Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 425 - My Older Cousins Are In Danger, I Must Protect Them!

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Chapter 425: My Older Cousins Are In Danger, I Must Protect Them!

She had not expected something like that to happen.

Chen Feng said, “After that incident, everyone realized how difficult it is to move to the city, so they slowly came to their senses. But around that time, you went to the city and did not return for a few months. This became known when an older lady was quarreling with Old Madam Zhang.

“She said something about how the Zhang family’s dream to move to the city was just a fantasy, and that Gu Ruoqing had acted foolishly. She said that the Gu family had so many city dwellers. If she just waited for your uncles or older brothers to introduce someone to her, she could have married and moved to the city. But she foolishly refused to rely on her own uncles and cousins but depended on her stepfather instead and that was stupid of her.

“But it’s different for you because you stayed with the Gu family. You got to go to the city and in the future, Mo Beihan will also move to the city. Gu Ruoqing must have been blind to choose the Zhang family.

“Later as time went on, everyone slowly figured it out. They realized that only the Gu family has connections to the city. They want to use your connections to marry a city dweller. Or perhaps… they have their eye on your older cousins. They’re all in the city.”

Gu Qingyao: “…”

Gu Qingyao felt rather stupefied!

“Surely… surely not? They’re eyeing my older cousins? I… no… haven’t they always looked down on my family for being bad elements? Aren’t they afraid to marry into my family…”

“Gosh, I’ve already said that’s all in the past.” Chen Feng interrupted Gu Qingyao.

“Elder Sister, the truth is that, right now, they despise the Gu family for being bad elements, but they still want to marry and move to the city. My guess is that they plan to marry your older cousins and simply move to the city to live, without ever coming back again. What happens here in their hometown won’t affect them much. Think about it. No matter who they marry, it won’t be as good as marrying the Gu family boys. Now that their dreams of moving to the city have been crushed, they have thought about it and decided that your older cousins are the best choice!

“Also, all your older cousins are so handsome.”

Gu Qingyao: “…”

This was truly surprising!

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Her older cousins had become hot property?

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