Legend of Swordsman

Mr. Money, 打死都要钱

Chapter 2516 - Making a Deal

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Chapter 2516: Making a Deal

A terrifying momentum swept over with a huge bang as Xiao Tiexin lowered her body while feeling a little stunned.

The Governor of Demonic Moon Prefecture took another step forward before turning the stone staff in his hand into a thunderbolt and lashed out.

The purple light gushed out of Xiao Tiexin’s body as her bewitching purple sickle drew an arch before she dashed forward.


After another collision, her purple sickle’s momentum was knocked away from its original direction, causing both her hands to suddenly feel numb while the insides of her body were throbbing.

“Haha, go to hell!”

The Governor laughed as he sent his stone staff forward which penetrated a hole in the void before continuing to pierce toward Xiao Tiexin.

“No!” Xiao Tiexin panicked.

She still felt numbness in her hand and was not able to defend against the incoming attack. In the nick of time, a strange flash of light shone before her eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three light beams appeared out of the blue at the void she was in and Xiao Tiexin retreated to the one side of the void with a flash.

She dodged the staff attack, but its momentum had not vanished. On the contrary, it turned into a bright red light beam which continued on with its attack. Coincidentally, Jian Wushuang was located not far behind Xiao Tiexin. She may have avoided that attack, but not Jian Wushuang.

“Ah…” Xiao Tiexin was shocked but could not do anything.

In such situations, she could not even guarantee her own safety let alone the safety of Jian Wushuang.


Violent energies burst outwards from the void where Jian Wushuang was.

The void fell into a humongous storm of energy with nobody being able to see what had happened inside it.

“A secret technique?”

The Governor looked at Xiao Tiexin with his face blooming in a grin. “So it’s true that you did not only bring six thousand pieces of Primordial Stones from the Xiao clan. The secret technique which you used to dodge my attack is probably a lot more valuable than the six thousand Primordial Stones!”

Xiao Tiexin looked at him coldly without uttering a word.

“Eldest Miss Xiao, I have a suggestion. Why don’t you come to Demonic Moon Prefecture and become my wife and teach me all the secret techniques you know in one go? What do you say?” The Governor sneered.

However, as soon as he finished speaking…

“Phew, that was close! My double-horned Thunderous Star Beast which costs ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power almost died.” A light voice suddenly spoke from afar.

On the battlefield, the experts from both the Demonic Moon Prefecture and Xueya Escort Team were caught by surprise.

All their eyes immediately moved over to the side void and looked at the energy storm.

The Governor and Xiao Tiexin both looked over as well.

The energy storm began to gradually die down and unveiled its insides.

They saw a three-meter tall double-horned Thunderous Star Beast standing trembling there. On its back was a golden-robed man sitting cross-legged and carrying a long sword behind.

It was clear the Governor’s staff energy had exploded in that part of the void, but how did both the beast and golden-robed man escape unscattered under such immense energies?

“He’s actually still alive?”

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Xiao Tiexin and her men were shocked.

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