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Chapter 1160: He is the Firmament Holy

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Chapter 1160: He is the Firmament Holy

The Jade Sound Music Holy suddenly erupted with mysterious, music note-like runes and radiated mystical light. She took a step and left the stars.h.i.+p.

Outside the stars.h.i.+p, there stand three Holies.

Of the three Holies, one is a three-meter-tall powerhouse with a deer head and a human body, another is a human-shaped powerhouse with three rhomboid eyes on the head, and the last one is a tall, burly, handsome powerhouse with beautiful, long hair and a three-colored cloud suspended above his head.

The handsome powerhouse with a three-colored cloud floating above his head smiled and said, “Jade Sound Music Holy, sir Divine Imperator invites you to come to the Myriad Flowers Divine Mountain.”

“Rainbow Spirit Holy, I’m sorry, but I already accepted the invitation of the Silver Brilliant Manor to hold a concert. Let’s talk about this next time!”

Jade Sound Music Holy smiled sweetly, looking like a flower in full bloom. Her mere existence paints an extremely beautiful scenery.

The Rainbow Spirit Holy smiled and uttered, “Jade Sound Music Holy, you have rejected sir Divine Imperator four times already. Our patience is limited. This time you must come with us.”

The smile on the Jade Sound Music Holy’s pretty face gradually faded, and she asked coldly, “What if I don’t agree?”

The Rainbow Spirit Holy replied with a leisure smile, “Then we can only offend you and forcefully bring you back.”

The deer-headed Holy and the Holy with three rhomboid eyes suddenly burst out with intermediate Holy rank fluctuations of power.

The Rainbow Spirit Holy burst out with advanced Holy rank fluctuations of power, a threatening look in his eyes.

The Jade Sound Music Holy’s expression flickered. Countless runes appeared all over her body, and a junior Holy rank life force field shrouded her: “Just the three of you can’t make me stay. We are less than 10,000 light-years away from the Tai Yuan Star. Once the Silver Brilliant Manor learns of this, it won’t let you get away with it.”

A Holy Spirit Warlock is easy to defeat, but very difficult to kill. The Jade Sound Music Holy has existed for many years. For her to still be able to roam free in the universe, she naturally is proficient in countless escape secrets methods.

“Yes, Jade Sound Music Holy, it’s easy for the three of us to defeat you, but really difficult to make you stay. However, this time sir Divine Imperator gave us the Lock Star Net. We already sealed the void. The void will be sealed for three days, which is enough time for us to capture you.”

The Rainbow Spirit Holy smiled and pointed to the void.

Starlight rose and formed a giant net that covered the area and sealed everything.

“Lock Star Net!”

The Jade Sound Music Holy has remained calm and collected until now. But when she saw the net of starlight cover the area, her countenance changed, and she exclaimed.

The Lock Star Net is a Holy grade secret treasure that a human Great Holy rank alchemist refined after spending countless years and collecting 1,639 stars and countless treasures of heaven and earth.

The sole ability of the Lock Star Net is to seal the void with the help of infinite starlight. If a Great Holy operated this secret treasure, they would even be able to seal a Great Holy in this void.

The Lock Star Net is famous in the Eternal Ancient Road’s central starfield. Since it came into being, two Great Holies have died inside it.

Seeing the Lock Star Net, the Jade Sound Music Holy’s heart sank. She realized that she probably won’t be able to escape this calamity.

There are many secret treasures in the world that can compete with the Lock Star Net. However, those secret treasures are extremely precious. The Jade Sound Music Holy doesn’t have a single such treasure.

“It’s over! These are men of the Divine Imperator! We’re dead!”

Inside the stars.h.i.+p, Andy’s face turned pale and his eyes flashed with despair.

The countenance of the aristocratic youngsters aboard the stars.h.i.+p changed and their eyes filled with despair. They are all smart people. Naturally, they are aware that since the Divine Imperator sent people to abduct the Jade Sound Music Holy, everyone aboard the stars.h.i.+p will have to be silenced.

“Are you the Divine Imperator’s men?”

An indifferent voice sounded in the starry sky. The four Holies looked in the direction of the voice.

Ripples rose in the void, and Yang Feng slowly emerged from the void and looked at the three Holies subordinated to the Divine Imperator with an enigmatic smile.

The Jade Sound Music Holy’s eyes constricted: “It’s him? I made an error in judgement? He’s actually a Holy?”

Andy cried out, “To dare go to an area with several Holies, is he a Holy, as well?!”

Someone suddenly shouted from among the Tai Yuan Star’s aristocrats, “I remember now! He’s the Firmament Holy! He’s the human Firmament Holy!”

“The Firmament Holy, he’s the human Firmament Holy!”

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“That’s right, he’s the human Firmament Holy! We may be saved.”

Engulfed by the torrent of time, the flow of time around the three Holies became chaotic.

“You three can let me test the power of the new weapon!”

Yang Feng erupted with numerous runes, and the Xi Shen Armor suddenly appeared. There is a golden horn in the right hand of the Xi Shen Armor.

The golden horn is a product formed after the Xi Shen Armor devoured the golden bones race’s Empyrean grade secret treasure the Golden Piercing Horn.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he appeared behind the deer-headed Holy in a blink, stimulated the golden horn, and attacked the opponent.

The deer-headed Holy surged with countless mysterious runes and turned into a 10,000-meter-tall dear-headed giant, and a tortoise sh.e.l.l emitting an archaic aura suddenly appeared and blocked in front of him.


The golden horn slammed into the archaic tortoise sh.e.l.l and blasted it to pieces, and then a golden light beam blasted a giant hole open in the deer-headed Holy.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swallowed the deer-headed Holy as well as the Holy with three rhomboid eyes, and frantically extracted their life origin.

“Firmament Holy, sir Divine Imperator won’t forgive you for attacking us!”

The countenance of the Rainbow Spirit Holy changed dramatically, and he blurred, turned into a three-colored rainbow, and frantically fled into the distance.

The Lock Star Net suddenly burst out with endless starlight and swept towards Yang Feng, s.h.i.+ning like stars in the sky.


Yang Feng smiled coldly and sent a fist flying, and a golden light beam stabbed into the stars covering the sky.

Subjected to the resplendent golden light, the stars burst one after another. The golden light beam ran through the Lock Star Net, and then slammed into the Rainbow Spirit Holy and blasted open a huge hole in his body.

A black hole suddenly emerged below the Rainbow Spirit Holy, swallowed him, and frantically devoured his life origin.

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