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Chapter 841 - Please try your hardest

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Chapter 841: Please try your hardest

Translator: imperfectluck  Editor: Kurisu

High schooler… Youth… Sayaka Tendo wanted to reject these ideas, but suddenly didn’t know what to say.

She decided to just leave things as they were.

Of course he could say something like that. Anyone who felt helpless could say something like that. But was that really fine?

Sayaka felt that she had no duty to save the world. But if there was anything else that she could do at all…

“…Perhaps you could interfere with the Catastrophe Goddess’s attempt to fuse a new body.” Sayaka only realized what she just said after saying it.

“Interfere with her fusion?” Something flashed in Seiji’s eyes after he heard this. “You mean that I can reenact your interference with her descent ten years ago!?”

Sayaka spent two seconds regretting how she had said this out loud before sighing. “Indeed. Ten years ago, the Catastrophe Goddess met with my interference while she was trying to absorb our souls. That was why she suffered an injury that caused her to enter hibernation. Now, after ten years, she is repeating the same attempt to absorb souls. Perhaps she’s also trying to absorb flesh and blood as you say. This will be a large fusion process. If the fusion process is interfered with yet again, she will likely suffer much greater damage than ten years ago. It will probably cause her to sink into an even longer hibernation than ten years ago.

“However, the problem is how to interfere with her fusion. Part of my memories is missing. I can’t remember the specifics of what I did… And even if I could remember, it’s probably some special method that can only be used while the Catastrophe Goddess is absorbing souls. It’s definite that it will be highly dangerous. To take a step back, even if someone can accomplish the method and survive, the end result might be like what happened to me, or even worse… In other words, this method will also likely require sacrifice.”

Seiji fell silent.

“A sacrifice might not be necessary,” White Sakura Goddess spoke up. “If Sayaka works together with me, it should be possible to protect the soul and physical body of the person who casts such a spell.”

Something flashed in Seiji’s eyes once again.

“Me cooperating with you?” Something also flashed in Sayaka’s eyes as she looked at the cherry blossom tree.

“Sayaka is a special existence to both the Catastrophe Goddess and myself,” White Sakura Goddess explained. “That’s why Sayaka will be able to protect some people from her attempt to absorb souls if she cooperates with me. However, this has its own limits. If the Catastrophe Goddess absorbs too much, this won’t work.”

“Are you certain?” Seiji asked cautiously. “As long as not too much is absorbed, as long as it’s only a little, you’ll be able to completely protect the body and soul!?”

This was incredibly important.

“I’m certain.” White Sakura Goddess sounded confident.

Nice, Seiji had obtained a nice secret ace!

“If safety can be guaranteed, all that remains is the method.” Seiji looked at Sayaka again.

Sayaka remained silent for a moment before shaking her head.

“I truly can’t remember.”

“Please try your hardest…” Seiji requested. “Right, how about trying to talk to Koutarou and the other remnant souls? Maybe this will help refresh your memory?”

Sayaka could only mentally sigh at this “youthful high school student” who wanted to personally deal with the Catastrophe Goddess and save the world.

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“Alright… I’ll try.”

Spells were flung all around as explosions happened everywhere.

The Tendo Family’s mansion had now become a hellish battleground!

A gigantic bright red tree and gray shadowy dragon had appeared. Even just visually, they would have already given everyone a tremendous sense of pressure. Not to mention, these existences were emanating an incomparably powerful aura that mentally suppressed everyone. Any ordinary person that was present would surely have an instant breakdown! It was also difficult for the lower-level spiritual ability users to resist. If it wasn’t for the barrier around here, it was likely that the lower-level individuals would suffer breakdowns almost as fast as ordinary people would.

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The gigantic tree sent bright red cherry blossom petals fluttering down from its crown. The falling petals seemed just like rain or snow. The scene was incredibly beautiful, yet this beauty contained unimaginable danger.


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