King Of Classical Music

Mo Chen Huan - 莫晨欢

Chapter 194

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Chapter 194

On Berlin’s bustling streets, there was a constant flow of cars. A black European car drove quickly past the Brandenburg Gate and into the 206 district. The red taillights glowed, leaving a trail of light like a flame as it sped past.

In the dimly lit car, Qi Mu didn’t speak and only held the driver’s hand, waiting for his words.

For a time, he just listened to Min Chen’s whispers. “Lu Ziwen was a very talented violinist. I saw the video from when he first entered Wei Jiao ten years ago, and I heard the concert where he cooperated with Wei Jiao the year before last. He made rapid progress and handled his emotions very delicately.”

It was as if he was really just explaining his point of view. Min Chen looked straight ahead and said in a flat tone, “He was an excellent violinist, and he had the potential to become one of a small group of people standing at the very top of the world.”

When he said this, Qi Mu watched him seriously.

The overlapping shadow and light of streetlights pa.s.sing made Qi Mu unable to see the expression on Min Chen’s face, but he could see his deep and narrow eyes clearly. He knew this man disdained lies so what he’d said must have been buried deep in his heart.

What he should have known a long time ago, he only just discovered.

G.o.d was always joking. When he was in Hong Kong, Qi Mu never thought that Min Chen would like his music, just like he never thought that Min Chen actually recommended him to Dorenza.

If I had known earlier, would I like him more?

Or not, because I already love him to an extreme? Since I love him this much, how can I love him more?

The heated and lively heart in his chest throbbed. Qi Mu slowly squeezed Min Chen’s hand as he softly said, “Um.” After a long time, he added in a low voice, “Min Chen, do you believe in… destiny? Some people are destined to drift away, and some people are destined to be together no matter how far apart they are, and no matter how many obstacles they face.”

Qi Mu’s words made Min Chen’s eyes narrow.

In fact, when Qi Mu asked who he meant when they spoke at the festival in Hong Kong, Min Chen had frozen as if he antic.i.p.ated what would happen next. The palm of his left hand on the steering wheel was already soaked. He could barely maintain his composure, feeling all light and breezy.

A year ago, Daniel said to him, “If you have confirmed 80- to 90% of something, is that last 10% really so important?” Now, in the brilliant night scenery of Berlin, Min Chen felt that the last 10% wasn’t so far out of reach.

From the beginning until that moment, Min Chen decided to never ask Qi Mu about the matter.

When he first heard the young man’s music, he felt it was familiar, but he was dismissed by Professor Karl’s comment that “He sounds very similar to your music.” Later, when he played 《The Bells》on Christmas Eve, he became completely suspicious and began to investigate, to no result.

It was because of his curiosity that he wanted to get in touch more and understand how hardworking and lovely the young man was. He would stubbornly practice all morning if he couldn’t handle a scale well, and he would be excited about hearing a beautiful piece.

In the past 30 years, Min Chen had never taken the initiative to contact anyone. His good family background allowed him to stand on a platform that surpa.s.sed so many people from the very beginning, and his talent soon made him one of the few at the top of the cla.s.sical music industry.

If he wasn’t curious about the young man, maybe… he would’ve missed him.

A heart that had been lonely for 30 years, never having taken the initiative to touch, how could he open up to someone?

“I believe in destiny.” A firm voice flowed from Min Chen’s lips. “I believe in it very much now. Destiny let me meet you, fall in love with you, and give me the opportunity to sit here with you and say these words. Qi Mu…”

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At a red light, the black car suddenly stopped.

Min Chen suddenly slammed on the brakes, and the black car stopped on the side of the street. He turned to look at the young man beside him, only to find that his face was covered in tears, but his light colored eyes shone brightly, full of hopes and dreams.

“Qi Mu…”

“Min Chen, do you understand how it feels to fall from heaven to h.e.l.l?”

After a long silence, Min Chen finally shook his head. “I don’t understand.” The biggest setback he’d ever faced in life was Lu Ziwen’s death. But, at that time, he only wanted to repay his kindness, he hadn’t felt anything else.

Qi Mu raised his eyes and looked at the elegant man. He smiled, but it looked even more unseemly than outright crying. He said, “I do. I experienced it twice. The first time was the departure of my adoptive parents, and the second was waiting for my death backstage at the Golden Hall.”

“Qi Mu!”

“When I was adopted, my adoptive parents were in their fifties. By the time I was fifteen, they should have reached their retirement age, but they still insisted on working in order to support our family. When I was sixteen, my father was overworked and got very ill. He was accidentally injured by the machine he worked on. He lay in the hospital for ten days before he finally died.”

“My mother was. .h.i.t hard by the accident, and she lost a lot of weight in half a year. She was an old woman whose husband she loved very dearly for many decades had been taken from her. I wasn’t even seventeen when she died of a broken heart.”

Qi Mu spoke lightly, but Min Chen clearly understood the young man’s feelings. They were so painful that simple language couldn’t describe all of it.

It was precisely because of this pain that he didn’t know how to express it. He used simple words to conceal his riddled, bleeding heart.

Min Chen couldn’t control himself. He embraced the strong young man in his arms and held him tightly around the waist. Lowering his head, he whispered into Qi Mu’s ear, “Why… wasn’t I with you then?”

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