Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

Sha Xiao Wan - 杀小丸

Chapter 78.1

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Chapter 78.1

nsfw warning for this one. it’s kinda vague tho like no dirty words are used lol

Cheng Nuo’s limbs were tightly wrapped around his body, and Bai Rui had to temporarily stop the movement of his hands, holding Cheng Nuo’s head and kissing back.

He carefully observed Cheng Nuo’s expression. Cheng Nuo clearly enjoyed his kiss. His usually bright black eyes were half open with some watery mist at this time, and his light wheat-colored cheeks were also covered with a moving thin blush, which entangled his lips and tongue, not letting go.

Cheng Nuo’s enthusiastic response made Bai Rui’s heart rise with indescribable satisfaction, and he tried to keep himself from losing control. Half a year ago, Cheng Nuo was still frightened and he had a nagging feeling in his heart.

Cheng Nuo put his hand into Bai Rui’s smooth and slightly cool hair with a look of intoxication and put his other hand on Bai Rui’s flexible waist, constantly tossing and changing the angle of kissing. He vaguely remembered that Bai Rui once said he liked kissing. He just loved it.

After a long time, Cheng Nuo discovered that there was already movement under Bai Rui, and because of his posture wrapped around Bai Rui’s waist, the thing was on his hips ambiguously. The sad thing was that his had also moved, not small, bluntly rubbing the beautiful muscles in Bai Rui’s abdomen.

He hurriedly put down his two long legs, his eyes became clearer, and he didn’t even know where to put his face.

Can we still stop now?

Bai Rui obviously wouldn’t give him time to repent. He lowered his head and lightly nibbled on his neck with his lips and teeth, leaving a trail of hot and wet marks. His pair of dexterous and slender hands also ripped open his clothes, pinched his chest a little, and rubbed it with the right intensity, bringing an unbearable tingling sensation with thin calloused fingers.

Bai Rui’s fingertips were slightly cool, but where he touched, there was a warm touch like fire, and Bai Rui’s lips were so hot and soft…

Cheng Nuo’s Adam’s apple slid uncomfortably, his chest heaved sharply, and he couldn’t help but let out a sharp gasp, completely ignited. In the past six months, he had been busy cultivating, but had also saved a lot of stocks…*

(*TN: the sentence here is 也是攒了不少存货了 but I genuinely don’t know how 存货 is supposed to be translated in this context lmao sorry.)

Just die! Laozi was going to become a beast!

Cheng Nuo also hurriedly began to grab Bai Rui’s clothes fiercely. Bai Rui’s clothes were cut in half with a “hiss”, revealing a large area of solid pectoral muscles. He pulled down Bai Rui’s trousers and touched the two white and slender legs along. The smooth and firm touch made his heart ripple.

Bai Rui had tried hard to be calm, but now he was surprised, his cheeks slowly turning red, and his body temperature, which had been restrained, “soared” a lot higher.

He pressed Cheng Nuo’s dishonest hands and whispered in Cheng Nuo’s ear: “Cheng Nuo, take your time, or you will hurt.”

Bai Rui’s voice was hoa.r.s.e with desire, and the hot breath blew on his sensitive earlobes. Cheng Nuo’s heart felt itchy for a while, but he was a little more awake and suddenly became nervous.

No… do you really want that?

Bai Rui stretched out his hand and took off his clothes and threw them on the ground. His breath was obviously unstable, but Cheng Nuo was a little more sober because of his nervousness. Bai Rui quickly came close, rubbing against his skin, and kept kissing and stroking his body.

Cheng Nuo gasped and said, “No… no lubrication…”

So they couldn’t do it, right? This matter was still quite terrifying and a bit disgusting. Bai Rui was so particular* but did not mind him there ah…

(* TN: particular about hygiene.)

“I have, don’t worry. “Bai Rui said, holding his lips, licking his tiger teeth, and then rolling his tongue, as if tasting some delicious food. The hands also held his hot place and rubbed it up and down, and from time to time they rubbed the b.a.l.l.s behind.

Cheng Nuo bounced violently just like a dehydrated fish, and then his toes tightened. The long-lost pleasure slowly spread from his abdomen to his whole body, his waist and abdomen soft. He was so thirsty that he desperately sucked the fluid from Bai Rui’s mouth.

His breathing rate gradually matched the movements of Bai Rui’s hands. Cheng Nuo couldn’t stop panting, his mind fluttering, and he even forgot to help Bai Rui with his. He unconsciously raised his waist and abdomen, cooperating with Bai Rui, without considering what kind of visual impact this twisting posture would have on Bai Rui.

Some transparent liquid kept oozing from the tip, which made Bai Rui’s hands wet, and with each slide, there would be a slight wet sound. Bai Rui looked at Cheng Nuo intently. Cheng Nuo’s moist mouth was slightly open and gasping. His dark and bright eyes were covered with mist, and his face and even body were covered with a beautiful crimson color, which made him excited.

His hands moved faster and faster, and at the same time he leaned down and bit Cheng Nuo’s neck, collarbones, waist… carefully remembering all of Cheng Nuo’s sensitive places.

Cheng Nuo felt that he was suffocating, and more and more pleasure rushed into his brain along with the friction. He let out a sharp, soft scream, grabbed Bai Rui’s arm and came, the hot and viscous liquid falling on Bai Rui’s palm.

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A slightly fishy smell filled the cave. Cheng Nuo was in a daze for a while in the aftertaste, and slowly regained consciousness, only to find that Bai Rui was looking at him intently, the golden pupils in front clearly reflected his own crimson face and dishelved hair.

Bai Rui finally stopped, knelt between Cheng Nuo’s legs, grasped his waist and whispered, “I’m going in.”

Cheng Nuo tried to relax himself, his face flushed, and he felt that the thing was against him.

Remembering that it was two, he couldn’t help but glance at it secretly, and he was immediately stimulated.

f.u.c.k, although he had seen it many times, he still felt so curious, so curious…

Bai Rui aligned one of them and with a sudden push, the thing immediately slid down the wet seam, several times in a row*. Some embarra.s.sment appeared on his seemingly calm face.

(* TN: basically bai rui failed to put it in several times lol.)

Cheng Nuo was already nervous but looking at the serious and cautious Bai Rui busy with his body, he almost laughed out of nowhere. He didn’t dare to laugh, for fear of leaving any psychological shadow on Bai Rui, but the embarra.s.sment finally dissipated a little.

He moved down and whispered, “Hold it with your hands.”

f.u.c.k, Laozi was crazy, right? Stupid, right? He should have taken the opportunity to say that it was scientific for him and that he’ll help him with his hands, right…?

Some red appeared on Bai Rui’s face, he held the bottom one with his hand, and then aimed with a sudden force, and the tip finally squeezed in.

Cheng Nuo, who was thinking wildly, suddenly screamed “ah”, almost kicking Bai Rui down.

It f.u.c.king hurts, hurts, hurts ah!

ngl this is straight up infidelity lol my poor boy lgg got cucked the f.u.c.k out

also sorry for splitting up this chapter im kinda tired but also wanted to post something lmao. i think we’ll return to the one chapter a week thing…

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