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Chapter 99 - Side Story 9 – Dry Wood in a Blazing Fire (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 99 - Side Story 9 – Dry Wood in a Blazing Fire (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

“It’s too stifling. Quickly release me!”

Lin Jiang was very embarra.s.sed. Being hugged so intimately made him feel a little shy.

Moreover, he was now slapping himself in the mouth, previously having said that he was straighter than a steel bar. In the end, he was as bent as a Tianjin fried dough twist.

“Unromantic thing.”

Gu Ming Ren swallowed the word dog and his thin lips couldn’t hide a smile. He lifted a hand to give Lin Jiang’s soft, black hair a rub, his eyes as gentle as pools of deep water.

Lin Jiang was overjoyed but his mouth expressed dislike. “What romance, quickly order some food to be delivered. I’m starving.”

Just as he finished speaking, his stomach made a sound, letting out a growl.

This tone of voice really wasn’t good. Gu Ming Ren stared at his mouth, wishing he could kiss him to death and save himself the anger.

“What are you looking at?! If you keep looking, I’ll drain you!”

Lin Jiang was looking adorably fierce, making Gu Ming Ren laugh. His fingertips gripped Lin Jiang’s bottom and he said vulgarly, “So it’s this part that’s hungry, huh?”

“You pervert!”

Lin Jiang jumped three metres away from him and there was a rare blush on his face, making him look both shy and indignant.

Gu Ming Ren had never seen him looking like that. His heart felt sweeter than if it had been filled with honey and he gave Lin Jiang a meaningful look.

“What are you doing? I’m really hungry. Don’t mess with me!”

He approached reluctantly. The other boy captured him around the waist and gave him a peck on the face. “Okay, I’ll go outside and make something for you to eat.” Lin Jiang watch Gu Ming Ren leave, then with a smile, he threw himself onto the bed and rolled around, unable to restrain himself.

The stupid pervert was quite good at flirting.

He thought secretly.

Gu Ming Ren walked out of the room. The quiet living room seemed like it had been in a different world from where he had just been.

As he came down from his happiness, he gradually became uneasy, feeling that the sweetness had come on too suddenly and he was afraid that it had just been an illusion.

Gu Ming Ren turned back to look at the bedroom’s open door. From this angle, he could only see half of Lin Jiang’s foot. He stared at it for a while, his gaze suddenly becoming distant. Please, you can’t lie to me.

Half an hour later, school gra.s.s Gu’s porridge of love was fresh out of the pot.

When Lin Jiang smelled the fragrance, he came running out but forgot to put on his slippers. He was caught by Gu Ming Ren who gave two firm smacks to his bottom. “No slippers again!”

Lin Jiang found him annoying. “It doesn’t matter at home!” When he had stayed here during the summer vacation, the other boy had also kept saying that.

He immediately stepped onto a chair and squatted on it while he waited to eat.

The word “home” blurted out by him struck Gu Ming Ren in the heart and he took a long look at Lin Jiang. He went to the room to bring out his slippers, then squatted in front of Lin Jiang and put them on him while holding onto his ankles.

“You’re making a fuss over nothing.”

As usual, his mouth was saying something that his heart did not feel, but this time, he sat up straight.

He smacked his lips and finished the entire bowl of porridge.

Right then, Gu Ming Ren said, “I need to go home later but I’ll be back tomorrow. Call me if you need anything.” Lin Jiang had eaten his fill and waved at him easily. “Okay, go.” This ungrateful thing wasn’t even bothering to urge him to stay.

Gu Ming Ren felt resentful and was very unhappy on the drive home.

At home, Gu Wen Tian was working in the study room while Li Yan had gone for a facial with a friend. Last night, Gu Wen Tian had heard from his wife that his son had a wife and was neglecting his mother. He had gone to accompany his wife, so wasn’t at home.

Seeing him come back, Gu Wen Tian put down the doc.u.ments and called Gu Ming Ren in. “I heard from your mother that you’re dating?”

Gu Ming Ren stood ramrod straight and hesitated for a while before nodding.

Gu Wen Tian was tearful. Previously, there had been no signs of any activity and he had been scared thinking that Gu Ming Ren was bent like the second son of the He family from next door. Now, he had finally been enlightened and knew how to date.

“That’s good.”

He had been dealing with business matters all morning; his neck and back were getting stiff so he needed some exercise.

“Accompany dad for a swim.”

Since Gu Wen Tian opened his mouth, Gu Ming Ren wouldn’t refuse and responded, “Okay.” The Gu family home had a private swimming pool, so the father and son pair changed into their swimming trunks.

