Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

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Chapter 1826 - Unexpected Surprise (1)

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Chapter 1826: Unexpected Surprise (1)

Ye Qingtang had never been able to control the Devouring Bloodline. Who would have expected it to merge with her black flames.

It couldn’t be….Was this because of the Deity Ocean?

But Ye Qingtang had no time to spend thinking about this. She looked at her black flames devouring the Fire Demons, feeling herself getting stronger as the demons were slowly consumed.

Even though her strength was not growing fast, it was already considered a big leap for a Heavenly Venerate.

This devouring effect not only allowed her to escape from danger but also turn the Fire Demons’ fire into something that she could absorb, increasing her own strength with comparative ease.

Ye Qingtang’s celebrated in her heart but did not dare let down her guard yet. As her black flames devoured the Fire Demons’ fire, she saw the three mutant Fire Demon gradually shrink.

“The Fire Demons rely on the fire as their life force. You’re depriving them of their power as you absorb their fire and are bleeding them dry!” Now that the situation was looking more hopeful, Little White Tiger perked up and roared loudly.

Ye Qingtang’s heart lifted as an idea popped into her head. Even though she couldn’t hope to defeat the three mutant Fire Demons, it would still be good for her to let her black flames slowly sap away their energy.

But in the blink of an eye, the five meter Fire Demons had shrunk down to only three meters in height. The flames they were spitting out of their mouth stopped suddenly as well.

“Have they used up all their power?” Ye Qingtang’s heart was overjoyed.

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But before she could even express her joy, she noticed the three mutant Fire Demons absorbing the flames that were scorching the earth and falling from the sky.

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