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Chapter 1316 - Flawlessly

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Chapter 1316 Flawlessly

Lin Ruoxi was confused as she stared at Lanlan who was bouncing up and down, imitating how she killed those bad guys.

Cai Yuncheng and others weren’t denying it either.

Lin Ruoxi subconsciously touched her forehead trying to remember what happened, “I…I killed them? How is that possible…I don’t remember anything…”

They could tell that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t lying. She had truly forgotten everything.

Cai Yuncheng and Yang Gongming exchanged gazes, both of their facial expressions looked concerned.

“It’s okay if you can’t remember anything. Nothing else matters as long as you’re fine.” Guo Xuehua was still overwhelmed by the incident.

Yang Gongming nodded, “Ruoxi, it’s fine if you can’t remember it. This incident is weird but you’ve been cultivating for some time so it’s understandable that you could do it. However, from tomorrow onwards, I’ll have you and Lanlan be escorted by bodyguards. I can’t have you both be in danger before Yang Chen returns.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded obediently because she couldn’t recall what happened, but she still couldn’t relax as there were no updates about Yang Chen.

Seeing how they have suffered from the kidnapping, Guo Xuehua cooked some lotus seed congee to calm them down and she even fed Lanlan a scrumptious dinner before asking them to rest early.

Even though they were glad to have them back safely, Yang Chen’s disappearance cast a dark shadow onto their clan which made them uneasy.

It was late at night, but Cai Yuncheng had yet to leave.

He cared a lot about the Yang clan, now that he was part of the clan because of his daughters.

Yang Gongming sat by the desk while looking at the photos from the warehouse with a deep frown.

Cai Yuncheng spoke, “Mister Yang, I’ve looked into these people and they were all from the Liang clan, raised by Liang Shengchuan secretly. They were all in the pinnacle of the Houtian stage which shouldn’t be underestimated.”

“The Liang clan is inactive, they couldn’t have entered Beijing without someone’s help. They had also gotten a police car to use as their cover.” Tian Long continued.

Yang Gongming put down the photos and took a sip of his tea, “They weren’t doing this for the Liang clan. If they wanted to seek revenge, they would’ve killed Ruoxi and Lanlan instead of trying to steal Yang Chen’s cultivation technique.”

“That’s what I thought too. The Ning clan is the most ambitious and they’re the only capable of doing this. But then again, I doubt Ning Guangyao would be that dumb.” Cai Yuncheng frowned.

Yang Gongming chuckled, “Ning Guangyao wouldn’t care about the suspicion. He would be fearless as long as Yang Chen’s not around. Even if we knew that he’s the culprit, we still wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. Well, there’s also a chance that someone framed the Ning clan as Yang Chen does have a lot of enemies…”

Cai Yuncheng concurred and as if he was reminded of something, he motioned Hai Xiao to talk about it, “Tell Mister Yang about our analysis.”

Hai Xiao nodded and stood up, “According to the traces of fighting and cause of death, we found out that if it was true that Miss Lin killed them, her technique is flawless. The forensic doctor confirmed that they were killed within 30 seconds which meant that one person was killed every three seconds. Even the best assassin’s might not have been able to do it flawlessly. Judging by the soldiers’ abilities and weapons, Miss Lin must be extremely familiar with pistols and knives that she’s able to predict the trajectory of the bullets and their movements. Only then can she kill all of them without being injured. According to our intel, it’s unlikely that you can find someone with such abilities even in the top assassin organization, ZERO. Yang Chen is one of them but it’s pretty impossible to find someone like him.”

Yang Gongming’s expression was sombre as he looked at the photos silently. He could feel the bloodshed of battle just by looking at them.

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“From what we know, Ruoxi does have cultivation but it’s impossible for her to kill a dozen people with the same cultivation as her, not to mention that they are trained soldiers. If she truly killed them, she might be hiding something that we are unaware of.” Cai Yuncheng analyzed the situation.

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