I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Yu Qijiu

Chapter 457 - Speak Of The Devil

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Chapter 457: Speak Of The Devil

Speak of the devil.

Guo Rou turned around so vigorously that she almost lost her breath. She had a strange expression on her face. “Why did Bai Weiyang suddenly come to the logistics platoon? I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.”

Gu Yan agreed and agreed. “I think so too.”

While the two of them were talking, Bai Weiyang had already walked closer to the two of them. She was still dignified and beautiful, her white dress accentuating her slim figure.

Bai Weiyang smiled and said, “Sigh, what a coincidence. Guo Rou, Gu Yan.”

Guo Rou was too lazy to argue with her. She crossed her arms and said lazily, “It’s not a coincidence at all. I wanted to avoid it as I didn’t want to see you, but you forced yourself on me.”

Gu Yan smiled.

She now felt that Bai Weiyang had completely offended Guo Rou. At home, Guo Rou had always been very outspoken, so when they met, she immediately attacked without hesitation.

Gu Yan turned her head slightly and found that Bai Weiyang was not angry at all. The smile on her face seemed as if it was glued to her face. It did not change at all.

No wonder the Bai Weiyang in her previous life had become such a ruthless person. Even though she was not yet twenty years old, she was already able to hold her temper.

Gu Yan had never underestimated this mortal enemy.

Since Bai Weiyang could hold her temper and was full of smiles, Gu Yan also smiled at Bai Weiyang and said very sincerely, “I heard that Miss Bai is going to marry Captain Lin. Congratulations.”

Gu Yan’s eyes were too sincere, so Bai Weiyang was slightly stunned for a few seconds. However, the smile on her face grew bigger and bigger, and the pride on the corners of her eyes and brows couldn’t be suppressed any longer.

She lifted her chin slightly and said with a little pride, “Well, you heard it too. Actually, I’m here today to send an invitation to Captain Li. I didn’t expect to get married so soon, but Haoran is in a hurry. Sigh, he values this wedding too much. In fact, I originally wanted to keep it simple.”

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Gu Yan’s brows twitched.

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