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Diabolical Eggplant

Chapter 531 - Eliminated

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Chapter 531: Eliminated

This ‘Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle’ was much more profound compared to the pulse-seeking technique. In a sense, it even exceeded the common understanding of people in this world.

This new needling technique allowed him to sew, mend, and even replace parts of humans, beasts, and also monsters. Simply put, Lin Jin could combine the organs, veins, bones, and skin of different creatures to create a new type of beast.

He could do the same for humans too.

Apart from that, he could also use the technique to mend damaged psyches and spiritual states. Although it sounded preposterous, the truth was right in Lin Jin’s hands; he couldn’t deny its existence anymore.

This was like a premium pulse-seeking technique.

To Lin Jin who had just reached the limit of his acupuncture skills, this ‘Body Recast, Psych Refining Needle’ book came at the right time. He began researching it at once. Of course, to outsiders, he would appear as if he was deep in thought.

During their cultivation process, humans would invariably lose track of time. Shang’er was more than an hour into her lecture before she finally decided to call it a day and end the session for the beasts.

Lin Jin was unaware of that.

Then, together with Shu Xiaolou, both girls remained loyally be Lin Jin’s side to guard and observe him. Lin Jin was unaware of this too.

An entire night passed. People came to visit the next morning but were all stopped at the door. Shang’er was in charge of sending the normal guests away while Shu Xiaolou handled those with a higher status.

Shu Xiaolou only left the room once in the morning.

It was because Zhong Zifeng and the third prince, Feng Ziqian had come to visit Lin Jin.

This morning, the emperor wanted to invite Appraiser Lin into the palace to have breakfast together. It was supposedly a huge honor so Feng Ziqian brazenly offered to deliver the invitation. Zhong Zifeng caught wind of it so he came as well, only to be stopped by Shu Xiaolou.

Shu Xiaolou didn’t understand all this talk of honor and whatnot. She only knew that Lin Jin was currently trying to wrap his head around a new cultivation method so forget the emperor, she wouldn’t even let the deity emperor in.

With Shu Xiaolou to guard the place, no one dared to barge in.

Zhong Zifeng turned to look at Feng Ziqian. The latter responded with an understanding look before he bid them farewell.

Although it was difficult, Feng Ziqian had to fight off the urge to waste time or conceal the fact that his father’s invitation had been turned down again. After all, an old officer had come along this time and he was one of the emperor’s close servants. Feng Ziqian reported the situation as it was.

Heavenly Spiral Kingdom’s emperor, Feng Junwu, chuckled in response. “If that’s the case, I’ll just invite him again next time.”

He didn’t seem to mind being rejected like this.

But who could possibly guess His Majesty’s thoughts?

Later in the day, the emperor met the first prince, Feng Ziyong.

For the past few days, Feng Ziyong had been requesting an audience with the emperor only to be rejected outside the door. Now that he could finally meet his father, Feng Ziyong was ecstatic.

Inside the emperor’s meditation room, Feng Ziyong was on his knees, giving his greetings.

“I heard you’ve been wanting to see me for the past few days?” asked Feng Junwu as he was flipping through some reports. The emperor didn’t even spare his son a single glance.

Feng Ziyong lowered his head. “I haven’t seen you in a few days and I missed you dearly.”

Feng Junwu nodded. “I appreciate your sentiment. Have you visited State Preceptor the past few days?”

That was Feng Ziyong’s main reason for being here.

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During their most recent banquet, the third prince, Feng Ziqian, had proven himself worthy which annoyed Feng Ziyong. However, the final decision had already been made, and rumor had it that Feng Ziqian and Princess Ruo Li were quite fond of each other so their relationship was improving rapidly. This further irritated Feng Ziyong. After much contemplation, Feng Ziyong felt that he had to stop Feng Ziqian’s winning streak.

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