I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Morning Star LL, 晨星LL

Chapter 1402 - Who Are The Invaders

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Chapter 1402: Who Are The Invaders

The distance of five hundred meters was just a matter of a seconds for the power armor sliding forward.

The vortex engine emitted an eerie blue arc light, which turned the power armor into a meteor-like trajectory on the rundown highway. The moment he entered the mall, Jiang Chen retracted the wheels, adjusted the direction of his vortex engine while at the same time, stepped onto the escalator, then flew upstairs.

The Hummingbird drone had locked the coordinates of the three people and closely followed them. Based on the directions sent to Jiang Chen’s tactical eyepiece, he could clearly see the three people flee towards the emergency exit tunnel on the third floor.

He grabbed onto the guardrail and flipped onto the third-floor platform.

“DAMN IT! HE’S CATCHING UP!” One of the soldiers heard the noise behind him and cursed out loud. Without any attempt to take cover, he fired at the small drones behind them. But unfortunately, the bullets did not hit anything and only left a string of bullet holes in the wall.

“We are being caught by the drones. If we don’t get rid of those things, it’s useless for us to escape.” Another soldier gave up altogether, unfolded the shield at the entrance of the tunnel, and mounted the light machine gun. Go up, “I’ll hold him here. Fu*k… what kind of armor is that, I haven’t seen it before.”

“Pan Asia’s X-1 experimental-type power armor… It is most likely a mass-produced type that has completed development. “Gerrard’s eyes were hazy as he gritted his teeth. “You can’t hold him here and we can’t outrun the power armor. We can only get rid of the trouble here!”

When Jiang Chen saw the targets were no longer running away, a mischievous smile emerged as the corner of his lips slightly curved up. He waved his right hand, and a drone terminal emerged from the storage dimension and slammed heavily on the dusty floor. Accompanied by the sound of air leakage, the aluminum alloy panels popped up on all sides and exposed the honeycomb-shaped holes underneath.

Hummingbird drones rushed out from their hive and formed a dense attack formation in the air. The sheer number of drones almost filled the entire space.

Different from the Hummingbirds who followed the three people before, these drones were not equipped with heat-seeking cameras, but attack turrets…

“What is he waiting for?”

“Maybe he is waiting for reinforcements…” A smile of mockery gradually appeared on Gerrard’s face. His eyes, fixated on the end of the tunnel, gleamed with a look of fierceness, “Our fighter is already on the way, so we can just let him wait—”

But halfway through his sentence, the calm and collected expression that said things were under control was gradually replaced by panic and disbelief.

He didn’t know when the countless drones filled the gaps outside the windows like dark clouds. The muzzles of the attack turrets and the red dots under the muzzles had sealed all their escape routes.

Gerrard had no doubt that as long as NAC decided that it was time for him to go, he would be turned into a sieve the next second.

There was no point in resisting.

Gerrard gulped down, then put his gun on the ground.

While he responded to the peculiar look from his comrades, Gerrard secretly eyed them before he slowly rose his hands above his head and stepped out from cover.

“I surrender.”

To surrender was just an attempt to buy time.

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Their fighter was going to arrive at the battlefield from the “fleet” in half a minute. By that time, they could squeeze this power armor to death as easily as they would squeeze a mosquito.

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