Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Feng Jiong, 凤炅

Chapter 1758 - A white lie

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Chapter 1758: A white lie

However, she later sent people to look for them, but there was no news. Then, it was very likely that they were eaten by those ferocious beasts. There was also a very small possibility that they were saved by some strong exponents. Otherwise, it’s impossible to have no news about them.

However, she also knew that such a possibility was one in a million, a very slim chance. But at this moment, she could only tell them this white lie.

“Saved by a Taoist priest?” Su Xi looked at Feng Jiu with astonishment. “Then, then what happened after that?”

Feng Jiu looked up at her. “At that time, we just arrived there. However, the Taoist priest said that the two children were predestined with him and wanted to take them away as disciples. I didn’t agree. However, the Taoist priest said that if he didn’t help them, the two children would have died, so he had to take them away. He only said that when the two children made achievements in their studies, they would come home.”

At this moment, Feng Jiu felt that her fabricated story was flawless. If she hadn’t known in her heart what was going on, she might have believed it!

At this moment, she never thought that the white lies she had woven for them were so close to the truth that even she thought it was incredible when she saw the two children again in the future…

“So, that’s what happened…” Su Xi murmured, showing a relieved smile. “As long as they are alright, as long as they are still alive… ”

After experiencing extreme mood swings as well as spending many days in anxiety, she lost consciousness immediately after her stress loosened up.

“Su Xi, Su Xi!” Feng Sanyuan called out anxiously.

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“Grandfather, don’t worry. Grandmother just can’t bear the fatigue. Let her have a good rest and she will recover.” Feng Jiu told him gently. She called out, “Leng Shuang, take grandfather and grandmother to have a rest.”

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