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Chapter 834 - An Even More Interesting Partner

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Chapter 834: An Even More Interesting Partner

It was obvious that the Red Dragon Army, which was ten times stronger than it was in the previous world, could no longer tolerate the fact that strategic resources were restricted by humans.

They were determined to win the Monster War in a big way. The Red Dragon Army’s prestige in the hearts of Dragon City citizens had risen to the highest level. Before the new and larger-scale colonization war started, the problem of resources… would be completely solved in this once-in-a-lifetime “window period!”

However, such an approach was bound to break the tacit understanding and conventions that the major forces of Dragon City had maintained for decades.

Sky Pillar Corporation, Universe Corporation, and the nine mega corporations were usually highly competitive but would huddle together at critical moments. How would they view the rise of the Red Dragon Army in such a strong way?

Sensing Meng Chao’s hesitation, Shao Zhengyang said, “Don’t misunderstand. Sky Pillar Corporation and Universe Corporation will always be the Red Dragon Army’s strategic partners. Our relationship has always been good. In the future, most of the Red Dragon Army’s crystal resources will be supplied by the two organizations.

“However, unlike the Monster War, Dragon City will likely face a war that’s going to attack from all directions and march into the depths of the Other World.

“The Monster War was an internal battle. The battlefield was right in front of our home. It was quite convenient to get resources even in our hometown.

“However, if the vanguard of the Red Dragon Army goes to the depths of the Other World, thousands of kilometers away, and finds a large-scale crystal vein there, would we have to wait for the professional mining teams of Sky Pillar and Universe Corporation to catch up? Otherwise, would we have to stare at the crystal ores buried deep underground? That would certainly not work.

“In a brand-new war, the Red Dragon Army will certainly have to grasp the ability to collect, refine, and utilize all resources on its own.

“The choices of suppliers and contractors will also need to be more diversified and have more options.

“Other than the nine traditional mega corporations, we must find and support more enterprising individuals and groups who love Dragon City and are loyal to mankind. The should also be willing to contribute everything to the advancement of civilization together with the Red Dragon Army—like you and Superstar Resource.

“Such self-reliance and diversified development will be more conducive for us to achieve more and greater victories in the vast and complicated battlefield of the Other World. Don’t you agree, Meng Chao?”

Meng Chao was deep in thought.

He had to admit that the best expert of the Red Dragon Army had offered him a price that he could hardly refuse.

In fact, Superstar Resource had long wanted to get involved in the crystal mining industry.

The extraction and smelting of crystals is the crown of the spirit energy industrial system.

Only by dabbling in crystal mining, could emerging enterprises take the breathtaking leap to become mega corporations completely.

In a short span of three years, Superstar Resource had put together a grassroots team from a few harvesters, continuously developing at an insatiable rate. The industry was surprised by this miracle, though.

However, no one knew better than Meng Chao that the development of their own enterprise had reached its limit.

The key problem was the monsters.

Superstar Resource Recovery Company started off with monster harvesting. Up until now, it had integrated 30% of the middle and low-level monster harvesting in Dragon City into the production of synthetic canned food.

Monster harvesting was the most important thing in the company, which brought endless profits. Only then could it support the researchers of the original Spirit Creation Creatures to carry out frontier biotechnology exploration with an extremely long cycle of return, as well as Meng Chao’s plan for the future. In the eyes of others, it looked like all kinds of “whimsical” money-burning.

The problem was that the monsters were gone.

The Monster War ended with humans completely occupying Monster Mountain Range.

On Monster Mountain Range, all the wild monsters had either been hunted by humans or captured by humans.

The large number of monsters that were less harmful had also been blocked by the power grid and minefields of humans. Drones and fixed cameras had also been used to monitor them.

There was no longer an overwhelming monster horde that could be harvested by Superstar Resource.

Of course, there was artificial breeding of monsters, large numbers of captive breeding, genetic modification and mechanical modification… These new industries were developing rapidly.

Despite that, whether Superstar Resource could smoothly transform from a traditional monster harvesting company to a new monster production, breeding, and modification company that always occupied the leading position in the industry, was still unknown.

Outside Monster Mountain Range, there were also some monsters that were labeled as “magical beasts, ferocious beasts, cursed beasts, and synthetic beasts” in the entire Other World.

However, they were not as dense as in the monster mountains.

Even if there were large-scale monster groups living in certain places, they were often controlled by the foreign world’s civilization and were vassals of the elves and barbarians.

In short, monster harvesting was a “setting sun” industry.

If Superstar Resource wanted to grow to the point where they could compete with the nine mega corporations and influence Dragon City’s future direction, it was necessary for them to find a brand-new “racetrack” and take the lead there.

This was the reason why Meng Chao spent money wantonly after the battle in the Lair and explored brand-new business opportunities in the name of the Lair’s transformation.

Since crystal mining was the crown of the spiritual energy industry, Meng Chao naturally would not let go of the opportunity to burn money in the field.

The original Spirit Creation biological gene laboratory’, which had become the internal project team of Superstar Resource, had developed a large number of giant sandworms for tunneling and mining under Dr. Takano’s leadership.

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In the past few years, even when the development of the enterprise was at its most difficult, Meng Chao had gritted his teeth and continued to invest in the project in order to preserve the ‘lifeline’ of the giant Sandworms’ technology.

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