Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse


Chapter 744: Victory and Defeat ** (part 2)

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Chapter 744: Victory and Defeat ** (part 2)

Bai Zemin was keeping track of the time he had left mentally, by the time about 40 minutes of the initial 60 minutes had pa.s.sed, he finally put Lilith's legs down and adjusted his body so that he was almost completely lying down on the bed.

With her wrists still bound and her hands above her head, Lilith looked down obediently and watched wide-eyed as Bai Zemin planted delicate kisses on both legs, slowly moving higher and higher in tune with the sound of the sheets beneath their bodies accompanying their movements.

She didn't even notice that when he approached her crotch area, slowly kissing her thighs, she spread her legs even wider as if inviting him in.

Bai Zemin naturally noticed the hope and weak pleading in Lilith's eyes as she looked at him, but even though he was tempted to fulfill her wish, he bit his tongue and endured; he had already come so far and had about 1/3 of the original time left, he knew that for his plan to succeed he needed to be slightly mean.

As Bai Zemin ascended further and further up Lilith's legs, the smell of her arousal flooded his nostrils more strongly than before. However, when he began to kiss her inner thighs and that place that only he had seen since she reached a certain age, when her private zone came into his range of vision; that sweet rose-scented smell became especially enticing and for a moment Bai Zemin was tempted to drink from the fountain itself.

l.u.s.t was truly one of the seven deadly sins, an extremely dangerous feeling and emotion. Lilith was so h.o.r.n.y at the moment and needed so badly to release the buildup of frustration that had been building up by Bai Zemin all this time that she didn't even realize the danger he was in.

Lilith was a succubus, and while the legend that succubi were beings that needed to absorb the life essence of men through s.e.xual acts was false, the reality was that a succubus was indeed a charming demon; this was especially so in Lilith's case.

Due to the abnormally high charm of Lilith, her natural juices had an exquisite and tantalizing aroma that enticed males to taste them. Although she didn't know what would happen if someone drank them from the source itself since she had never had a man so close to her as Bai Zemin was at this moment, Lilith knew that man definitely couldn't get enough of her if such a thing happened.

What if a First Order existence tested Lilith's excitation? Even if Bai Zemin possessed skills such as Immovable Heart that helped him resist certain status effects, he would definitely fall prey to Lilith's charm without a doubt.

Fortunately, however, Bai Zemin remembered the words Lilith had said to him before his 60 minutes started running into reverse.

"Just hands and fingers... For now." Bai Zemin murmured and with great difficulty moved his gaze from that precious garden of eden to her teary eyes.

Bai Zemin began to kiss the inner thighs of Lilith, but the sound of his lips caressing her skin was completely suppressed.






Lilith's moans and grunts started out soft and low, but after five minutes, those low moans and grunts practically turned into screams similar to that of a wounded beast moaning in lamentation and in loneliness

Bai Zemin had no choice but to use a lot of strength to hold Lilith's body in place as she was constantly writhing, and with only 15 minutes left, Bai Zemin decided it was time to put everything he had built up over the past 35 minutes to good use.

He reached his hands up and while now powerfully licking and kissing Lilith's inner thighs he began playing with her nipples and squeezing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s using varying levels of mild strength.

The eyes of Lilith opened abruptly and a cry of joy escaped from her wide open mouth followed by a moan of uncontrollable pleasure.


She had never been touched by a man like this before but she definitely didn't expect such a cruel form of torture to exist!

Bai Zemin practically devoured Lilith's inner thighs and while using his thumbs and forefingers to play with her rock hard nipples he molded her luscious b.r.e.a.s.t.s to his will. Bai Zemin's mind went almost completely blank as his hands practically slid on those two big fluffy soft marshmallows!

The sheet under Lilith's b.u.t.t was simply a puddle at this point and the scent of her excitement had flooded the room by then. Her legs were shaking non-stop and she was shaking her head furiously as tears ran down her face.

Finally, by the time 5 more minutes had pa.s.sed, Bai Zemin brought one of his hands to Lilith's crotch and for the first time in 50 minutes began to play with her lower mouth.


