Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Shy Maple Leaf

Chapter 343 - Third Young Master Yuan Is Here

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Chapter 343: Third Young Master Yuan Is Here

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Wu Meiyun began to make the preparations on her end; from the hotel to the banquet specifications, from the reception to the clothing and the line of propriety gifts, she single-handedly managed it all for two days.

When Mu Chenyan saw the dress sent by her mother-in-law, everything instantly became clear. The dress had been prepared long beforehand, and this party was definitely not an idea that just popped up in Wu Meiyun’s head recently.

Because Mu Chenyan did not want to live in the Guo Family Mansion, Wu Meiyun sent her son away to go accompany Mu Chenyan at the hotel. She thought that Guo Jingze would stay in the same hotel as Mu Chenyan.

On the morning of the third day, Wu Meiyun called her son and asked him to come over with Mu Chenyan. Guo Jingze replied without much thinking, “I’m going to pick her up at Huajing Grand Hotel, so I’ll be a little late!”

Wu Meiyun was surprised. “Didn’t you stay together with Xiao Xiao?”

Guo Jingze was on the phone as he came out of the washroom. Walking to the balcony, what entered his eyes was the panoramic view of the Capital City. He knew that it was a slip of the tongue.

Last night, Hua Jing Grand Hotel had a reception group and the rooms were full, so he did not stay there but at a five-star hotel two kilometers away from Hua Jing.

“No, I had dinner after a meeting last night, and I drank too much, so I stayed over here…”

“Seriously, how could you over drink with those people? You left Xiao Xiao alone in the room. What will she think of that? You shouldn’t do this in the future!”

Wu Meiyun was very reasonable. Thinking of the fact that her daughter-in-law was unfamiliar with the people and places in the Capital City, she somewhat blamed her son.

Guo Jingze hung up the phone and slumped onto a chair dejectedly.

The oriental white shattered as a ray of sunshine broke through the morning, giving off a glorious radiance instantly.

The man’s heart was filled with grievances, but there was no place to vent. He and Mu Chenyan had always been sleeping apart in their respective rooms.

Wu Meiyun had said that it was a small-sized gathering with her girlfriends. After Mu Chenyan arrived, only then did she realize that she had underestimated the “small size” that her mother-in-law meant.

The Guo Family was rather prominent among the Capital City’s sphere of powerful people.

Although Old Master Guo had retired, his prestige still remained, and he had many friends and subordinates too.

Wu Meiyun was also an outgoing person, and she maintained close contact with the ladies in her social circle. Hence, when the people heard that Old Wu was going to “showcase” her daughter-in-law, coupled with the fact that this mysterious cold beauty was someone they had long yearned to have a glimpse of, all those who received the invitation card showed up.

The family members who were similar to Guo Jingze’s age were also brought along.

They had the same thinking as Shao Yibai; if there were any family with the right candidate, at least they would be of the same social circle, and one should keep the goodies within the family so as to not benefit outsiders.

The banquet was organized in the grand hall of the Emperor’s Restaurant.

It was not yet six in the evening, but Wu Meiyun had already led Mu Chenyan to welcome the guests at the entrance.

Mu Chenyan applied a light makeup today, and her seaweed-like dense, black hair was tied up high.

Guo Jingze had chosen a set of blue diamond accessories for her. With Mu Chenyan’s already fair skin, just a casual dress up would be able to bring out her charm. The luminescence of the blue diamond had a noble and mysterious air to it, making her look like an elegant white swan.

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The group of friends and relatives who had never seen Mu Chenyan were full of praises.

“Old Wu, you’ve been keeping such a beautiful daughter-in-law away from us for years. How could you be this mean?”

“Yeah, it’s said that Old Wu is a low-key person, but isn’t this too low profile?”

Wu Meiyun’s face bloomed like a flower as people poured out their admirations, and she responded to each of them non-stop.

After standing for a while, almost all the guests had arrived. Wu Meiyun began to bring Mu Chenyan around the venue to give a toast to the bunch of distant relatives, and as the saying goes, where there were many women, there would be ceaseless talks.

Mu Chenyan was already well-prepared, and she answered each of them one by one.

Suddenly, a fruit plate accidentally slipped from a waiter’s hand, and it fell to the ground, splattering the puree onto Mu Chenyan.

“It’s alright. There’s a spare dress at the back lounge. You can change into that.”

Wu Meiyun had witnessed such an incident countless times, so she had everything prepared beforehand. She quickly pulled Mu Chenyan over and comforted her.

Mu Chenyan nodded lightly, apologized to the people around, and walked away to change.

As soon as Mu Chenyan left, three more people arrived at the venue. Jiao Shufen appeared with Shao Yibai and Yuan Xuan, causing most of the people’s gaze to be affixed on them.

There was no need to mention the Shao Family’s reputation in the Capital City. Shao Yibai was the type of person to have a magnesium light ring shining on him wherever he went; on the other hand, the person who stood beside Shao Yibai was somewhat mysterious to the Capital City’s socialites!

“It’s the Third Young Master of the Yuan Family in Luo Hai…”

Someone immediately recognized this outstanding man to be the heir of the Yuan Family.

“I’ve heard about him for a long time. Today’s my first time seeing him, and he really doesn’t look ordinary…”

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“The Yuan Family has dominated the Southeast area for many years. Could his presence now at the Capital City mean that they are planning to switch their battlefield?”


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