woman said, “If you don’t have any cla.s.ses this afternoon, you can familiarize yourself with the operations here. You’ll be paid.” She liked Lin Jiang as he was cheerful, healthy and seemed like an astute person. “Next time, just called me Wei Jie.”

Lin Jiang didn’t return to his dormitory and finished the packet of fried noodles before starting to familiarize himself with the work in the milk tea shop. Actually, it wasn’t difficult, just ordering and operations, which he understood after looking through it twice.

Lin Jiang started to receive customers. He wasn’t good at studying but he had a strong practical ability, mastering it quickly. It was just that he had to keep smiling and he felt like his little canine teeth were going to fall off soon.

Life wasn’t easy. Not only did he need to sell his body, but he also had to sell his smile.

Lin Jiang was self-centred and felt that he was very strong. If it had been someone else, they would be dead, so he did everything happily.

Around the time cla.s.ses started, the peak flow of people in the milk tea shop slowed. Lin Jiang finally had the time to rest.

Two girls sat chatting on the bar stools in front of the counter. Lin Jiang didn’t mean to eavesdrop but their voices were loud and they didn’t seem to refrain. One of them said excitedly, “Do you know who I saw at Moon Lake last night?!”

Moon Lake was University A’s top date destination for couples.

The other girl asked cooperatively, “Who?”

“Gu Ming Ren from the Business and Economics department!! And he was with a girl! I don’t know if it was his girlfriend!”

“Definitely not!” The Gu Ming Ren fangirl had no doubt. “How can our Gu male G.o.d take a fancy to mortal women? I’ll rather that he be gay!” “For a single guy and girl to go to Moon Lake, even if they aren’t together yet, it must be a flirtatious period!”

“Boo hoo hoo, don’t say anymore. Shut up!”

Lin Jiang was so stupefied when he heard, that a customer had to call him three or four times before he responded, “What do you want to drink?”

He forced a smile.

Did Gu Ming Ren bring a girl to Moon Lake?

Then what was he?

Was he into both men and women?

Lin Jiang’s expression was stiff and felt that he was as low as dust. He thought that he was Gu Ming Ren’s white moonlight. It turned out that he was just a grain of white rice.

That pervert still pretended to have deep feelings in front of him and even made him feel guilty.

Lin Jiang let out an “ah” sound and felt that he was really f.u.c.king stupid.

After four hours of work, someone else came to take over his shift.

Lin Jiang handed over then knocked off. His phone vibrated wildly in his pocket but he ignored it.

When he left the milk tea shop, Gu Ming Ren walked towards him with a gloomy expression on his face. He pressed his palm against his shoulder and pushed him back firmly against the door of the milk tea shop.

This action attracted the attention of many people. Lin Jiang’s heart quickened and he nimbly escaped from the place where the other boy had confined him.

“What are you doing?!” His tone was powerful and it was accompanied by resentment against Gu Ming Ren’s hypocrisy.

“Why didn’t you pick up my call?!”

The other boy’s voice was even more powerful than his. Adding on to that was his fierce expression and Lin Jiang was terrified in an instant, muttering softly, “My hands are attached to my body. Can’t I decide not to pick it up?”

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“You dare to not pick it up?!” Gu Ming Ren clenched his teeth, palms gripping his arm with a little force.

Lin Jiang looked at the chilly view of the boy’s back and felt like his own heart was aching.

He muttered softly to himself, was Gu Ming Ren giving up on him?

Even if he was, that would be good, because he didn’t like him anyway.

Lin Jiang returned to his dormitory, it was dark inside. Hao Meng had his laptop open and the light from the screen reflected on his face, making him look like a big-headed ghost.

Lin Jiang was startled and quickly turned on the lights.

When the dormitory lit up, Hao Meng closed his laptop in a panic. Because his actions were too excessive, his earphones were pulled out.

Quickly following that, the sound of a man’s panting came from the laptop.

Lin Jiang laughed. It was common for boys to watch AV in dormitories, so he didn’t think much of it. It was just that, why was it only a man’s panting? How about the woman?!

Hao Meng’s face was red. He slept on the lower bunk and his 189cm height restricted him from any big movements. But now, because he was fl.u.s.tered, he b.u.mped into the top bunk a few times and finally removed the battery of his laptop.

Lin Jiang had been slow to catch on but realised that it sounded familiar. Wasn’t this the same frequency of sounds he made when he was doing it with Gu Ming Ren?!

“Are you watching GV?” Lin Jiang was incredulous. “Do you like men?!”

Hao Meng was a Tianjin native, 189cm in height and 70kg in weight. He was big, tall and his appearance was very decent. He looked straighter than steel but turned out to be gay?

“Don’t worry. I’m not interested in you.” Hao Meng said quickly.

He was afraid that Lin Jiang would move out because of his s.e.xual orientation. He was timid and would not be able to sleep alone in this room.

“You’re hiding very deep.” Lin Jiang couldn’t look directly at him. Why did he feel like after one gay appeared, everyone around him was gay?!

“I’m deep in the closet. No one knows.” Hao Meng was a rugged man. At this moment, because of his shyness, his face was strangely red and he seemed to have a sort of rough adorkable feel about him.

Lin Jiang felt that he might have been blind.

Hao Meng was halfway through his film and wanted to continue watching it. But since he had been found out by Lin Jiang, it didn’t seem very kind of him to enjoy it alone, so he invited him warmly, “Do you want to watch it with me?!”

“Watch my foot! I’m straight! Why would I watch such things?” Lin Jiang rejected without thinking.

Hao Meng touched his chin. “You don’t seem straight. You look like a zero.” Lin Jiang retorted, “You’re the zero! Your whole family is zero!” Hao Meng admitted generously, “I’m a zero. It’s hard to find a one.”

He was a little distressed. Recently, he had taken a fancy to a one but the other boy disliked his height and he wasn’t willing to be with him.

Lin Jiang was shocked. “You’re a zero? You’re so big and powerful and you’re a f.u.c.king zero?!” He had really been blinded by this height.

Hao Meng felt helpless. The world misunderstood him too deeply. In fact, he was really a zero and would even whimper.

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