Without meaning to, Gu Wen Tian’s gaze swept over the teeth marks on his son’s shoulder. The girl was quite wild. How much effort would it take to leave such a deep impression?

Gu Ming Ren felt his father’s eyes on him and he lowered his head for a look. After a pause, he said, “Bitten by a dog.” Gu Wen Tian coughed twice and shifted his gaze away. “You young people now have very special nicknames.”

It wasn’t like during his and Li Yan’s time when all they used were dear. Li Yan used to call him baby occasionally, but after giving birth to one, the owner of that nickname changed.

Gu Ming Ren thought of when Lin Jiang had bitten him — that fierce expression on his face — and he couldn’t help but smile.

“You brat, don’t be so smug,”

Gu Wen Tian was now sure that his son was really in love. He was just like him when he was young. Even when Li Yan pa.s.sed gas, he could savour the moment for half a day.

Gu Ming Ren jumped into the water first. He had a strong posture and swam out like a fish. Gu Wen Tian followed him into the water then kept up closely with him.

Gu Wen Tian was nearly fifty but he had always maintained his figure through his love of swimming, so his speed was not inferior to Gu Ming Ren at all. He was only defeated as he could not endure the subsequent physical strength required.

He swam three laps then got out to rest.

Gu Ming Ren floated in the water, then asked tentatively, “Dad, is the He family’s grandson cute?”

Jiang Qi had given birth to a boy and he was being raised like royalty. Gu Wen Tian and He Yue Jin had been friends for many years, so he often went to see the He family’s golden grandson.

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“At one look, you can see that the child is a clever one.” Gu Wen Tian could like him all he wanted but that was someone else’s grandson. What was the point of liking him so much?

“You’re not jealous, are you?” Lin Jiang laughed slyly and jabbed him in the chest with his elbow.

Gu Ming Ren didn’t say anything and pursed his lips in silence.

“If I say that he’s a zero, would you believe it?” Lin Jiang explained solemnly.

Gu Ming Ren scoffed. He didn’t think that Hao Meng would be a threat to him, so he didn’t take it seriously.

“I want you to move in with me.”

He looked into Lin Jiang’s eyes, not wanting to let him off from leaving even the slightest mark.

“Forget it. You might want to die from exhaustion but I want to live longer!”

It was the frequency of their rutting. If he moved over, it would be too horrible to contemplate what would happen to his bottom.

Gu Ming Ren looked at him askance. “Is that really the reason?”

Lin Jiang frowned. “Why else? Is there any other reason?”

At this, school gra.s.s Gu’s expression relaxed and he said earnestly, “Then you can relax. As long as you don’t seduce me, I can restrain myself.” Lin Jiang was instantly angry. “Bulls.h.i.t! When did I seduce you?! Which time did you not make a move first?!” Gu Ming Ren refused to admit it. “You were hinting to me to make a move.”

He always looked adorable and fierce at the same time while gesticulating wildly. Who could resist it?

Not f.u.c.king him would be a let down to his many years of tolerance.

“d.a.m.n you, Gu Ming Ren, you…”

Lin Jiang was about to blow up when suddenly, a tearful girl turned around in front of them. She looked like her heart had been broken by some jerk. Sobbing noisily, she sniffed and said, “Please don’t say anymore.”

What had she done wrong to deserve sitting in front of the male G.o.d that she liked and his partner. She even had to listen to their shameless public display of affection.

“The last time I confessed to you at Moon Lake, you clearly said you were single!” The girl looked at Gu Ming Ren, her expression aggrieved, thinking she still had a chance.

Gu Ming Ren let out an unsympathetic “oh” and held Lin Jiang’s hand. “Now I’m not.”

The girl gave up all hope and no longer in the mood for cla.s.s, she ran out crying, brushing past the shoulders of the lecturer.

Gu Ming Ren turned a blind eye to it and said to Lin Jiang, “You can continue.” Lin Jiang felt guilty.

So this was the girl who had gone to Moon Lake with Gu Ming Ren!

And he had thought…

“No private conversations during cla.s.s!” Lin Jiang forcefully ended the conversation.

Gu Ming Ren was amused and ruffled his hair. “You’re really not qualified to say that.”

Lin Jiang rolled his eyes. Looking down on the slacker? Ha, you’re forever the second-best and you have the nerve to be arrogant? He criticised silently. Gu Ming Ren was a mind-reading expert and his eyes drifted over to him. “Scolding me in your head again?” Lin Jiang cursed and denied it quickly three times in succession. “I didn’t. I would never. Don’t talk nonsense.”

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