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Chapter 453 - If You're A Man, Come Here

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Chapter 453: If You’re A Man, Come Here

“Junior Brother, which office are you from? Why are you looking for Senior Brother Fan?” asked the disciple seriously.

Qin Chuan bowed and replied, “Senior Brother, I have just been promoted from another division. I haven’t joined any offices yet.

“But, when I first came to the headquarters, I happened to run into Senior Brother Fan. He said that if I want to join the Sword Dao office, he can make a recommendation for me.”

The disciple frowned, not quite believing his words. Fan Zhibao was famous for being cold and aloof in the office. How could he have recommended someone else?

Seeing this, Qin Chuan continued, “If Senior Brother doesn’t believe me, you can go look for Senior Brother Fan now and tell him about my situation. Senior Brother Fan should know what to do.”

The disciple was doubtful. Seeing how sincere Qin Chuan was, he couldn’t make a judgment.

“How about this? I’ll go look for Senior Brother Fan now. Wait here for a while.

“But if Senior Brother is in seclusion, there’s nothing I can do either.”

After saying that, the disciple briskly walked towards the entrance of the Sword Dao office.

In the Sword Dao office, under normal circ.u.mstances, disciples were restricted from flying without the permission of the elders. Therefore, they could only travel on foot.

As the disciple of an Immortal King elder, Fan Zhibao lived in a bigger and more luxurious residence than the other disciples.

Ever since news of his gossip spread, the Sword Dao office had grounded him in order to prevent the bad influence from spreading.

The ban could only be lifted after the rumors had blown over.

The disciple arrived at Fan Zhibao’s residence.

The entire place was under a barrier. The person inside could not leave, and people outside could not enter.

At this moment, Fan Zhibao was meditating in the courtyard.

The disciple hit the barrier and shouted, “Senior Brother Fan, Senior Brother Fan!”

Hearing the commotion, Fan Zhibao slowly opened his eyes.

He saw the disciple who was. .h.i.tting the barrier outside.

Seeing how anxious the disciple was, he stood up and walked over.

“What do you want?” asked Fan Zhibao in a low voice.

The barrier was not soundproof.

The disciple immediately said, “Senior Brother Fan, there’s an unfamiliar disciple outside the entrance of the Sword Dao office who wants to see you.”

“Looking for me?” asked Fan Zhibao, puzzled. “Why is that person looking for me?”

“I don’t know the exact reason.

“But, that person said that he came from a division, and Senior Brother Fan had agreed to recommend him.

“I think he wants Senior Brother to fulfill that!”

Fan Zhibao couldn’t help but frown. I’ve never agreed to recommend anyone!

“What does that person look like?” asked Fan Zhibao.

As the disciple spoke, he gestured with his hand. “That person is slightly taller than me and looks about the same size as me.

“As for his appearance, he’s wearing an exceptionally scary mask.

“Furthermore, that mask prevents divine consciousness from seeing through it, so I don’t know what he really looks like.”

Fan Zhibao’s expression changed drastically. A figure appeared in his mind. “Could it be him?”

“Does the material of his mask look like it was made from tree bark?” asked Fan Zhibao seriously.

“Yes, yes, yes! It looks like tree bark. He looks strangely terrifying.” The disciple nodded repeatedly. “Just now, I was concentrating on practicing my swordplay. His sudden appearance really scared me.”

At this point, Fan Zhibao was certain that it was Zhu Xiaoming.

“Zhu Xiaoming! Zhu Xiaoming! Because of you, not only was I grounded but my reputation was also damaged.

“If it weren’t for the fact that Master and the others told me to keep my peace, you would have died long ago.

“I want to see what you’re up to this time.”

Fan Zhibao couldn’t wait to meet Qin Chuan.

“Junior Brother, please bring him here!”

The disciple didn’t dare to object. “I’ll take my leave then.”

Soon, the disciple returned to the square in front of the entrance of the Sword Dao office.

Qin Chuan did not leave. From afar, he spotted the disciple returning.

The disciple walked up to Qin Chuan and said, “Junior Brother, follow me.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother.” Qin Chuan took out two supreme-grade spirit stones and handed them to the disciple.

The disciple was stunned. “This… Heh…”

“I’ve troubled Senior Brother to run back and forth. This is a small token of appreciation from me, please accept it.”

“Er… alright then!” The disciple hesitated for a moment before accepting the two supreme-grade spirit stones.

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Because of these two supreme-grade spirit stones, his att.i.tude towards Qin Chuan had changed.

Fan Zhibao said coldly, “You know that? If you didn’t get close to Junior Sister Gu, these trivial matters wouldn’t have happened.

“Besides, Junior Sister Gu is not the only one whose reputation has been damaged. My reputation is equally bad. People outside are saying that I’ve been cuckolded.

“I also got a nickname, Cuckold Man.

“Do you think that as a man, there’s anything worse than that?”

Qin Chuan replied, “Didn’t I already explain? My relations.h.i.+p with Senior Sister Gu is even purer than pure water. You were the one who was thinking too much.

“Aren’t you the one who caused the current situation?”

Fan Zhibao couldn’t take it anymore and punched the barrier angrily.

Ripples appeared on the surface of the barrier.

“Zhu Xiaoming, if that’s all you want, then get lost! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being nasty.”

“Why, you’ll come out and hit me? I’m standing right here. If you’re a man, come out!” Qin Chuan deliberately leaned his head over.

Due to the barrier, Fan Zhibao couldn’t come out at all. That was why Qin Chuan was so brazen.

Seeing how smug Qin Chuan was, Fan Zhibao was about to explode in anger.

Without this barrier, he would have killed him without hesitation.

He could ignore any sect rules just to vent his anger.

Ever since he returned from the torture chamber, he realized that whenever he thought of the name Zhu Xiaoming, he could not calm down. It had already become a mental demon.

Mental demons were a nightmare for all cultivators.

If they were not removed, not only would his cultivation be unable to advance, it could even regress.

But a country has its laws and a family, its rules.

There was a rule in the sect that disciples were not allowed to kill each other. Otherwise, they would be severely punished.

This was why the upper echelons of the Sword Dao office had grounded Fan Zhibao.

At this moment, after feeling smug for a while, Qin Chuan retracted his smile, and his expression turned serious.

“Senior Brother Fan, I’ve said all that I need to say. It’s fine if you don’t accept it. Now, let’s talk business.”

Qin Chuan spoke very seriously.

From his tone and expression, he seemed exceptionally serious. There was no trace of the carefree aura from before.

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