Shen Jian, 神见

Chapter 2422: Black Inferno Race

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Chapter 2422: Black Inferno Race

The young man’s gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong’s face, and he chuckled, “I am Zhan Bo from the Black Inferno Race. What about you brother? Is it possible to concede the piece of extremely detailed map to me? I am willing to buy from you at a high price.”

Black Inferno Race?

Chen Zhi, the Departing Sword Sage, and Yu Ming were shocked. The Black Inferno Race was one of the ancient races with the lowest number of disciples! Ten billion years ago, they had almost gone extinct! Since then, they had disappeared from the world, and it was surprising for them to meet someone from the Black Inferno Race on the streets!

Generally speaking, ancient races like the Black Inferno Race wouldn’t dispatch their disciples to the outside world without proper reasons.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback and shook his head, “I don’t lack holy spiritual jade stones….”

An elder who was standing behind Zhan Bo frowned, and he stepped forward. However, he was stopped by Zhan Bo. He turned to Huang Xiaolong and continued to negotiate, “Hmm, which part of the Purple Clouds Sea are you headed to? We’re planning to head to the Devil Fetus Mountain Range. If you’re going the same way, we can travel together! It makes things convenient for the both of us…. Moreover, we won’t borrow your map for nothing. Making another friend is always better than making another enemy, right?”

Zhan Bo took out ten grade-seven holy spiritual jadestones and offered them to Huang Xiaolong, “This is the fee for borrowing your map.”

Huang Xiaolong looked at jade stones in his hands and pretended to think for a long while. After an appropriate pause, he replied, “That’s fine by me, I’m heading towards the vicinity of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range anyway. We can travel together.”

“Young Master!” Chen Zhi and the others yelled in unison.

They looked at each other as they knew that Zhan Bo was plotting against them. The Purple Clouds Sea was boundless, and it was very unlikely he would be heading in the same direction.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and stopped the three of them from going any further. He kept the holy spiritual jade stones Zhan Bo gave him, and he laughed to himself. After experiencing life, Huang Xiaolong knew that Zhan Bo was definitely plotting against him. However, he wanted to see for himself what Zhan Bo had managed to come up with. After all, the other party definitely had other intentions for following him. There was no way ten grade-seven holy spiritual jade stones could cause someone like Zhan Bo to target him.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly.

If he’s planning to target me, then he’s looking for the wrong person.

“Nice! Brother, you’re a straightforward guy! We’re definitely going to be great friends!” Zhan Bo beamed warmly when he heard Huang Xiaolong’s agreement.

Before Huang Xiaolong left, they made a pact to leave in ten days.

The elder behind Zhan Bo grumbled, “Young Master, it’s just a map. Even without it, we will definitely be able to arrive at the Devil Fetus Mountain Range safely. Now that we have revealed ourselves, the brat might be able to ruin our plans!”

Zhan Bo chortled instead, “Elder Song Chen, what do you think of the ring on that kiddo’s finger?”

Song Chen froze for a second before he continued, “Young Master is wise! I’m nothing compared to you!”

Zhan Bo grinned, “With his cultivation at the Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, he has three subordinates with him. Are they in the True Saint Realm?”

Song Chen replied, “Young Master is right. All three of them are in the True Saint Realm, and two of them are in the early-First Heaven True Saint Realm. The other is the mid-First Heaven True Saint.”

Zhan Bo nodded and commanded, “We can deal with that. When the time comes, all of you shall act according to my commands and suppress the three of them! I’ll attack the brat personally and seize his ring!”

Even though Huang Xiaolong had three True Saints with him, Zhan Bo’s side was no weaker. In fact, there were two mid-First Heaven True Saints and one late-First Heaven True Saint on his side. He could totally suppress Huang Xiaolong’s party of four.

“Yes, Young Master!”

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