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Chapter 1094 - Recognition

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Chapter 1094: Recognition

There were less than ten thousand members in this unit, but they formed the unit that the president had the highest hope for. In the past, the commander of this special forces team was Chi Yuancheng. Later on, it became Chi Zehao, who later passed it on to Chi Yang.

The three generations of the Chi family were all commanders of Eagle, which showed how much trust the president had in the Chi family.

Here, no one was allowed to enter the headquarters without the president’s signature.

Eagle Special Forces set up base in a mountain range on the outskirts of Emperor District. Hundreds of miles within this mountain range were all under Eagle’s control.

In spite of their small numbers, they had soldiers who specialized in various fields.

The army consisted of infantry, artillery, armored soldiers, engineering soldiers, chemical defense soldiers, and communications soldiers. The air force had soldiers who specialized in aviation, missile, and anti-aircraft artillery. Meanwhile, they also had soldiers who specialized in naval aviation and marines. Eagle was all-encompassing.

To most special forces units, it would be sufficient for their soldiers to be specialized in one particular field. However, Eagle members were the best among various military bases—each of them was one in a million. Almost all the First Sergeant in Camino were born from here. Therefore, all soldiers here were required to master all basic operations at sea, on land, and in air, and everyone had to be proficient in at least three types of combat methods.

Every year, the members of Eagle Special Forces would undergo an extremely strict test. If they failed the test, they would have to return to the military base from whence they came and retrain themselves before they could sit for Eagle’s entry test again.

As for the subjects they would be tested on, their commander, Chi Yang, made the decision.

When it came to this insanely powerful commander, all the members of Eagle Special Forces only had one word for their Boss, in bold letters—recognition.

Under Chi Yang’s leadership, Eagle Special Forces’ overall strength grew at a terrifying speed. In merely a few years, they became the center of focus by various countries.

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The car drove deeper into the mountain range. Even Chi Yang had to go through checkpoints after checkpoints before he could drive into the headquarters.

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