Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 2482

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Chapter 2482 Dragon Might Shakes the Heavens

“Zhao Ritian, are you still trying to exhaust my energy? You really are conceited. You think that by absorbing the energy of the dragon nest, you have access to limitless power, so your advantage will grow as time Do you think you’ll be able to kill me once I weaken? You’re wrong. I am not a Celestial, and don’t need the power of the Heavenly Daos. I can crush you without extracting energy from the world. Since you refuse to bring out your full power, I suppose it’s up to me. I’ll show you just how laughable this strategy of yours is.” Long Chen suddenly summoned the Five Star Battle Armor.

A pillar of Blood Qi soared into the sky. Long Chen’s Blood Qi was like lava, igniting the sky. His aura transformed once more.

“What? Even now, this isn’t their full power?” The various experts that had gathered here were stunned.

Long Chen’s body also ignited, and a blood-colored flame appeared around him.

This was not a manifestation but a true flame. Before this, Long Chen had only summoned his divine ring and the power of his astral s.p.a.ces. He hadn’t summoned the Five Star Battle Armor.

That was because the dragon king had used his own essence blood to nourish the azure dragon essence blood, helping Long Chen restore its lost power. However, Long Chen’s essence blood still had the dragon king’s power remaining within it, which needed to be slowly forced out. Because of it, Long Chen had been using himself as a furnace to purify his azure dragon essence blood. The purer his azure dragon essence blood was, the stronger he was.

This was similar to refining pills. He was doing it bit by bit through battle, purifying the azure dragon essence blood from the dragon king’s influence.

If he purified it in an instant, his body wouldn’t be able to endure the sudden explosion of power, and he would explode. But through this long battle, he had gradually grown accustomed to it and no longer needed to hold back. The azure dragon essence blood was fully unleashed, with all the impurities wiped out.

Long Chen was further angered by Zhao Ritian because the latter still refused to use his full power. He was clearly waiting for Long Chen to run out of energy before using one of his trump cards to kill him, or perhaps to capture him alive.

That was definitely a provocation to him. It just so happened that Long Chen had reached the final step and no longer needed to hold back any longer.

The void shook and the earth split open, looking like the apocalypse. Long Chen’s Blood Qi unleashed unprecedented dragon might with the Five Star Battle Armor.

As a result, the mountains collapsed. Those metal mountains of Zhao Ritian’s manifestation were unable to bear Long Chen’s aura.

“Long Chen’s Blood Qi is shattering Zhao Ritian’s Heavenly Dao manifestation!”

Everyone watched as Long Chen’s Blood Qi wrecked Zhao Ritian’s manifestation. A blood-colored aura crushed the metal mountains. The world was now split between Zhao Ritian’s metal domain and Long Chen’s b.l.o.o.d.y aura.

Long Chen pressed down the air in front of him, causing the void to crack. In an instant, he appeared in front of Zhao Ritian like an eagle diving down on a rabbit.

“The world is distorting!” Startled cries rang out. The void was rippling wherever Long Chen pa.s.sed, and the others were no longer able to see Long Chen clearly. Even his aura was too distorted for them to sense precisely.


Besides, he was so fast that they barely saw him move before he arrived in front of Zhao Ritian. After that, Zhao Ritian raised his arms to block, only to get smashed into the ground by Long Chen’s foot. A huge wave exploded out of the ground.

Just like that, Long Chen pushed Zhao Ritian through the earth, cras.h.i.+ng through the metal mountains.

Those metal mountains were blown to smithereens, but they quickly grew back as if they were alive. Just like Zhao Ritian’s body, they could not be broken. But even as they restored themselves, they crumbled once more.

Suddenly, the earth exploded, and Zhao Ritian was kicked into the sky. Long Chen appeared next to him in an instant and slammed his foot down.

Another explosive sound rang out. Zhao Ritian himself was blown to smithereens.


“Zhao Ritian was killed?”

“That can’t be true.”

Everyone stared, dumbfounded. Zhao Ritian had been blasted to smithereens. He could not be more dead, but people still didn’t dare to believe it.

“No, he’s not dead!”

The tiny pieces of Zhao Ritian merged into the earth and vanished, but his manifestation didn’t fade away.

Two explosive sounds rang out as Long Chen reached into the ground with his hands. Two dragon claw auras had appeared, tearing into the earth.


The earth instantly swelled, causing everyone to jump.

“What is he doing?”

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“Does he want to flip heaven and earth?!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’ll kill you!” Zhao Ritian roared furiously. He had finally been injured and lost his source essence blood. That was an unprecedented humiliation for him.

“DIE!” Zhao Ritian’s body suddenly blazed with light. Golden lines appeared beneath his skin, looking like flowing blood.

The golden blood condensed in his Dantian. After that, golden sand began to flow toward Zhao Ritian from throughout heaven and earth. He became like a blazing sun.

“Zhao Ritian, is this worth it? Don’t forget, we have more important matters,” warned Feng Fei.

“Shut up! This is my matter. Do I need outsiders to interject?!” roared Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian was no longer visible within the golden light. The others could only see blinding divine light from his direction. Rumbling rang out from him. It was unknown what he was doing, but his aura was growing more and more frightening.

Long Chen simply stood there, watching. He sneered, “You should have done this earlier. Why did you have to get slapped and beaten so much before doing this? Why don’t you tell me whether or not you think you’re a loser?”

While Zhao Ritian had looked to be getting beaten up before, he hadn’t actually been at a disadvantage. He had been trying to use his domain’s power to exhaust Long Chen.

Within his domain, Long Chen didn’t have access to any further energy to support himself. As for the power of his dragon blood, it couldn’t be limitless. Sooner or later, he would weaken.

Fortunately, Long Chen had the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art and sharp senses toward a person’s strengths and weaknesses. This little strategy was unable to escape his eyes.

Zhao Ritian’s goal wasn’t to beat Long Chen but to kill him, or maybe even crush him badly in front of everyone and make him beg for death. Perhaps that was the result of his twisted heart. Just beating someone normally was unable to satisfy his depraved desires.

Having fully refined the azure dragon essence blood, Long Chen was in his peak state, but he could not keep it up forever. He had to finish this decisive battle with Zhao Ritian quickly.

In front of Zhao Ritian whose aura was growing more and more monstrous, Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest fear. Instead, he felt more and more of a desire to fight.


The divine light exploded. Zhao Ritian’s figure reappeared in the sky, but his current state caused Mo Nian and the others’ jaws to drop.


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