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Chapter 658: Plane opening era

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Chapter 658: Plane opening era

When Chu Tian woke up, he was back in Miracle City. He felt his body feeling very weak, being injured in mind and soul. That power was not something mortals could easily wield, but luckily he could close the Abyss Gate in an instant, therefore there wasn’t any fatal consequences.

The Meng sisters were guarding by Chu Tian’s side.

When they saw Chu Tian wake up, the two revealed looks of joy.

Chu Tian sat up with a bit of difficulty and he gasped for air, “How long was I unconscious for?”

“You’ve been unconscious for an entire five days.” Meng Qingwu’s expression wasn’t good. Meng Yingying was holding Chu Tian’s hand to the side, but her eyes were already as red as rabbit eyes. She didn’t think that such a terrifying thing would happen and even now she was a bit afraid of the Purgatory World. Meng Qingwu said with a soft sigh, “You went all out.”

“In that situation, I had no choice, otherwise would be able to be sitting here speaking to each other?” Chu Tian was overjoyed that his bet was correct. That Great Abyss Demon was just too strong, if the power of destiny couldn’t ignore all the shackles of strength, they really couldn’t contend with it with just the power of the emperors, “What is the situation with the abyss right now?”

“Relax, it’s stabilized!” Meng Qingwu also had a worried look, “We have already sent a large army to watch the area.

Chu Tian let out a long sigh of relief, “If the Abyss Gate opens again, what use is there in having people? A single great demon can destroy the continent, our armies are no use at all.”

These words weren’t false.

Each plane had a limit on their fundamental laws.

This world’s cultivation was at a peak in the 9th Heaven Domain Layer.

But in the Abyss World, the first and second grade generals of the Great Demon Lords were mostly in the 9th Heaven Domain Layer. This was why the Abyss Great Demon could rely on just a single tentacle to almost defeat this world’s strongest emperors. This gap in strength was hard to fill.

What was most worrying was that the flow of history had been broken.

A Great Abyss Demon Lord was set on this world. Although his first invasion had failed, he wouldn’t give up just based on this. He would definitely send some powerful Demon Lords to guard near this world, starting a dimensional war again as soon as he found a chance.

According to the normal development of the continent, when human technology had reached its peak, they took the initiative to open the Abyss Gate and started the dimensional battle era. They didn’t run into any especially powerful opponents at first, so they fought some small demon forces. When they had accumulated enough experience, they opened several planes and fought Demon Lords after building a foundation, finally becoming a large force in the Dimensional Battlefield.

But now they were being locked onto by a Great Demon Lord.

This would make it incomparably hard for the continent to take the first step. Not to mention the continent was pitifully weak right now, whether it was their Source Energy Weapons or their spatial technology, they couldn’t compare.

“The others are waiting to speak to you.” Meng Qingwu said to Chu Tian, “Can you move right now?”

The continent had made contact with the Abyss World, shocking everyone. After the emperors had been heavily injured, they had a new understanding of this world and finally realized just how small and ignorant they were.

Would the Abyss open again?

What would they do if the Abyss opened again!

In the Purgatory World battle, over a hundred Heaven Domain Experts had fallen.

This matter was impossible to hide, the entire world was filled with fear. They needed a pillar right now. Chu Tian nodded and slowly stood up. He had temporarily lost his cultivation base, but he could still move.

“Prepare everything.”

“In two days, I want to deliver a speech at the presidential palace!”

Meng Qingwu quickly prepared everything ahead of time.

The news of Chu Tian’s speech spread and all the emperors stopped healing themselves, as they all came to the presidential palace. This was because the Abyss matter’s influence was too strong, it had already spread all over the continent and made the people of the continent panic. This important speech would be broadcast all over the continent, so people could be comforted.

“Everyone, I’m sure you all know that a few days ago, there was an invasion from the Abyss in the Miracle Federation’s Purgatory World area. But our warriors fought a hard battle and the Abyss Gate has already been sealed, so we don’t need to be worried about being invaded for now!”

These words were indeed comforting to everyone.

At least they wouldn’t need to worry about anything happening temporarily.

“But, I want to tell everyone that after a tragic battle, we have found the Abyss aren’t far from us. The continent is just one of the worlds floating in the void and our world doesn’t only have a single entrance in the Purgatory World, so we cannot treat this lightly. We need to prepare for battle, this is a matter that concerns the existence of the continent!”

When this was said.

Everyone was shocked.

Could other parts of the continent experience an Abyss invasion?

“Everyone needs to understand that the Abyss Battlefield is not terrifying, but rather it is a large opportunity. If we want to break the limits on our cultivation, we need even more perfect technology, which need to be perfected in the Abyss environment.” Chu Tian continued to say, “We shouldn’t fear the challenge from the Abyss, but with our continent’s current situation, we can’t deal with the bad environment of the Abyss and we don’t have the qualifications to gamble on the Abyss Battlefield! Therefore, I want to use this chance to make a proposal. From this day forth, the major powers of the continent will stop all conflicts and work as one to develop! The Abyss will come eventually, so our time to develop is limited!”

Everyone began to discuss in whispers.

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The Abyss World was like a shadow that covered everyone’s hearts.

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