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Volume 5 Chapter 25 - Halflings

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Volume 5 Chapter 25 Halflings

Hearing this voice that came from the height of his waist, Xu Yi looked down in surprise to see a cute little human girl looking at him, with a face that was filled with curiosity.

“This…..” Xu Yi’s eyes opened wide. He could instantly tell that this wasn’t a little human girl, but rather……

“Halfling! My god, it’s actually a halfling!”

Xu Yi was stunned. He leaned down to be at the same level as the little girl and carefully looked over her to make sure that he wasn’t wrong.

This lifeform looked the same as a little human girl, but there were differences that she had from little human girls. The main difference was that she had the same sharp ears that were a bit smaller than the elves.

Then with her small stature, as well as her big and beautiful eyes, this was definitely the halflings that were described in the texts.

That’s right, this was a halfling!

But didn’t the halflings disappear from the continent long ago?

According to the texts, more than two thousand years ago, the halflings had completely vanished from the Sines Continent.

The elves had revealed some traces during these two thousand years and there were elf tribes that made contact with humans regularly like the Moon Shadow Tribe.

But as for the halflings, during these two thousand years, there wasn’t a single trace of them. There wasn’t even a single rumour about them.

The final conclusion in all the texts and everyone’s decision was that the halflings had already completely disappeared from the continent.

Or perhaps it was like the rumours had said, they had gone to the other continent deep in the sea. But on the Sines Continent, there were indeed no traces of the halflings left.

But now, in front of Xu Yi, there was a living halfling!

Xu Yi looked at the cute female halfling in front of him and he couldn’t help reaching out to touch her face.

Feeling the smooth touch, it confirmed that this wasn’t an illusion.

“God! Human, you actually touched a girl’s face this casually! You must be some human who isn’t a gentleman!” The halfling girl shouted in a loud voice.

Xu Yi immediately felt awkward before quickly saying with a smile, “Sorry, I just…..just couldn’t believe that this was real. Didn’t the halflings already disappear from the Sines Continent? You….Why are you here? Moreover, why are you with the Azshara Tribe?”

“Hey, human, first, I have a name. I am called Lumi. Second, although our halfling tribe has decided to leave the Sines Continent two thousand years ago, not all halflings were willing to leave, like our Tana Family who stayed.”

After saying this, the halfling girl called Lumi lowered her head and looked sad.

“But I am the only one left of the Tana Family, the rest are all dead……”

Xu Yi looked at the female halfling who was like a little girl and didn’t know how to comfort her.

Although the halflings looked like little kids on the surface, their lifespans surpassed that of humans, being comparable to the elves.

This girl might look like a ten year old human girl, but her real age might be one or two hundred years.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly thought of another question.

“Lumi, you said that your halfling race decided to leave the Sines Continent, which means that they did what the legends said and went to the other continent deep across the sea?”

Lumi shook her little head, “I don’t know. As for there being another continent other than the Sines Continent, that was just what the elders of the tribe speculated. The elders said that we don’t live on a flat land and it was likely we lived on a large sphere. So the Sines Continent wasn’t the only continent in this world and there might be another continent on the other side of the endless seas. But the elders weren’t certain about this continent at all……”

Xu Yi’s eyes popped wide open and his hands grabbed Lumi’s shoulder as he shook her.

“You mean to say…..the halfings didn’t disappear? They went to the other continent?”

Lumi was dizzy after being shaken by Xu Yi and only recovered after a while, nodding in a daze.

“Yes, but I’m not certain……”

“Great!” Xu Yi excitedly stood up. He went around in a few circles and he couldn’t control the smile on his face, “Great! The halflings didn’t really disappear and still exist in this world. The other continent isn’t anything, I even have seafaring vessels now, so I’ll find them eventually!”

Seeing Xu Yi walk around, Lumi looked up in a daze. Elder Undine and elder Lisanya on the side were also surprised.

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Although the halflings were considered rare, it wouldn’t be enough for Xu Yi to be this excited after receiving news on the halflings, right?”

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