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Chapter 98 - Side Story 8 – He Had Been Swapped With a Dog (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 98 - Side Story 8 – He Had Been Swapped With a Dog (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

Li Yan saw her son frowning at his phone with an indecisive expression on his face and she became curious.

Her baby had always been resolute when he did anything. For someone to make him all twisted up, Li Yan sensed a trace of subtle sweetness.

“Is the girl, who doesn’t like you, looking for you? If it is, then go.”

Her son had grown up and he should start dating.

Gu Ming Ren stood up, his heart beating violently. This was the first time Lin Jiang had taken the initiative to send him a message. In the past, no matter what happened, he would never ask him for help.

“I’m leaving but I’ll come back tomorrow to see you and dad.” Li Yan stopped eating the apple and caught the main point. “Tomorrow?”

She looked at Gu Ming Ren meaningfully and advised, “Take measures and don’t accidentally give me a grandson.”

Although she liked the He family’s little golden grandson very much the last time she visited them, her baby was still young after all. It wasn’t nice for him to become a father before he graduated.

Gu Ming Ren stayed silent, turned and left.

He drove quickly back to the community. The apartment door wasn’t closed and there was a burning smell coming from inside.

Gu Ming Ren walked in with a frown and saw Lin Jiang cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. Lin Jiang was wearing his t-shirt and even the jeans were his. “What’s going on?”

As he spoke, he rolled up the cuffs of his shirt.

Lin Jiang heard his voice and turned his head. Seeing him, he felt at ease and said hurriedly, “I was just cooking some porridge and I don’t know why it exploded.” Gu Ming Ren glanced at him askance. Seeing the induction stove still plugged in, he pulled it out.

“Go outside first.”

His eyes swept over the counter. It was covered with black porridge and the explosion had splattered it everywhere.

First, he turned on the cooker hood to get rid of the smell.

Lin Jiang squatted guiltily in the living room and watched the other boy cleaning up conscientiously. Right then, he realised that the line of Gu Ming Ren’s shoulder was very beautiful and straight, and with the defined texture of his arm, he looked very buff. Actually, he was buff. After all, when he carried him, it hardly required any effort.

When Gu Ming Ren came out after he finished cleaning up, he saw Lin Jiang squatting at the side, looking at him with bright eyes.

Looking exactly like a domesticated dog.

He couldn’t help laughing and went to the bathroom, wringing out a wet towel and tossing it onto Lin Jiang’s face. “Why are you squatting there?” Lin Jiang used the towel to wipe his face. “I have porridge all over my body and I was afraid to dirty your sofa.” With that, he stood up unsteadily and wavered for a moment. Gu Ming Ren quickly caught him.

The two of them stood very close. Lin Jiang looked into the boy’s eyes and could clearly smell the perfume on his body.

Lin Jiang was momentarily distracted. It was the smell of a woman’s perfume.

“Did you go home earlier?” He couldn’t help asking.

Gu Ming Ren hummed and released him after ensuring that he was steady on his feet. Then he said, “Go and take a bath.” The clothes were sticky and it was probably quite uncomfortable.

Lin Jiang saw him walk into the kitchen and followed. “You have the smell of perfume on your body, a woman’s.” He tried his best to make his voice sound normal and not sour.

Gu Ming Ren scooped some rice and replied casually, “My mother’s.” Lin Jiang suddenly saw the light and he relaxed, showing two small tiger teeth when he laughed.

“In that case, I’ll go take a bath first.” He went to the bathroom eagerly but after a short while, he came back to ask, “I didn’t bring any clothes. Can I wear yours?” Gu Ming Ren glanced at him. “Aren’t you already wearing them?”

Lin Jiang had been exposed but didn’t feel ashamed and slipped away happily.

By the time he came out after his bath, Gu Ming Ren had already finished cooking the porridge.

Lin Jiang sat with one foot propped on the chair. He blew at his hot porridge and slurped a mouthful but it was so hot that he was panting.

Gu Ming Ren poured him a gla.s.s of cold water.

Lin Jiang drank quietly and he felt a little better.

He hadn’t eaten for a day, even had s.e.x with the other boy and was so hungry that his chest was sticking to his back. He quickly finished off three bowls in a row before he touched his belly contentedly.

“Why haven’t you left?”

Lin Jiang had a rigid way of thinking and only felt that since Gu Ming Ren had to go home, he could leave now that the matter was resolved.

Gu Ming Ren’s face darkened immediately, feeling that he had been called back just to ask him to be a housekeeper and clean up.

