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Chapter 397 – Asking Sister Yu for help

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Chapter 397 – Asking Sister Yu for help


Hua Mei Estate, Yu Meixia’s apartment.

Ding Dong… Ding Dong… Ding Dong… Yu Meixia walks over to open the door.

“Mum! I’m back!” Yu Qianqian shouted as she enters the apartment.

“Are you cold?” Yu Meixia quickly grabbed her daughter’s hands and rubbed them. “Your hands are freezing. Why didn’t you wear more clothes? It’s still very cold now.”

“I forgot.” Yu Qianqian is very close to Yu Meixia, and she hugged Yu Meixia tightly to warm herself up.

Yu Meixia smiled and closed the door. “Your Uncle is here. Go and greet him first.”

“Ah?!” Yu Qianqian looks into the living room. “Big Bro… Ah… Uncle!”

Dong Xuebing laughed and waved for her to go nearer. When Qianqian got closer to Dong Xuebing, he rubbed her head. “I have not seen you for a few days, and you had gotten taller and prettier. Did you listen to your mother when I am not around? Huh? How are your results?”

Yu Meixia smiled proudly. “Qianqian got third in her class for the last test.”

“Wow…” Dong Xuebing pinched Qianqian’s cheek lightly. “You are so smart.”

Yu Qianqian felt embarrassed and replied shyly. “It’s because Aunt Luan had given me tuition during the winter break.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “But you are also smart to get third.”

Yu Qianqian let Dong Xuebing pet her head like a kitten as she hugged his arm. “Uncle, there are some problems with my laptop. It suddenly becomes very slow. Can you help me take a look? Also, I have some math problems with I don’t know how to solve. Can you teach me?” She had not met Dong Xuebing for a few days and wants to be with him.

Yu Meixia looks at her daughter. “Your Uncle had just arrived. Let him have dinner first.”

“It’s alright.” Dong Xuebing stood up. “Let’s go. I will repair your laptop first.”

Yu Meixia looked at them and smiled. “I will prepare dinner now.

In the kitchen, Yu Meixia is still smiling as she prepares the ingredients. She knows she is not smart and only knows how to serve others. After quitting her supermarket cashier job, she had been learning massage and cooking from books.

Twenty minutes later.

All the ingredients are ready, and the doorbell rang again.

Yu Meixia opened the door and let the visitor in. “Fang Sao, please come in.”

“Meixia, you are preparing dinner?” Fang Sao smiled and passed a plastic container to Yu Meixia. “We had prepared braised beef and cannot finish it. I had brought some over for you and Qianqian.”

Yu Meixia thanked her. “Sorry to trouble you. Thank you.”

“We are neighbors and should take care of each other. Oh, this is my son. Have you met him before?”

A young man steps forward. He is not bad looking and looks honest.

Yu Meixia replied. “Of course. It was Xiao Xu who helped me unclog my drainage pipes. Come in.”

Xiao Xu, who is around 23 or 24 years old, greeted Yu Meixia politely. “Aunt Yu.”

Fang Sao and Yu Meixia are staying on the same floor, and she is also an ordinary commoner. She and her husband had been working in a bicycle factory. Since New Year, she and her husband had been giving little gifts to Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian. Sometimes they will bring food, fruits, and even dresses for Yu Qianqian. When Xiao Xu overheard from Yu Qianqian that their house’s drainage pipe is clogged, he immediately went over to help. Yu Meixia knew they must have heard from somewhere that she was Xiao Bing’s helper before and is trying to suck up to her. But despite this, she is still grateful to Fang Sao and her family for treating her well.

Yu Meixia went to brew tea for them after they entered the apartment.

Fang Sao stopped her. “Don’t worry about us. Haha… I will not treat myself as a stranger and will brew tea myself.”

Fang Sao comes over to Yu Meixia’s apartment often to chat with her and knew where the tea and cups are kept. She reached over and took out the tea leaves, and made a cup of tea for herself.

Yu Meixia asked. “Xiao Xu, what fruits would you like? I will go and cut it.”

Xiao Xu quickly waved his hand. “No need… Thank you, Aunt Yu.”

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Fang Sao laughed. “Don’t bother with him. This kid does not like fruits.”

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