A loud cry of surprise that immediately turned into a terrified moan fled Lilith's exquisite lips. Her moans simply grew and slithered from within her lungs as if from her very soul, echoing inside the room.

Bai Zemin carefully caressed the edges of her lips at first, gradually moving closer to the center and finally used his thumb to reach the hard but at the same time soft little pearl that was hidden at the top of her swollen lips. Lilith's b.u.t.t practically jumped off the bed as he began to play with her c.l.i.toris but her biggest reaction was when he used his index finger to tentatively touch the little hole from which juices were gus.h.i.+ng out like a broken dam.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes! I'm almost there!" Lilith closed her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth in a gleeful smile on her tear-streaked face.

She had long forgotten about the piece of cloth that bound her hands and had shredded it several minutes ago. However, perhaps subconsciously, she held her hands together and above her head as if still imprisoned by invisible bonds.

Bai Zemin had no choice but to let go of her breast and use his free hand to pull her body down and hold it in place as Lilith's back arched and her body began to spasm uncontrollably.

"I'm c.u.mming? I'm having an o.r.g.a.s.m?" Lilith began to mumble inconscintently not even sure of herself as her eyes slowly began to roll as she felt a finger thrusting into her precious place.

As Bai Zemin carefully moved his thumb around Lilith's little pearl, he didn't hesitate to slowly insert his index finger into that little hole that looked like a tiny mouth constantly opening and closing in search of air. He felt her soft flesh clinging tantalizingly to his finger and Bai Zemin got the feeling as if thousands of little tongues were licking him all over making his steel-hard manhood tremble at the mere thought of getting in there.

When Lilith's body began to quiver rapidly and when the soft juicy walls that clung delicately to his index finger began to tremble intermittently, Bai Zemin knew instinctively that she was on the verge of the climax.

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If he pushed a little harder, he would definitely succeed.

With about only 5 minutes left, Bai Zemin stopped kissing the inside of both of Lilith's legs, and at the same time as he accelerated the movement of his hand and fingers, he moved his body upward.

His firm, hard chest pressed hard and dominantly over Lilith's two beautiful creamy b.r.e.a.s.t.s, causing their shape to change to that of two gorgeous ovals overflowing outward. Bai Zemin couldn't help but groan softly at the feel of her hard nipples caressing his chest, but he endured the pleasure and brought his mouth to her ear while using his free hand to hold her head still in place.

"Do you want to c.u.m, my little Lilith?"

His voice was incredibly s.e.xy, husky and raspy, dripping with l.u.s.t and desire.

The hot breath caressing her ears and his voice made Lilith open her eyes weakly, and as she looked up at the ceiling dazedly subconsciously, she nodded in between sobs and moans.

"Then just say it." He whispered, as if he were a true s.e.x demon trying to seduce his victim with sweet words.

"Say it...?" Lilith sobbed in a low murmur.

"Did you forget? Just call me like you know and I'll let you c.u.m." Bai Zemin continued to press while secretly biting his tongue so hard that more and more blood filled his mouth.

His l.u.s.t had reached a level too dangerous at this point, he wouldn't be able to take much more.

"Ah... Ugh... Ah~..." In between moans and grunts, Lilith's eyes flashed several times as her blurry mind cleared just enough for her to remember the key word she needed to say for her torture to finally end.


Bai Zemin's movements stopped for a split second but he immediately began to stimulate his partner with a lot more enthusiasm than before as he said in a slightly anxious and happy voice:

"What did you say? Louder, I didn't hear you."

"ddy..." Lilith whispered in a simply inaudible voice.

"Louder!" Bai Zemin gritted his teeth in frustration and lightly squeezed Lilith's c.l.i.toris like a b.u.t.ton.

Lilith's body jumped as her eyes opened, and as if on automatic pilot mode she finally shouted out the word that Bai Zemin wanted to hear so badly. Lilith's scream was so powerful that the walls literally vibrated for a moment and as she screamed her moment of release finally came.

The mind of the proud and powerful Sixth Order succubus, one of the two most beautiful women in the universe, craved and desired by countless beings, went blank and as her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she screamed like a banshee finally released from her jail.

* * * * * * * ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

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