Martial Peak

Momo, 莫默

Chapter 2039, - , Encountering the Wood Spirit Again

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Chapter 2039, Encountering the Wood Spirit Again

Han Leng’s defensive Source Qi couldn’t stop the spike at all and it swiftly pierced right through him, leaving a small puncture wound on his forehead. The fact that the spike pierced through his entire head proved how powerful this blow was.

Han Leng was quite strong though, so he didn’t die immediately even after suffering this fatal injury. Turning around to see who had attacked him though, he couldn’t help calling out in alarm, “How is this possible? That’s impossible!”

He believed that it was Liu Yi Zhi, who had sneak attacked him from the back; after all, Liu Yi Zhi had disappeared after the final blow and judging from that, Liu Yi Zhi was vaporized, or had seized the opportunity to hide.

After Han Leng was sneak attacked, he thought that Liu Yi Zhi had simply been hiding because of this.

But when he saw one who performed the sneak attack, only then did he realize that he couldn’t have been more wrong.

The sneak attacker standing behind him and looking at him with a sly smile wasn’t Liu Yi Zi, but Ning Yuan Cheng, the one he had killed with his own hands!

He found this scene completely unbelievable. Ning Yuan Cheng was only a Third-Order Origin King, and after stabbing him with his sword, Han Leng had searched Ning Yuan Cheng’s corpse, so Han Leng was certain the other party was dead.

How could the dead rise?

But when Han Leng noticed certain changes in Ning Yuan Cheng’s appearance, he was struck with realization and muttered to himself, “So it’s like that…”

After having spoken these words, his head slumped to one side as he stopped breathing.

At the same time, the nearby Yang Kai’s felt his skin crawl and his fists clenched as he called out in alarm, “Wood Spirit!”

From where he stood, he could almost clearly see what just happened.

While he was talking to Han Leng, Ning Yuan Cheng, who was supposedly dead, strangely and silently stood up, opened his mouth, and shot a green wooden thorn from it which then pierced through Han Leng’s head.

The reason why Han Leng was so easily killed was partly due to his exhausted state and partly because of Yang Kai’s warning.

Han Leng mistakenly thought that Yang Kai was setting a trap for him, so he never thought that there was really fatal danger lurking behind him, and by the time he did notice, it was already too late.

How could a dead cultivator spit out a green wooden thorn? Yang Kai had seen something similar inside the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda, as well as in Maplewood City, so he recognized it at a glance.

Surprisingly, it was the ancient Wood Spirit that had caused chaos in Maplewood City before!

On the day, when the Wood Spirit disaster struck Maplewood City, six Emperor Realm masters had personally taken action and because of this, thousands of cultivators had lost their lives in Maplewood City. After the turmoil, the City Lord’s Mansion had issued a statement saying the Wood Spirit disaster had been dealt with, making everyone feel at ease.

But now it seemed that this was just a method the City Lord’s Mansion had used to calm the public, while the Wood Spirit was not completely wiped out and had instead found a way to infect some cultivators.

It was just that this Wood Spirit had concealed itself extremely well, not only escaping the notice of those six Emperors, but even Ning Yuan Cheng and Liu Yi Zhi, who had been guarding him closely.

If it weren’t for Ning Yuan Cheng’s sudden death this time, the Wood Spirit Seed definitely would not have been exposed. If the host died, the Wood Spirit Seed would naturally not have any place to hide.

Everything was just a coincidence!

Yang Kai had already figured everything out in a blink of the eye, but his heart couldn’t help sinking as he did.

During those few days in Maplewood City, he had also participated in the hunt for Wood Spirit Clones and deeply understood how difficult it was to deal with these things. Moreover, at that time, he had teamed up with a dozen or even several dozen cultivators, but many had still been wounded during those fights. Now, he had to deal with one all alone.

While various thoughts were running through Yang Kai’s mind, a weird gurgling noise could be heard coming from Ning Yuan Cheng, and along with this noise, Han Leng’s body quickly started shrivelling up.

This was one of the Wood Spirit’s innate abilities, draining the vitality of cultivators to strengthen itself.

Originally, Ning Yuan Cheng was emitting the aura of a Third-Order Origin King, but as he continued to swallow Han Leng’s essence, his aura rapidly climbed and soon reached the peak of the Third-Order Origin King Realm, touching upon the Dao Source Realm!

Yang Kai’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink as he knew it would be too late if he didn’t take action now, shouting furiously, “Don’t even think about it!”

As he spoke, a flame sword suddenly appeared in his hand as he channelled his Fire Sword Qi from his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi.

His figure distorted as he used the Space Force and appeared before Ning Yuan Cheng, immediately swinging down his sword hard!

With a deafening explosion, the air grew extremely hot!

The Wood Spirit was a Wood Attribute creature so Fire Attribute energy was its nemesis. This was what Mo Xiao Qi had told Yang Kai once and Yang Kai had confirmed this multiple times while hunting down Wood Spirit Clones in Maplewood City.

Against Wood Spirit Clones, Fire Attribute energy was more effective than Space Force.

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This attack went straight at Ning Yuan Chen’s head, and if it hit its target, it would definitely split Ning Yuan Cheng in two.

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