Immortal Path to Heaven

Heaven's White Crane

Chapter 1088 - Fighting a 3-Marked Ancient Shaman

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Chapter 1088: Fighting a 3-Marked Ancient Shaman

After hearing what Lil’ Red said, Ou Yangming’s head seemed to be shrouded in a black fog. With a dark face, he questioned, “Snatch?” There seemed to be some displeasure in his tone. Moreover, he looked at Lil’ Red with a smile that was not a smile. There was an indescribable look in his eyes.

Lil’ Red immediately understood and shook his head like a rattle drum. With a faint smile, he asked, “Snatch? Who said that we’re going to snatch the origin of time? Hmph, did you say it?” He looked at Big Yellow with a disdainful look.

Big Yellow was flabbergasted but after thinking for a moment, he still forcefully took the blame. Perhaps with his strength at the moment, he could contend with Lil’ Red. Nonetheless, after many years of being together, he had had the habit of giving in. This was not something that could be changed in a day.

Lil’ Red curled its lips and said, “Borrow—we’re borrowing it!” As he said that, he blinked. No matter how one looked at it, the noble and proud phoenix had a wretched aura at this time.

Ou Yangming nodded and said, “Yes, we’re borrowing it.”

The young fellow and the 2 beasts exchanged glances, and the tacit understanding between them grew deeper.

Lil’ Red had also found the great path that he was fighting for. Perhaps no one would have thought that in the future, the great thief that would change the view of thieving in the Great Wide World had such a wretched past.

“Hurry up and leave. I can’t wait any longer.” Lil’ Red’s eyes were burning with flames as he urged softly.

Big Yellow also tilted his head and looked at Ou Yangming. He was eager to try.

To him, meeting Lil’ Ming was the biggest fortune of his life. He was originally a half-spirit beast of the Ni family. Without Ou Yangming, it would have been very difficult for him to become a Spiritualist, let alone a Venerable One who had the strength to become a Ruler.

Ou Yangming’s finger gently tapped on Lil’ Red’s forehead, and he said with a bitter smile, “You!”

Lil’ Red did not dodge and continued to smile.

Under the concealment of the great path of Yin and Yang, the young fellow and the beasts approached the origin of time without any danger.

Their auras seemed to have disappeared into the world. Even a 3-marked Ancient Shaman could only feel that something was not right but could not discover them.

Of course, this was also because the 3-marked Ancient Shaman would not release his mental power at any time. Otherwise, after careful inspection, even if Ou Yangming and his companions were hiding with the path of Yin and Yang, they would be found. Nevertheless, who would release their mental power at any time? Therefore, the 3 of them slowly approached the origin of time as if they were strolling in a garden.

Lil’ Red’s face was red from holding back. This feeling made him infatuated, and he felt as if his entire body had become transparent.

Looking at the bubbles in the sea, he was in a good mood. He hummed a folk song that had been widely sung in the Great Wide World.

He used his wings to poke one of the bubbles, and his eyes curved like crescent moons. He blew lightly on the murky air, and the densely packed bubbles condensed out of thin air, turning into an air bubble pillar that was as wide as a bucket. It swept up undercurrents and stirred up waves.

All of a sudden, a cold shout exploded in the sea.

“Who is it?” The reefs at the bottom of the sea collapsed, and a majestic aura rose. Many sharp water pillars spread out like fine needles from the bottom of the sea. They intertwined with each other and connected, forming a curtain made of water pillars and fine needles.

Immediately after, an Ancient Shaman woke up from his deep sleep.

He was at least 1.5 kilometers tall, and his skin was dry. Fine cracks criss-crossed on his skin, giving off a feeling that he was ancient.

In particular, between his eyebrows, 3 star marks seemed to have been left behind by splitting open the sky. They were so dazzling that it was difficult to describe them. With just a glance, one would feel like one had fallen into chaos.

“Don’t move, and don’t speak!” Ou Yangming glared at Lil’ Red.

Lil’ Red immediately lowered its head to look at the gravel below. He looked around and did not dare to speak as if he had done something wrong.

Seeing him like this, Ou Yangming did not have the heart to blame him. He circulated the great path of Yin and Yang to the extreme, hid himself, and slowly left as if he was treading on thin ice.

It was then when a powerful mental power swept over from afar. It was bone-chilling as if it could freeze one’s soul. Big Yellow and Lil’ Red’s bodies trembled at the same time, and cold air emerged from their pores.

Ou Yangming’s mind thudded. He knew that things were bad.

After all, this was a 3-marked Ancient Shaman, who was so strong that he was much stronger than an ordinary Ruler. On the other hand, Big Yellow and Lil’ Red were only close to a Ruler. It seemed like a slight difference, but the distance between them was like a natural chasm. They were simply incomparable.

As expected, before Ou Yangming’s thought was even gone, the mountainous fist came smashing over. It seemed to be able to shatter the heavens and crush the ground. This was a way of using force to destroy all things.

Wherever the fist force passed, the water flow was pushed out by an extreme force to both sides. It formed a vacuum zone in this unknown depth of the sea. All the water flow was blocked by an invisible wall of air. This scene that was rarely seen in 10,000 years was enough to make one’s heart turn cold.

This was how the Ancient Shamans broke the path with force.

Ou Yangming’s expression changed slightly, and he said, “Big Yellow, I’ll be the main attacker while you use the Flying Knives Formation to assist me from the side.” This was a work he was proud of after he had successfully refined it. He was confident that it would be able to shine with the light it deserved. Furthermore, Big Yellow was only assisting from the side. With the help of the Small Dragons’ World, the big yellow could activate 14 small formation maps to form a large formation map. His strength was not much weaker than that of an ordinary Ruler.

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This was the power of equipment. It closed the gap between Big Yellow and a Ruler.

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