Now that he wasn’t needed, was Lin Jiang starting to chase him away?

Was there such a good thing in this world?

“It’s you who should go.”

He stood up without a trace of emotion on his face and coldly reminded Lin Jiang who the owner was.

“I asked you previously if I could stay here for a few days. You said I could.” Lin Jiang said innocently.

Gu Ming Ren removed the bowl in front of him and warned, “Then shut up.”

Why should Lin Jiang be controlling whether he stay or leave?

Lin Jiang cooperated and pressed his lips together.

He had been depressed for a long time. Since today was the happiest day during this period, he was generous enough not to make a fuss.

The sound of running water came from the kitchen. Lin Jiang sighed. Although Gu Ming Ren was a young master, he was so much more capable than him, able to cook, wash dishes and do many other things. He suddenly felt that it would be quite good if he were to move back here to stay — his food, shelter and even physiological needs would be taken care of.

After he stopped feeling repelled, Lin Jiang realised that Gu Ming Ren was good at provoking him, making him hard wherever he touched him, except for his soft waist.

At night, Gu Ming Ren was busy in his master bedroom, which was now his study room. Lin Jiang was slumped on the bed in the other bedroom, playing games noisily. Time flew by.

When Gu Ming Ren finished his work, he came out. Lin Jiang was already asleep sprawled out on his back in an unsightly manner.

Gu Ming Ren wrapped him in a quilt and sat on the side of the bed for a while. He felt that today was extremely abnormal.

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The son of a b.i.t.c.h was taking too much initiative, making him feel extremely uneasy.

When Gu Ming Ren finished speaking, Lin Jiang groaned and shouted, “Gentler, motherf.u.c.ker, gentler!!” It was a fine day today, suitable for exercising at home.

After the exercise, Lin Jiang became a dead dog. He slumped on the bed panting and scolded, “Stupid pervert, pile driver, not human…”

Gu Ming Ren laughed when he heard and leaned close to his ear. “I’ll take it as a compliment.” Lin Jiang’s teeth itched to retaliate and he turned to bite him hard.

The bite landed on Gu Ming Ren’s shoulder. Gu Ming Ren hissed, “Are you born in the year of a dog?!”

Lin Jiang turned his head away, looking like an angry little boyfriend.

Gu Ming Ren’s heart swelled and leaned over, saying, “Angry? Unsatisfied? If you’re unsatisfied, I can continue doing you.” “Screw you!”

Lin Jiang kept spewing vulgar words which made Gu Ming Ren extremely unhappy. He pinched his mouth then covered it with his. Lin Jiang didn’t resist and even lifted his chin slightly, making it convenient for Gu Ming Ren to take advantage.

He let out an “oh” sound and secretly opened his eyes. Seeing the other boy’s absorbed expression, he felt an inexplicable sense of achievement.

He liked how Gu Ming Ren looked when captivated by him.

It made him feel a sense of being.

“What are you so happy about?” The other boy had left his mouth and was looking down at him from above.

Lin Jiang shifted his gaze. “Nothing.”

Gu Ming Ren forced him to meet his eyes. Something wasn’t right. During this past twenty-four hours, it was like he had been swapped with a dog.

“Your kissing technique is good. I’m very satisfied, okay?” Lin Jiang rolled his eyes and felt like this person was pretending disinterest after gaining a favour.

“Did you want to ask something of me?”

The mood had suddenly turned serious and Lin Jiang was indignant. “What could I want?!”

He wanted to get up but was pushed down pitilessly by Gu Ming Ren. “Then why are you being so obedient? Aren’t you unwilling?”

Lin Jiang gave him a kick. “I’ve figured it out, alright?!”

He dragged his aching waist to wash up while Gu Ming Ren sat on the bed and pondered the words “figured it out.” His eyes were fixed on the bathroom door. As soon as Lin Jiang came out, he pressed against him and asked, “What do you mean by figured it out?”

Did it mean what he thought it meant?

“You want to be with me?” There was a slight tremor in his voice.

Lin Jiang was enclosed by him against a wall and feeling his heart thumping like it was possessed, he said impatiently, “If not, would I give it to you so many times?! Get lost.” Gu Ming Ren felt like he had been struck by lightning. After so many years of not getting what he wanted, once he had it, it was unexpectedly not happiness but grat.i.tude that he felt.

Sure enough, after a long time of grovelling, it was difficult to get up…

He kissed Lin Jiang’s mouth deeply and hugged him fiercely. Lin Jiang was finally his man.

Son of a b.i.t.c.h.

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