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Chapter 1877 - Heaven's Secret

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Chapter 1877: Heaven’s Secret

Half of a day pa.s.sed by quickly. By then, Xue Luo’s ability had pretty much recovered.

In reality, she had not suffered severe injuries. She had mainly drained herself of Dominator Power.

Seeing that Lin Huang was still sitting there with his legs crossed, she could not help but break the silence. “What’s your plan now?”

“Find K’thun and kill her,” Lin Huang’s answer was simple.

“How confident are you?” Xue Luo asked further.

“100% I think,” Lin Huang gave her an honest answer.

His target enemy had always been Aza. Every creature and being under Aza’s command was not a threat to him.

Xue Luo was stunned when she heard that. She had actually wanted to ask whether he needed her to be his a.s.sistant. Since Lin Huang said he had absolute confidence, she could not continue down this path.

“According to the information we obtained from Heaven’s Secret, K’thun should be a second-tier powerhouse under Aza’s command. He has more powerful first-tier powerhouses above that. The three most powerful ones of the first-tier are known as Outer G.o.ds.”

“I heard that the three of them are so powerful that it’s beyond our imagination. Dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses can master hundreds of millions of chaotic cosmoses, while these three might have mastered trillions of chaotic cosmoses. It has far surpa.s.sed the limits we could get to.”

“Trillions, huh?” Lin Huang raised his eyebrows.

That was nothing to him.

He integrated far more chaotic cosmoses on a daily basis.

“In reality, I’m more curious about how Heaven’s Secret obtained such secrets?” Lin Huang changed the subject to the question that he had always had.

Xue Luo sorted through her thoughts before speaking up again when she heard that question.

“I’ve only heard a little bit about Heaven’s Secret, and I don’t know if what I heard is completely true, but if you’re interested, you can treat it as gossip.”

“From what I know, Heaven’s Secret was founded very early after the ancient war with Aza. After the war, almost all of the powerhouses above dominator-level rank-7 died. The powerhouses who survived either went into hiding or disappeared.”

“Just as the entire infinite universe calmed down, Heaven’s Secret suddenly appeared. As soon as they appeared, they announced the news that Aza and His army had been suppressed. They even listed the powerhouses who partic.i.p.ated in the war. For a long period of time, they would fill in all sorts of details on the list, such as who died and how they died, those who were suppressed and how it happened, as well as who reincarnated…”

“They exposed things that were impossible to be discovered normally. It’s almost like they are aware of everything.”

“Some people were suspicious at first. They thought that their news was made up. Later on, many busybodies went to verify them and found out that the news that Heaven’s Secret announced was legitimate.”

“Since then, Heaven’s Secret’s reputation has spread like wildfire. They gradually become the most powerful intel organization throughout the entire infinite universe.”

“For a period of time, a rumor was spread. They said Heaven’s Secret’s chief liege refined the Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao. Therefore, he could sense everything in the infinite universe.”

Lin Huang raised his eyebrows as he listened up to this point.

He thought that such a rumor was ridiculous.

Since stepping into dominator-level rank-9, he knew that n.o.body could refine the Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao.

The number of Kingdoms one could contain was limited. Moreover, the infinite universe was ever-expanding, and the Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao was strengthening with each pa.s.sing minute and second.

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It was impossible for someone with a limit to master the limitless.

Heaven’s Secret’s chief liege was the person who knew the most secrets in the entire infinite universe, and was the most suitable person to ask about this.

After all, Death Spring knew about Aza’s past, but Lin Huang was eager to know more about Aza’s current situation.

“How much does Snow Domain know about Aza?” Lin Huang asked Xue Luo.

He did not want to let go of any opportunities to learn about Aza.

“I don’t know much about Aza.” Xue Luo shook her head. “He had been sealed for a couple of eras by the time I was born. If not for the fact that the Abyss became active in this era, many might’ve forgotten about Aza’s existence.”

“To be honest, before the mystic territories opened frequently during these past hundred years, I’ve always thought that Aza was just an ordinary dominator-level rank-9 powerhouse, and that although His ability was more powerful than mine, it should still be limited to an extent.”

“Then recently I saw some information that Heaven’s Secret sent out, and combined it with my own experiences in some mystic territories. Only then did I begin to realize that this guy is much more powerful than I’ve ever imagined. We’re on completely different levels!”

“If you want to know more about Aza, it’s best you ask Heaven’s Secret’s chief liege directly when you leave this mystic territory,” Xue Luo suggested.

Lin Huang nodded. It seemed like Xue Luo might know even less than he did.

After they chatted for a little while longer, she ended up suggesting that they go their own ways.

“I’ve almost fully recovered now. I can continue hunting now. Go ahead and look for K’thun. I’ll seize this opportunity to kill a few more dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses before you kill her.”

She figured that she might slow him down. “I’ll go watch and learn when you find K’thun.”

Lin Huang did not ask her to stay. He merely nodded and watched her leave.

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