Monster Pet Evolution

Wine Pool Inebriation, 酒池醉

Chapter 564 - The Arrival

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Chapter 564: The Arrival

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Fourth Baby, since its awakening, had become Gao Peng’s exclusive mount.

Da Zi and Flamy could both fly, but the fit didn’t feel right. Just like taking a fighter jet, although the speed was very fast, in terms of comfort, a fighter jet was far from a passenger plane.

Gao Peng laid on Fourth Baby’s back and narrowed his eyes in relaxation. There was a soft glow around his body that was blocking the wind.

Within the glow, Gao Peng didn’t feel the slightest discomfort, his breathing was comfortable, and the temperature was appropriate. Gao Peng leaned back and laid down. Fourth Baby’s naturally drooping silver wings folded inwards, and Gao Peng’s body was perfectly wrapped and protected.

Gao Peng closed his eyes and started thinking. It was only after his return that Gao Peng learned this outdated news. The ancient tribes regarded those who could sign on more than one familiar as ‘geniuses’ and deemed them holy individuals.

Gao Peng couldn’t help but laugh when he first heard the news. If so, were there two billion holy individuals on Earth Star? That would make this holy individual entirely worthless.

Rather than believing in holy individuals, Gao Peng was inclined to believe another hypothesis. It wasn’t about the rarity of holy individuals, but rather, everyone should have been able to concurrently sign on many familiars. However, the criteria would be the strength of their soul. This wasn’t a rare physical ability, but a basic gift that belonged to most monster trainers.

Long ago, people from ancient tribes had this kind of ability, but after leaving the Earth Star, they had gradually lost this ability. It might have been due to a curse or because they were outside of Earth Star’s unique environment.

Of course, the ancient tribes would never accept this hypothesis. If that was the case… They would have to admit to being sinners who were abandoned by their ancestors.

Even if this was true, they would never admit to this. Given certain pressures, the official coalition government of Earth Star had refuted this possibility. This information had been shared with him by his grandfather; ordinary people didn’t know this insider information.

Now, it seemed that the people of the ancient tribes could only sign on one familiar. But where there was a will, there was a way. They found other methods to enhance their strength, such as this Meteorite Magic Ball, which was a familiar with a buddha’s personality.

If the Meteorite Magic Ball exerted all its strength, it would be very effective in battle. But since the Meteorite Magic Ball had a good personality, when it hadn’t been threatened, it wouldn’t proactively attack others.

Given long-term contact with the Meteorite Magic Ball, a harmonious relationship could be established. Through special means, Meteorite Magic Balls could be used to fight for familiars, so this was a familiar that wasn’t quite usual.

Aside from the Meteorite Magic Ball, there were other monsters, such as hounds, that were trained to guard homes in the olden days.

“This is also why the Youhu Tribe wanted to recruit Earth Star’s geniuses. They could only sign on a single beast, but we have no limits. They want to improve the genes of the next generation…” Gao Peng shook his head when he thought about this.

Thirty minutes later, Gao Peng arrived at the sky above the Qingzhou base city. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and opened the map that Tong Xiang had sent to him.

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Hovering in the sky, Gao Peng had originally expected the exact address of the Spatial Rift would be hard to find, but he soon noticed buildings deep in the mountains, located halfway along the mountainside.

These buildings were used as rest stops to temporarily house the people of the Youhu Tribe when they came out of the Spatial Rift or to guard against ordinary intruders.

Gao Peng allowed Fourth Baby to land directly. As Fourth Baby had extremely striking looks, it attracted the attention of the people beneath them.

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An alarm sounded, and a piercing siren echoed in the air.


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