Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Ordinary Magician, 平凡魔术师

Chapter 2031

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A dragon cry came from Evilmoon, which slashed toward Lu Zichuan. The current Long Chen seemed to be possessed by a devil. His killing intent merged with Evilmoon’s fiendish air.

A giant saber-image arrived in front of Lu Zichuan. With a cold snort, instead of dodging, Lu Zichuan raised his black sword in front of him.


Lu Zichuan’s black sword actually blocked Long Chen’s terrifying attack just like that, shocking others.

“People say that your power is unrivaled within the same generation, but it’s only on this level. Try to receive one of my attacks!” Lu Zichuan sneered, slashing his white sword at Long Chen. It was quick as lightning, unleashing a ray of sword-light.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. His lightning wings suddenly flapped, and he dodged to the left. Lu Zichuan’s sword-light slashed right by him.

The sword-light instantly carved a bottomless gorge into the ground, stretching far behind the horizon.

“Who knew that this Lu Zichuan was so powerful?” Shocked cries rang out. Long Chen had always used power to suppress others, but this Lu Zichuan was actually able to receive his attacks and didn’t seem to find it very taxing.

“Long Chen, you don’t even dare to receive one of my attacks? Are you really such a coward? It seems that all your fame is fake!” sneered Lu Zichuan disdainfully.

He then sheathed his swords behind him, as if he was looking down on Long Chen and was unwilling to lower himself to attack.

“How laughable. Do you think this kind of trick is enough against me?” Long Chen laughed. Ignoring Lu Zichuan, he slashed Evilmoon behind him, meeting a blood-colored spear that had been sneak-attacking him. The master of the spear was Xie Luo who had sent flying before.

Suddenly, the sky shuddered. A giant meteorite came crashing down from the heavens. It appeared out of nowhere, without anyone expecting it.


The giant meteorite smashed into the ground, and flames exploded out of it. That expert from Pill Valley appeared. He was surrounded by flames, but he was already sweating.

“Heavenly Meteorites!” That expert let out a cry, and another meteorite fell from the sky. It was even bigger than the last.

Looking up, everyone gasped. There were actually eight more meteorites in the sky that had appeared at some point without anyone realizing it.

“What a powerful technique!” People couldn’t help being shocked. Such a grand technique had actually been used without anyone being the wiser.

Suddenly, a saber-image tore through the sky, slicing apart the meteorite that was on the ground. Long Chen came flying out.

Rumbling rang out as the eight meteorites smashed into the ground. However, Long Chen had already escaped, so they were meaningless.

After avoiding that flame expert’s attack, he swung Evilmoon, blowing away the attacks from two other Empyreans. He then dodged Xiong Tianba’s rod, weaving through his enemies to once more attack Lu Zichuan.

“A defeated coward also dares to come at me?” sneered Lu Zichuan. His black sword casually struck Evilmoon.

The two divine weapons clashed, causing only a muffled sound. There were no terrifying shockwaves.

Lu Zichuan’s expression suddenly changed, while Long Chen smiled. “What is it? Is your trick not good enough?”

Long Chen suddenly sent a kick straight at Lu Zichuan’s head. Lu Zichuan hastily twisted back, and his white sword slashed at Long Chen’s leg.

However, before he could slash it off, he was instead struck by a lightning spear.

Lu Zichuan coughed up a mouthful of blood. With a muffled groan, he flew back.

“What’s going on?” Startled cries rang out. Just before this, Lu Zichuan had been so domineering that he practically hadn’t placed Long Chen in his eyes. Long Chen hadn’t even dared to face his attack directly.

Even Xie Luo and the others were startled. Just what had happened to the unrivaled Lu Zichuan?

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“Your constant provocations toward me should be because you didn’t want me to be calm enough to figure out your trick, right?” sneered Long Chen, shooting after him.

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