Peerless Battle Spirit

Supreme Villain (极品妖孽)

Chapter 2255: Blue Heavens

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Chapter 2255: Blue Heavens

Ever since the ancient battle, the Primary Upper Realm sustained unprecedented damage that there was no place to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm, let alone the Supreme Highness Realm.

The formidable factions had tried to come up with different ways to overcome the problem.

It had been ten thousand years. The Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and Zheng Clan tried to send their souls back to the ancient era while other factions were secretly conducting experiments to achieve the same goal.

However, most of the factions had their eyes on the Blue Heavens!

Many cultivators of the Primary Upper Realm were unaware that the authorities in the Ruler Realm would plan expeditions to the Blue Heavens every once in a while.

They did not succeed after so many years mainly because the Blue Heavens was just too terrifying.

Every time they went to the Blue Heavens, they would realize how minuscule they were.

They would not have a strong reaction if it was Qin Nan or Cang asking them to explore the Blue Heavens together, but it was different when Ye Zhaoxian was the one offering them!

He had the lowest profile among the four Supreme Highnesses as he had spent most of his time in the Blue Heavens!

His understanding of the Blue Heavens was incomparable!

"It seems like the Blue Heavens is our only hope too."

The authorities of the Mumen Sect and Zheng Clan were startled.

Those from the Shidao Tribe clenched their fists.

In addition to them, Eternal Night Heaven Highness was wearing a dark expression too.

He suddenly realized he had gradually lost his brilliance after the Supreme Highnesses showed up.

Even though no one could threaten his position of the strongest cultivator for the time being, it might be different once Ye Zhaoxian and the others managed to establish a place to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm.

"What is the Blue Heavens?" Qin Nan asked by transmitting his thoughts.

"My master, during the ancient era, the Blue Heavens were referring to a clean land outside our realm."

Moxie explained, "It's not within the Primary Upper Realm. One would have to go to the Battlefield of Aeon and cross the barrier of the Primary Upper Realm to visit the Blue Heavens." 

"It's a mysterious place with all kinds of terrifying existence. Beasts, forbidding auras, and danger threatening the lives of Rulers of Dao are very common. Even the lives of Supreme Highnesses are at stake if they ventured deeper."

"In the past, Cang, Zhou Di, Ye Zhaoxian, and you have visited the Blue Heavens together, but the four of you weren't able to dig up its secrets, thus you all agreed that another world lies beyond the Blue Heavens, a world that our current world."

Qin Nan was astounded.

It was his first time hearing anything like it.

However, after he took the Supreme-Transforming Realms, the seventy-two mysterious Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth, and the Dao Seeking Land into account, the existence of a place like the Blue Heavens was rather reasonable too.

"Perhaps the Nine Dragons Seal is something from the Blue Heavens too?"

A sudden thought crossed Qin Nan's mind.

The spirit of the Ownerless Heaven Pattern did mention that the Nine Dragons Seal was something the four Supreme Highnesses desperately tried to get their hands on.

"Qin Nan, there's something else too, the ancient battle took place right after Zhou Di, Huangfu Jue, and the others visited the Blue Heavens," Zhou Xundao said.

"Did it have something to do with the Blue Heavens too?"

Qin Nan was startled again.

Bai Zhongsheng mentioned that he had a feeling there were some other secrets to the reason why the ancient battle took place. Did the secret of the ancient battle lie in the Blue Heavens?

"For now, the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm is now mine from today onward. Anyone who enters it without my permission will be treated as my enemy. You may leave now," Ye Zhaoxian said.

He had claimed the ownership of a Small Immortal Realm with a single sentence!

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He was blatantly displaying the authority of a Supreme Highness!

Moxie remained still.

"Don't you worry, I won't hurt him," Ye Zhaoxian said. He was obviously referring to Qin Nan.

"Very well, my master, we will be staying in the Thirty-First Small Immortal Realm. You can contact us if anything happens."

Moxie left with the others after he reminded Qin Nan.

"Time has changed, everything is different now that we have met again. Are you willing to come and have a drink with me?" Ye Zhaoxian asked Qin Nan. His tone was different from before. He no longer sounded calm and emotionless.


Qin Nan nodded. He had something to ask Ye Zhaoxian too.

Qin Nan followed Ye Zhaoxian into the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment after he entered the palace, not because he was surprised by how magnificent its inside was. It was quite the opposite, as there was only a small hut with some mountains and bodies of water in it. Everything seemed perfectly normal.

Ye Zhaoxian took out three chairs, a pot of tea, and three cups. He poured the tea into the cups.

Qin Nan asked curiously, "Senior Ye, is someone else coming?"

Ye Zhaoxian said with a smile, "You should stop calling me Senior Ye. It feels odd. As for the third person..."

Qin Nan felt his soul rippling before Ye Zhaoxian could finish the sentence. Zhou Xundao appeared like a spirit.

Zhou Xundao did not accept the offer. He said coldly, "It turns out that Senior Ye still remembers me."

Ye Zhaoxian took a sip from his cup and said, "Elder Zhou, I know you aren't pleased with me. Feel free to ask me any question."

Zhou Xundao's expression calmed slightly. He picked up his cup and took a sip from it before he said, "Can you tell me why you have joined hands with Cang? If I'm not mistaken, Cang wouldn't be reborn without your help."

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