Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou, 辰机唐红豆

Chapter 180 - [Grand League]

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Chapter 180: [Grand League]

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Currently speaking, all those women around Hong Dali were top-notch beauties with their own uniqueness. The gentle goddess Li Nianwei, the next door sister Tang Muxin, and he vaguely heard that the super technological geek Lin Chuyin’s relationship with him was not bad too. Now, another super lolita Lin Zixuan popped out. This caused Liang Yifeng to be filled with envy and jealousy. His only impression now was that all these years he was leaving in vain!

“Lin Zixuan?” Liu Mingxin smiled bitterly and shook his head. “This little lass was picked up by Hong Dali from the roadside when he was walking his tiger.”

“He picked her up!” Liang Yifeng felt his sense of logic being shattered all over the floor. “He manages to pick up such top-notch lolita just by casually walking on the streets!?”

“That’s why I say not to compare your luck with his.” Liu Mingxin helplessly said, “You wouldn’t end up well if you compete with him in this. All those that did ended up like you. OK, let’s not talk about this anymore. They are starting to cut the cake already. The coming of age ceremony should be ending soon.”

“OK.” Liang Yifeng was very demoralized. “Once the ceremony ends, I’m going to the streets to pick up a lolita as well…”

Therefore, the coming of age ceremony that should have been being grand and majestic casually ended.

The second day.

“Sigh, days without Xiaoyi around are really so frustrating.” Hong Dali boringly lay on his school table reading novels from his phone. “I have no idea of the progress of all the other stuff. Forget it, I shall just continue reading my novel.”

After a while of reading and giving some rewards to the author, Hong Dali took another nap. As he tossed around, in his mind he was contemplating on how to seek out that person. “Damn that Bighead, he really dares to take up any kind of job! He actually lured Ling Mufeng to eat that drug, this would put him in jail for at least a few years, wouldn’t it? When I find him, I’m going to teach him a proper lesson! I wonder how Old Yao is doing, is he working or not.”

Speaking of which, the nine lackeys all had their own use and job scope. Ling Xiaoyi had the most use—she was in charge of overseeing and arranging all those projects and orders that Hong Dali passed down. As for the three male lackeys, Li Yang ran the most errands while the other two were sturdy in build. The other five female lackeys were all quick-witted. Although they couldn’t help Hong Dali ease his workload like Ling Xiaoyi, they were efficient at dealing with all those minor labors and helped Hong Dali spare a lot of mental effort.

Now that Ling Xiaoyi was looking after her brother, Hong Dali was lacking a capable assistant at his side. Therefore, Hong Dali was having quite a headache.


After sleeping for a while, it was finally the end of school for the afternoon. In a daze, Hong Dali went out for a stroll. After just a few steps, he saw someone waving at him in the corridor. At first, he couldn’t see properly because his eyes were still a bit blurry. After Hong Dali rubbed his eyes and looked again, he was immediately amused. “Isn’t this that die-hard fan of mine?”

The one waving at him was the hooligan that hugged his leg yesterday and had “Chui Chui, I Love You” tattooed onto his elbow!

This fellow came looking for me, could it be that he has news? Hong Dali was curious and directly walked over. “Do you have any new updates from your side?”

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“Young Master.” The hooligan followed his boss and called him “Young Master too,” his attitude quite polite. “Our boss came back yesterday… Yup, I’m explaining myself clearly. It was like this. Yesterday, didn’t Young Master ask us to follow Big Boss, and Big Boss also agreed. Therefore, after Big Boss came back yesterday, he told us to play games if we have nothing to do, and said that it was Young Master’s order…”

This fellow talked a lot, but he didn’t talk about the main topic. Although Hong Dali was vexed, he was helpless too. Very obviously, Yao Tianhao sent this guy to clear Hong Dali of any suspicion that he might have. After all, Hong Dali was familiar with this guy. If it were someone unfamiliar, it might be difficult for them to communicate.

“Yup, can you get to the main point?” Hong Dali kindly reminded him.

“Ah, OK. I’m a bit long-winded.” The hooligan hurriedly continued. “Simply speaking, the game was quite fun. Currently, everyone is gathered in one server, about 400 plus of us. All of us uses a family name—a sight to behold!”

“So awesome!” Hong Dali was instantly curious. “So, what family name did you guys use?”

“Our Big Boss thought very long for the prefix. Then, it seemed that he used to hang out in an online chat group in the past.” The hooligan smiled and said, “It was called something like grand league, so our family name is called [Grand League-], in this format.”

Hearing him say so, Hong Dali instantly imagined the scene.

Four hundred plus level one avatars standing together, the top of their heads showing [Grand League-XX]—this scene, it was definitely awesome!

“Awesome! Hahaha!” Hong Dali felt his heart itching. He thought for a while. Since there weren’t any plans for later, he might as well go and play too. “I shall go and play for a while too, haha. Wait for me to call some people over!” Saying so, he took out his phone and started calling. “Is this Zhiruo? Help me inform Ling Yi and the rest, we shall be going to the Internet cafe in the afternoon!”

Ji Zhiruo: “OK, Young Master Dali.”

Very soon, Tang Muxin, Ling Yi, and his other classmates arrived. Therefore, in the afternoon, this bunch of wealthy kids drove all sorts of luxury cars and went to the Internet cafe. When they stopped outside the cafe, the people inside were scared to the point of peeing in their pants. Who had ever seen people driving 30 plus luxury cars that cost at least 500,000 each to go to an Internet cafe? Many were frightened, thinking that some wealthy kids were offended by something or someone in-game and came over to beat them up. Hong Dali even saw some people crawling under the table, probably because they were afraid that blood might be spilled on them.

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The boss of the Internet cafe was scared too. He wasn’t sure where Hong Dali and his group were from, so he begged for forgiveness before saying anything else. “Please, show mercy. I’m just doing a small business here…”


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