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Chapter 1866 - Dark Fire

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Chapter 1866 - Dark Fire


The Werewolf let out a snort and came at me again with its fiery claws. This time it is even faster and dark fire burning in its claws got denser.

I could tell how angry it is by its inability to kill me in a single attack. An Elite like it could not kill a non-elite in a single attack; even on top of that, it could not even catch me. It made it angry at itself as it made it angry at me, not to forget the shame.

"Die, you bastard!" It screamed as its swiped its huge claws at it me, and all I did was flapped my wings and dodged the attack while leaving behind tens of after images. 

Sup Sup Sup

I dodged the attack, but that did not stop it from chasing my afterimage attack me, but it could not. I would always dodge the attack, and that would make it even angrier, and it would chase me at higher speed but never be able to catch me.

I could not believe I am making an Elite chase me like it. Though I have the confidence of surviving the might of the elite but that confidence stem from my defensive abilities, never in my speed. I had not believed my speed is good enough that I would outrun an elite.

Now, with the strange turn of events, it is happening, and I couldn't help but enjoy it, even when I running for my life from this Werewolf.

Seeing such a drastic change in my speed, I wonder if my defensive abilities also had a chance, but I am in no hurry to find out.

"It looks like you have some tricks, hun? Let's see how you dodge this," The Werewolf shouted in an extremely angry voice, and the next moment, the dark fire on its claws blazed before covering its whole body, and now other than its ranging eyes, its whole body covered in dark fire.

The phantom of regal Werewolf sitting on the throne of dark fire appeared behind it before it merged with Werewolf, making the aura of fire taking it to a completely different level.

"Dark Tide!"

It roared and moved its claws at me, and all fire than covering it moved at me very fast speed, swallowing everything that came in its way.

Seeing the tide of dark fire coming at me, my expressions couldn't help but become serious, and I flapped my wings as fast as I could to get far away from this dark fire as possible, but I don't know whether I would be able to do that are not, this fire is very powerful.

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